Spotlight: 101 Books

There are two things I love equally about blogging– my blog and your blogs. With that in mind, once a week I’ll be devoting some space to one of the blogs I read. Prepare yourselves to be introduced to the gazillion facets of my personality because the scope of the blogs I read is vast, wide, and assorted like a jumbo box of chocolates.

This week’s blog: 101 Books

There is a special place in my heart for books and the people who are involved with them one way or another. And it’s because of that special place in my heart, which I wish everyone on earth shared, that I take a special pleasure when I see a new post from Robert at 101 Books pop into my WordPress Reader.

The core of Robert’s blog is Time Magazines list of the 100 Greatest Novels (since 1923). The book that puts the 1 in 101 would be James Joyce’s Ulysses which was published in 1922 effectively disqualifying it from Time’s list. Robert has dedicated himself to reading every single one of these books. Don’t worry, he’s not crazy enough to try and do it in one year.

Because Robert is not forcing himself to tear through this list at breakneck speed, it gives him time, I think, to really contemplate each book. Yes, he always gives a final review on the book when he’s done, but Robert also peppers his blog with updates as he progresses through each one. He often will let his readers choose his next book and because of that we have gotten to force him to get Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret out of the way. This, it should be said, prompted a couple of posts on clever ways one may potentially hide a book one is reading in public.

And it’s posts like these that set Robert apart from just another checklist type of blog. There have been discussions on movie tie-ins, book cover art, the nuances of specific words, insane Google searches (that got way creepier after he read AYTGIMM), reading methods, and other such things. And the best part is, Robert’s got a great community of commentators. I’ve gotten more than one chuckle reading other readers’ comments or have found myself wildly nodding in agreement.

Robert’s blog is the kind of blog that made you wish blogs were actual physical places you could visit. It’s comfortable and welcoming and filled with nerdy people like me who aren’t total snobs about it (most of the time).

Have you already discovered Robert? Are there any blogs you read that aren’t necessarily associated with the core of your content?


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