Brain Dump: WIP, Kitty, Target Economics, Doctors, Etc.

Mommy's "Alaskan Nights" blanket

I did some more work on mom’s blanket. I love this pattern. It’s like piecing together a puzzle.The blanket is coming out so beautiful. And I find it weird that I can say that because I have issues generally complimenting myself but with crochet it feels different. I don’t really feel like I can take credit for the project. I didn’t spin the yarn. I didn’t dye it. I didn’t design the pattern. I just followed instructions. It’s like cooking.

Like the banana bread I made the other night. It was delicious. Soft. Not overwhelming. Perfect. I just followed directions.

Mutant Kitty is a wench though. My hands and feet are covered in scratches. She doesn’t stop attacking the yarn even when I’m not working on it. And she’s really freaking hyper. Kitty needs a Xanax. This is what goes on next to me while I’m attempting to work on this blanket.

The following is an excerpt from my thought process when I am observing a person who is being overly cautious while making a (right) turn: “Oh geez what an idiot! No, wait, you know what? It’s probably just someone who’s really old. Or someone who’s high as $@%&!”

Earlier today, I went to get lunch at Chicken Kitchen. It was packed inside and outside it was empty. Inside I looked at all of the people inhaling each other’s exhales and outside a gorgeous wind was zipping through the shaded tables and chairs. So I ditched the recycled air mob and sat outside. Others followed. Eventually a girl asked if she minded if she sat in the empty table adjacent to mine. “No problem,” I said. I finished eating and finished reading Chapter Two of “Visit from the Goon Squad” which I can already tell I’m gonna love. I got up, threw away my trash and left. Halfway down the block I realized I’d left without saying goodbye or even wishing my tablemate a nice day. I felt like such a hole of a. Books make me rude apparently.

I have a really great quote I keep meaning to share with everyone but it’s so great, I think it deserves it’s own post. So, yeah. I’m just gonna leave that hanging out there and tease you with it.

Oh, I’m sick again! Looks like this time I saw the doctor before it got out of hand because it looks like I’m on the way to another sinus infection but the doctor thinks we can beat it before it sets in. She’s convinced seasonal allergies are at the root of this so she wants me to pick up some Zyrtec. Sudafed and Nasonex are also on my list. Lots of fluids. Lots of rest (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and low levels of stress (see previous parentheses).

Yesterday, I went to Target and it wasn’t for Missoni. I actually went for ballet tights for Daughter. However, I saw the Missoni aftermath. I feel like the Missoni carnage is a commentary on something larger and even though I have ideas and theories, there’s not a real solid thought formed yet. On the most basic of levels, I feel yesterday’s ridiculousness is concrete evidence rich people are holding on to every penny they have and is probably just the latest in an avalanche of evidence that trickle-down economics doesn’t work. It doesn’t trickle down. It just sits there and is released whenever it suits their fancy.

I mean, ok, think about it. Let’s say you have a family of five and you’re on a $300 monthly food budget because you have no other money. As a matter of fact, everything is down to the bare minimum and not because of a conscious lifestyle choice (I’m a minimalist!). Now, let’s say you give that family another $500 a month. They’re going to spend most of it because they are not at a decent standard of living. They need to spend it to get closer to a decent standard of living. There’s more room to get to the whole peak of fulfillment. But if you take a family of five who has an $800 monthly food budget and give them another $500, they’re most likely going to save more of it because their standard of living is pretty decent already. They’re not scrabbling to make ends meet and lighting candles to ward them against Murphy. I dunno. I just get the feeling every time I talk to an advocate of trickle-down they’re all smug and don’t think trickle-up works because “those people” have no idea what to do with their money.  But in capitalism, you need spending in order to have success. If you’re trickling up, you’re going to see more of that. There is just no motivation for money to trickle down. At all. As a matter of fact, in the physical world things that trickle down tend to be leaks and you always try and plug a leak as soon as possible. Things that trickle up tend to be utilizing capillary action and growing. *sigh*

I think my kids have allergies too. Not to mention the insanity that is Baby’s poop problems. I totally don’t want to talk about that right now though because I’m so over poop.

I started applying to my university. I’ve actually reconsidered a Master’s. I’m just going to go back to school. I think I might start working towards a second bachelor’s– most likely in Computer Science.

I’ve been so busy at work! It’s nuts!

The past two days I’ve had major issues waking up. I’ve been completely dead to the world when the alarm’s gone off. I hate it when that happens because it almost physically hurts to pull myself out of bed.

The doctor today told me that basically I’ve got 4 good years left and once I hit 35, it’s all over. She was joking. But not really.

That’s all there is, there is no more.

Edited to add: I just saw they posted the winners of the local blog award. Unfortunately, the Mutant is not a winner. But you guys are all so awesome for your votes and help. I appreciate it muchly. Thanks 🙂


18 thoughts on “Brain Dump: WIP, Kitty, Target Economics, Doctors, Etc.

  1. Goodness, this is the first I heard about this Missoni business. Obviously I’m not so into fashion…

    Also, totally agree with your assessment on trickle up, but try telling that to rich folks… (although relative to the US average, I probably am a rich folk…)

    • I knew about it beforehand but hadn’t planned on getting anything. After the drama unfolded, I was completely turned off.

      Well I think some rich folks are all for it too– Warren Buffett and Bill Gates for example. But yeah, everyone else freaks out a little bit. What surprises me, though, is the not rich folks who argue for trickle down vs. trickle up. They always leave me scratching my head.

  2. I had no idea about the Missoni thing, but I could not get on yesterday probably because of the craziness. I just wanted to look at shoes.

    Your kitty is really cute, but I imagine in person that type of kitty behavior can be annoying.

    I remember those days of being so over poop. I feel for ya.

    I am intrigued by your quote too. Don’t leave us hangin’.

    • Yeah the site was a mess. They pissed off a bunch of fashionistas who’ll forgive them the moment they announce the next big collab.

      It’s not so much annoying but painful. Ok, yeah, it’s annoying too.

  3. I so much agree with the trickle affect….we are learning about supply and demand and all that jazz in my microeconomics class and its really interesting how (from an economic perspective) people decide to spend their money or make big decisions. Crazy!

  4. I’ve always hated that “trickle down” theory, too. It didn’t work when Reagan was in office and it won’t work now.

    Kitty looks perfectly normal for a young cat. That’s just the way they are. Puppies are like that, too. Unfortunately I’ve never heard of people taking their kitten on a “play date” or to a kitten socialization class to tire them out. Too bad. They need to be tired out by another animal just like them. (That means: yes, get another kitten! They will keep each other company!)

    • Thanks for the link! I actually like the Missoni chevrons. They’re not as wavy as ripples. But really I like the ripples too. I’ve been thinking of making myself a colorful blanket too. On my one day list. This is definitely bookmarked.

  5. I’m visiting my dad and stepmom and they have Fox News on day and night. Recent figures show that 1 in 6 Americans lives below the poverty level, right? F.N. interviewed a guy who said that the way to solve poverty in America is to stop throwing so much money at anti-poverty programs. That when the Republicans came up with workfare back in the Clinton administration, people not only got jobs, “within a few years they were able to move up quite nicely” in the workforce.
    So you go from counter help at McDonald’s to counter help at Wendy’s? And in the meantime, how do you keep your kids fed and clothed and given enough health care that they don’t get taken away by Children’s Services?
    My head hurts.


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