Week Over!

“Busy” by Eject_Macro on Flickr

It has been a CRAZY week for me. Things at work are in the frenzy state and will likely remain that way until October 30. I am really genuinely shocked we’ve already gone through one whole week in September. How did that happen?

Here’s a quick update on some of the goals for this month.

On the money side, I still can’t figure out the 403b contribution thing. I feel sort of dumb because I feel like it should be clear as day on the site but I can’t find it. I’ll keep trying especially now that I’m not as stressed as I’ve been the past several days. You didn’t know? Stress has a direct correlation with website-browsing abilities.

The central depository called me today and we got myself set up for direct deposit. She said it’ll be completely effective Tuesday morning and from what she sees in the payment history, that means I’ll likely get a direct deposit next Friday. I just had last week’s check clear today. So it DOES look like I’m going to get three checks this month. Must. Be. A. Good. Mutant. By the way, I know it’s extremely localized information, but I do plan on writing up a post on this process because I’ve gotten a few questions on it and when I searched for info, I never found anything. So expect that soon!

I paid off the Target card. I’m not going to close it but I did shred it a long time ago. This is one credit card I’m interested in using properly when all of my other credit cards are gone. Target does offer a nice 5% discount when you use their card but that’s only nice if you pay it off every month. So, I’m not going to go there until the two remaining credit cards have zero balances. And then, I’ll probably start slow or something. I’ll think about it when I get there and considering the two cards I have left have the largest balances, I won’t be getting there anytime soon.

Just remind me NOT to order a replacement Target card around Christmas time ok?

I fixed my laptop! I fixed my laptop! I fixed my laptop! I fixed my laptop! It ended up at $180 but I really can’t complain. The guy called me right away and explained the part was WAY more expensive than he’d thought. He even offered to give me all of the info so I could search it myself. I trusted him. And it was still cheaper than most of the other places who’d off-handedly quoted me up to $250. And he even delivered my laptop my office because he was going on vacation and didn’t want me to be without it extra days. NICE.

I’ve been slowly but surely transitioning to the much-mocked binder coupon system. I know it’s much-mocked because I used to mock it muchly. It’s taking me forever to transition to this system but it makes SO much more sense for the way I go shopping. I don’t think I’d actually take the binder with me to the store because I think it’d prompt impulse shopping but it does make finding my stuff easier.

On the not money side, I’m totally not smashing books. Or crocheting. Or working out. Or bonding with the girls. Or getting culture. I’ve been working. I stayed late last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday then came in and worked a full 8 hours on Saturday. I stayed late again this Wednesday and Thursday. Today, I’m not.

So basically, I’ve just been in survival mode. I’m trying to do chores and stuff throughout the week so I can enjoy the weekend. My son has a play date tomorrow. My daughter had one too but the girl’s sick so it got cancelled. She’s gonna be bummed about that so I have to figure out how to make it up to her. Maybe I’ll paint her toes. My parents want us to go out to some park or something on Sunday. And my mom wants me to bring the kids with her to Costco to buy Halloween costumes. So at least I can say I’m not being very hermitish.

By the way, Google + is pretty awesome. They did ban my Mutant Supermodel profile but I have my personal one and it’s fantastic. I just really love the instant connectivity and the depth of engagement. It’s pretty fascinating. And it’s FULL of nerdy geeky fantastic people. So if you’re into that kind of thing, I strongly recommend it.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I’m going to run out of here before it dumps rain on me.

P.S. Today’s the last day of voting for the bloggy award thingy. Thank you to everyone who’s been voting for me. You guys are so awesome and supportive. They announce winners on the 14th and I, of course, will let you all know.


8 thoughts on “Week Over!

  1. MSM, with your Target card, what I do when I travel to the US – because I don’t want a bill and to muck around with CAD/USD, but have a Macy’s card that gets me some % off – is to put the stuff on my CC and then pay it off right there at the cash register. I don’t know if that’s possible at Target?

    Hooray on the 3 deposits and good luck on the contest!

  2. Man, I can’t imagine looking forward to hectic work til the end of October. We have our tax deadline September 15th, and I thought it was going pretty well, and then ended up in the office ’til 11 pm last night! But today I had everything done, and now we’ve hit the part where the Partners need to review stuff before us foot soldiers have more to do – so I got to leave at 6 and it is the MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY outside. Just went and walked around the park for an hour.

    Good luck with your work schedule – hopefully it won’t be as hectic as you think, and good luck on your bloggy award!

    • They have a Real Names Policy. Once I started making connections and getting around Google +, they found me and banned me. The option was to give my real name or lose the account. So I let it go. I’ve been wrestling with the merits of anonymity for a while now. We’ll see.

    • I enjoy being busy but I hate being stressed. As long as its good busy, I’m fine. It’s just my superiors don’t do well with stress and so I get to deal with it. We’ll see. It’s been rough but I think I’ve got a good strategy in place now that keeps me busy and them calm.


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