Spotlight: Daily Plate of Crazy

There are two things I love equally about blogging– my blog and your blogs. With that in mind, once a week I’ll be devoting some space to one of the blogs I read. Prepare yourselves to be introduced to the gazillion facets of my personality because the scope of the blogs I read is vast, wide, and assorted like a jumbo box of chocolates.

This week’s blog: Daily Plate of Crazy

I’ve seen many blogs attempt daily posting. They almost always fail miserably or they generate some pretty silly posts that are just all-around weak or over time they become increasingly repetitive (like where I feel GRS is lately). This is not a problem over at Daily Plate of Crazy who manages to generate quality posts every single day. I’m totally jealous. But more than that, I’m totally grateful.

Her subjects are varied: dating, single motherhood, empty nest, midlife womanhood, gender issues, raising teenagers, self-esteem, and on and on. But the essays are all well-written and carefully thought out. She often elaborates or provides commentary on interesting news pieces. And sometimes, she just lets her emotions take the lead– frustration, loneliness, confusion, humor, whatever. Nothing seems off-limits– even her own doubt on whether writing daily accomplishes anything, affects anything, makes a difference.

It’s refreshing to read her writing because it flies in the face of so many other blogs (not all, of course)– the vocabulary is eloquent, the essays are long but concise, and she does a great job of pointing a reader to other very intelligent and worthwhile reading as well.

Have you discovered Daily Plate of Crazy? Do you try and write daily?


8 thoughts on “Spotlight: Daily Plate of Crazy

  1. I tend to try and write daily, and some of them probably fall under the categories you mentioned. Whoops. However, my blog is more of an outlet for me, a way to keep myself accountable and a fun and free hobby. The back and forth with other blog writers and finding other blogs to enjoy has been the nice byproduct of that. Although I am super-jealous of those that can really create excellent blog content! Its definitely a gift!

    • There’s totally nothing wrong with that at all! I know what you mean by a personal outlet and that’s a great thing. I also love the community. Like you, I’m just very impressed by those who manage excellent stuff on a daily basis.

  2. I don’t even comment or read my RSS feed daily, much less write daily. That’s probably something I should do but I’m not sure of the purpose of it. My best posts (whatever those are) aren’t forced out through daily writing, they take about 1/2 hour to write in pure stream of consciousness with no editing. I do like The Artists’s Way method of journaling daily though since some good ideas and clarity come from that.

    GRS and TSD are primarily for newbies or google searches. I think that’s why the content is recycled. For some people reading this stuff continuously probably keeps them focused on their goals, for me it was distracting and would have taken the time I had available to actually make more money to waste my time reading about saving money etc. so I didn’t start reading finance blogs again until about 6 months after I started blogging. It’s like complaining about not having the time to exercise while posting on forums about exercise. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’ve got a guest post coming up at GRS though and I hope you read it – hypocrite that I am. 🙂 Also working on one with Sandy on batch cooking. It’s better to put those how-to’s on a more popular blog since it helps more people who are looking for answers like that.

    The Daily Plate looks like a great blog.

    • I still have GRS on my Reader, I just do more skimming now. Like you, I often do better writing when I just wing it. Lately, though, life has not given me much time for winging the writing. I love journaling too but again, I keep ending my day completely exhausted and spent. Her blog really is good, I especially think of you some times because I think the two of you are in similar situations to a certain degree.


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