10, 9, 8…

“Launch” by Matthew Simanatov on Flickr

There are only ten days left in September? How in the underworld did that happen?

I guess I better do a quick check-in with this month’s goals then!

Employer match: I sent an email to Benefits because I haven’t seen anything yet. Maybe I totally misunderstood the e-mail and it’ll start September. Who knows?

I thought I was going to get three checks this month but I thought wrong. The third check will arrive the first week of October so that changes things. I’ve already set up $500 to go to savings and I’m trying to see if I can set aside a wee bit more. I had some medical expenses come through this month that I wasn’t aware of (surprise deductibles!) and my FSA card doesn’t have enough to cover them. So I had to bump some money that way, but I’ve still got ten days to see what I can come up with.

There’s nothing really to update on the Target card since that was paid off in the beginning of the month.

The laptop’s monitor was fixed. Unfortunately, the battery is shot and doesn’t work unless plugged in. This will be an expense for next month and looks to be upward of $60. The car’s registration was paid. Oddly enough, I got a note that Ex’s car is still not registered and his expired last month. The switch to MetroPCS was complete. So all larger than usual expenses have been covered.

The coupon binder is mostly complete and has been pretty helpful. I’ve been so swamped though I haven’t had much time to sit with it and add new inserts. Maybe I’ll make Eldest do some coupon clipping this weekend.

I did get to read A Visit from the Goon Squad which was awesome. I haven’t touched the blanket because I’m at the point where I have to switch skeins and I just haven’t DONE that. Mental blocks foil me every time.

I went and did the flying yoga thing this past weekend. It was pretty fun but the room was so damn hot I got dizzy and sick and sat out half of it. After though, I went out to lunch with two girlfriends. Yay! Girl time rules!

Ok so the play was replaced with a trip to a comedy show at the Improv. They offered me four free tickets so I went with Friend, his friend, and my girlfriend and no it wasn’t an intentional blind date. We had so much fun, we kept talking about it all weekend.

I’m doing pretty well with the anti-hermit thing although the weekends I have the kids are the bigger challenges. We’ll probably start talking about our plans tonight or Thursday.

Box Tops are coming along quite ok! I even have a couple of girls at work clipping them from the copy paper they use.

Work is coming together better. There is MUCH more communication going on. I have to maintain a pro-active role in that since my co-workers aren’t dedicated to my project full-time the way I am. So yeah, I have to remember that and keep pushing to be the one seeking out the information and keeping things updated. It’s still really crazy though and until the conference wraps, I’m pretty much going to be nuts.

There is some order descending around my house though. Last night I prepared a chicken for the crock pot. I’ve never done that before. At least not in that super fancy way where you rub it and stuff it and things like that. That whole cavity thing is yuck. We’ll see how it tastes tonight.

I’ve been trying to make sure things are mostly ready the night before like the clothes and the backpacks and homework and forms and shoes. I’m trying to do little things every day and have downloaded an app to help me stay on track with the things I want to do but always forget to do.

What about you? Anything you’re aiming for as we enter September’s final countdown?


8 thoughts on “10, 9, 8…

  1. Flying yoga with Berta? Way too hot. We already have weather from Hades. I don’t get why anyone would want a heater to practice yoga by.

  2. What app?

    We are all (me and the kids) still trying to get into the organized swing of things. Doing a little bit at night definitely helps.

    I can not believe there are only ten days left. Christmas is right around the corner! Ack!

  3. So I’m probably a tard, but I cannot figure out how to get the color post its to go to my screen. The whole reason I downloaded that app previously was so that I could have those post-it notes appear without me actually having to open the app and I’m having issues. Any clues?

      • Hahaha that doesn’t surprise me, when I read back after I posted the comment I was like….yeah that doesn’t make sense. If you go to the apps page for it (either on the phone or via your link), the 2nd screen shot shows the post-it notes on screen…thats what I want lol

      • Yes I get it. It’s a Widget. Go to your screen you want the widget to appear and go to the menu then select Add. Then Select Widget. Then Select the post it note one. The app apparently has to be on the phone and not your SD card for the widget to work. After I read your comment I tried it and I love it so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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