October: Eye of the Tiger

Second month in a row my goals for the month have a soundtrack. You know you guys love the wacky music. Ok, before we get into October, let’s do a quick drive-by on September shall we?

September- Financial

Retirement- The employer contribution and match went into effect with my paycheck on the 30th of September. I checked, they’re in my account and I can call this one a Check!

Savings- My total in savings is $1021 so Check!

Budget for Bigger Than Usual- Laptop and vehicle registration were paid without a hitch. Check!

Credit Cards- Target was paid off. Check!

Coupon System- Changed and just in time too. My binder is freaking humongous. I’d show you but then I’d have to ask “Dontcha wish your coupons were fat like mine?” and that’d be horrible. Check!

September- Personal

Books: Yes! Books rock! I read three this month– Lamb, A Visit from the Goon Squad, and The Iron Duke. And honestly I loved all of them. Check!

Crochet- I think it’s funny I thought I’d finish a blanket in September. Hilarious. I got to the part I need to change skeins and haven’t budged. Mixed Results.

Girl Time/Working Out: I got girl time! I went to the circus yoga thing and eh it wasn’t my favorite. I actually got overheated and kinda faint so the owner pulled me into her air conditioned office and chatted with me. But my friend and I had fun and we met with another friend for lunch. Good times. Check!

Box Tops: We’re collecting happily! Eldest and Daughter’s classes are tied for first place so I’m letting them fend for themselves. If they spot a box top they get to claim it. Check!

Anti-Hermit: I totally rocked this September. I was out and about and did play dates and stuff like that. I also rested. But yes I got out of my comfort zone and it was good. I’d love to give you specific examples but I’m fried and can’t think of any other than the day I had like six kids running around in here at one time… Check!

Culture: We didn’t do a play but we did go to a comedy show and had a freaking blast. They gave me free tickets, and had a two drink minimum. I went with my girl friend, my Friend, and his friend and we all really just enjoyed ourselves. Check!

Work: Totally freaking psychotically demanding right now but the cohesion is definitely there now and I’m happy about that. Check!

Now, at first I really didn’t think I’d set many goals for October because of how purely insane everything is because of work. But, after recapping September and working out my budget, I think maybe I’ll go ahead and do a few just to give me something to focus on.

October- Financial

Car Repair Bill- My mechanic is a great guy and he lets me carry a balance. I owe him $220 on a repair that’s just plain old and it’s embarrassing. I’d like to pay this off this month.

Bigger than Usual Bills and the stuff I Forgot About/Didn’t Know About- I totally screwed up and have a bunch of bigger than usual things to pay for this month. Remember, anything over about $50 is bigger than usual to me. In school-related expenses alone, I’m easily looking at $300 (photos, activity fees, etc.). My son’s karate school is doing a sleep-over/intensive program that’s $75. There’s the final T-Mobile bill which should be under $400 but you never know. Also the Friend has his birthday this month and I knew about that one but it’ll likely be a bigger than usual thing. I think that’s it but I keep my budget spreadsheet at work and can’t remember what else right now. The good news is, I won’t have to dip into savings for any of it. The bad news is, I won’t be able to put anything into savings to cover all of it.

Cash- I’m trying to stick to cash only for anything that’s not a bill. Even though it’s harder to track (why people are less inclined to give you receipts when you pay cash is beyond me), it helps me fatten up my Christmas pig which I think I may name Tinsel.

October- Personal

Don’t have a nervous breakdown- Seriously the stress is getting out of hand. I’m at the point where I wish there was a way that I could not sleep again until October 30th without any ill consequence but apparently that’s freaking impossible or whatever. Lame. So instead, I’m just going to try and get through the month without losing my mind or scarring the children or chasing away the Friend or making my co-workers hate me or lose all of my readers.

Dance, dance, dance: On Sunday, I went to a pole dance class. And I had a way better time than I expected and I’m almost ashamed of how much fun I had but not really. The Groupon was for five sessions which is how each of their Pole Dance Levels are structured. So, I have to go once a week to complete the session. I really may consider buying more classes when the session is done if I can afford it. They have lots of different types of dance classes and I felt very comfortable right away. But, for this month my goal is to finish the five week session in five weeks.

So there we go. I’m keeping the list short and sweet for October. What about you? Are you taking it easy before the holidays or are you ramping up now in the hopes of taking it easy as the year closes? Or are you wild and crazy and going full-throttle into 2012 (holy hell it’s right there!)?

P.S. Pauline was super sweet and spotlighted me in her Bloggers Space this past Sunday. I haven’t had a freaking moment to post about it on here but, better late than never right? Check it out to see pictures of my blogging spaces and read about why I write where I do. See you soon!


14 thoughts on “October: Eye of the Tiger

  1. Look at you get down with your bad self! You had an awesome September!!!

    I am sure you will rock it in October too. Don’t forget about Halloween!! Candy, costumes, etc. Tinsel will be a jolly fat pig before ya know it.

    • Yeah it was a checkerrific month which surprised me honestly. It was SO fun. And yes I’m getting over it but apparently I still start blushing when I talk about it as my co-worker noticed yesterday. Heehee!

  2. Things are definitely falling in place. All the work you’ve been doing for the last year is starting to pay dividends.. Sorry for the dumb personal finance pun. Girl time is so important. I was really lacking that last year and have gotten some back this year. Hopefully it’ll get easier as the kids get a little older.

    I need to make monthly goals. I’ve stopped doing short term goals and it’s nice to have something to work towards.

  3. Love this! I love the monthly goals, I think it makes me hold myself accountable when I put it in writing. Mine hangs on the wall each month, so I see it when I wake up. I like seeing the items get checked off, it’s a good feeling. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone! Love, love, love the music!!! 😀

  4. I’ve sort of hit a wall in my enthusiasm for my project. Specially the writing part. I know it will come back, but I am taking it easy at this point. As far as financial goes, I broke it down in a post. The conclusion: I would be saving money if I wasn’t spending the extra money in books for my project. Do you know how some women have to be careful with the midnight online splurges? Well, it applies to me, but I spend it on books on Amazon and not on clothing. Oh well…

    • I used to do that too with the books. I’ve gotten tons better with books. I used to do a lot of online clothes shopping but then stopped. I dunno if I should start up again LOL My wardrobe is more like a warbroke and it shows. Mostly it’s because I just don’t have the time to shop like I used to!


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