My not really long weekend

An old pic but it's exactly how I feel

I’m tired. I had a good weekend, a nice one even, but I only have a hazy recollection of events.

Like staying at work until after 8 on Friday night and then meeting Friend up for an amazing dinner at a sushi restaurant where I thoroughly enjoyed some cold sake.

Saturday I returned two lunch boxes I’d bought at Toys R Us that I deemed too expensive after scoring some great deals at Target instead. Then I dropped off my laptop for its monitor repair. The guy checked the part out and because it’s a Dell, it’s expensive. At $180 total, he’s still the cheapest quote I’ve gotten though. I came to work again but I actually enjoyed myself. I stayed until 8 again. On the way home, my friends invited me over to dinner and how could I turn that down so late?

On Sunday, Friend and I hit Marshalls so I could spend some birthday money on some much-needed clothes for work. This was a strange experience for me. I’ve always been on the small side. Just two years ago after the split, I was all the way down to a size 0. The only pants I could recently though wear were two pairs of size 4 from Express that were so tight on me, they’d cut into my skin and one of them had the button about to pop off and the zipper wouldn’t sit right.

At Marshalls I tried on no less than 12 pairs of pants and ended up buying two– a size 6 and a size 8. This has way more to do with a major change in my body shape than anything else. I’ve got a butt. But I also got a couple of loose-fitting tops in a size medium because I’m tired of my soft tummy calling attention to itself if I forget to suck it in. And I bought three panties and a new bra. When I got home I found two of the three panties were the wrong size as was the bra so they have to go back. With tax it came to $102.66 which I think is pretty good considering the final haul: two dress pants (one Calvin Klein and one Limited), two work tops, one going out top (Cynthia Rowley), one bra, and three panties.

Later, we went to a BBQ Friend’s housemates were throwing. I made mashed potatoes– a dish I am apparently famous for.

And then yesterday I lingered in bed a while and eventually got to doing laundry and stuff around the house while I waited for the kids to come back. Oh yeah, I made my coupon binder and ran out of baseball card holders way too fast. I should mention doing a coupon binder on the floor in the presence of a kitten is an exercise in patience. I also snuck in a nap. My mom came by later with the amazing Sweet and Salty cake she’d baked this weekend. It was an overdue birthday present.

We had a short and sweet Family Meeting last night. Basically it was just to introduce the sticker charts I’ll be using with them. I also checked in with how school is going and we’ve come up with a system to determine between Daughter and Baby who gets dropped off last. We settled on Daughter getting dropped off last on odd numbered days and Baby getting even numbered days. Eldest never wants to be last because his teacher is strict.

And then last night I couldn’t sleep properly. Maybe the nap threw me off. Maybe my sore throat was annoying me too much. Maybe I’m just too light a sleeper and don’t feel safe shutting my bedroom door. I woke up a bunch of times last night is all I know for sure. And today I’m paying for it. The area under my desk looks so cozy right now you can’t imagine.

How was your weekend? How’s your Tuesday?


11 thoughts on “My not really long weekend

  1. Sounds like you had a very full weekend! I had to laugh at the mashed potatoes thing – I’m also known for mine, although I don’t do anything fancy with them. I think it’s because so many people make mashed potatoes from a box now that real mashed potatoes are something special. Which is really kind of odd and sad if you think about it!

    • Yeah the boyfriend only ate boxed ones until he met me. I usually make mine heavy on garlic and butter but this weekend’s crowd liked spicy food so I added jalapeños to the mix and some cheese. Mmmm!

  2. It does sound like a busy weekend. We had a nice one as well.
    I am glad you got some much needed clothing.

    The sweet and salty cake sounds really good. I have never had one but my mouth is watering.

  3. I totally went shopping too this weekend. Oh my did I need clothes so badly. I really had nothing to wear. It started with getting a bedroom set, then a full length mirror…then when I actually saw what I looked like in a full length mirror…oh my. It was bad. I looked like a bag lady in so many clothes. I haven’t been able to put on some of them ever since. Every girl should get a full length mirror.

    • You mentioned this to me!! I actually became a believer of full length mirrors a few years ago when I started watching What Not to Wear. That 360 room just blew my mind. I didn’t even need the mirror to tell me it was time– i just saw the marks all over my skin. 😦

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