Spotlight: The Pepperrific Life

There are two things I love equally about blogging– my blog and your blogs. With that in mind, once a week I’ll be devoting some space to one of the blogs I read. Prepare yourselves to be introduced to the gazillion facets of my personality because the scope of the blogs I read is vast, wide, and assorted like a jumbo box of chocolates.

This week’s blog: The Pepperrific Life

The Pepperrific Life is a blog written by a single mom with a daughter. She covers topics related to thatΒ  lifestyle including– general parenting adventures, motherhood and its horrors wonders, dating and love as a single mom, discipline, co-parenting, and managing a work life with a parenting life among many other things.

Pepper and I often have “rhyming events” and you can often find us on each other’s blogs saying things like “me too” and “I am also dealing with this” and so on and so forth. She also has a wonderful community and her comments’ section is often lively and active because of it. I enjoy reading her blog and hope you do too.

Have you already discovered Pepper? Do you have a great blog you’d think I’d like to read? Do you like finding out about blogs this way or do you prefer stumbling upon them in other ways?


8 thoughts on “Spotlight: The Pepperrific Life

  1. I think it’s a wonderful idea to spotlight other blogs. But oftentimes, other people’s blogs aren’t something I can relate to – like that particular one. Co-parenting was my dream life, and I would have been sick with happiness if I was in her shoes, certainly not counting the number of hours until my kid came home from having a good time with their own parent that loves them. But then, I’ve also spent the last 23 years doing this 100% on my own with very rare occasional sightings of flakiness.

    Having said that, those situations are more the norm than my own – although I do know a remarkable number of women with children who don’t see or hear from their dads regularly, if at all. So when I read about “absent father syndrome” in a situation where the father is not truly in absentia and is calling regularly etc., it’s, well, rather odd. This is what absent father syndrome is about:

    Which reminds me… I should write a post on how my oldest son just met up with his dad after only seeing him once in the last 23 years. But I’m still trying to figure out why I’m kind of annoyed about the whole thing. Writing about it would probably help figure that out.

    Jeez, I sound bitter today. πŸ™‚ I don’t mean to, I think that blog is great for people in that situation – you can’t be all things to all people and that’s the beauty of blogs. It’s a method of filtering. In her situation, I think that her blog is very well written and informative and she seems like a truly sweet person. Unlike me today.

    If you run across any Type A personality – conflicted – love some career aspects yet want a life – yet have been pushing themselves for so long they’ve forgotten how to be balanced – corporate yet redneck type blogs with a dose of “OMG I can’t handle all this!” coupled with “I can do anything I set my mind to!”, let me know.

    • Co-parenting, like everything else in life, has its pros and cons. I do consider myself, and my children, fortunate to get that experience in our lives but it certainly presents its unique set of issues. The grass is always, always, always greener on the other side no matter what.

      Wow that’s amazing they met up. You’re probably right– writing is how I figure out almost everything.

      You don’t sound bitter. You sound honest– like you always do. And yes, you’re right. You can’t be everything to all people. Even her blog, which I like, has had posts I don’t agree with or that simply aren’t relevant to me. All blogs do. But yes, a blog like hers is probably not very relevant to someone like you.

      Off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone that fits that description mostly because the redneck concept is throwing me off (I don’t think I have any rednecks in my blogging life). I do know that the last part of your description is very much how I feel about myself though! Maybe during my spotlights, though, you’ll find a match made in bloggy heaven!

      P.S. Have I told you how happy I am you’re back??

  2. Um, MSM? You do have at least one redneck in your blogiverse. That would be moi! Assuming that all one has to do to be a redneck is come from a working class family in a small town, love pick-ups and RV’s, drink beer (which is really easy in the Pacific NW where craft beer is everywhere and really good!) and play a mean game of poker. OTOH if your definition of redneck means right-wing wacko political stances, then maybe I don’t qualify. I can’t relate much to the co-parenting issues–one of the reasons I adopted all five of my kids as a single parent was to avoid the whole subject!

  3. LOL Grace, I think there’s probably a lot of us secret rednecks out there! I would consider myself slightly redneck but it’s more of a non-squeamish, non-prissiness type of thing. Well, unless it’s bugs that I’m not familiar with and that are large and skitter.

    MSM, I think if blogs like that had been around when I was younger and my kids were younger, I would have loved them. Except there was no internet then. πŸ˜‰ My job is 75% done with these kiddos and we have no real issues at all. Our lives are so peaceful now that I don’t regret many decisions that were made in the past. Plus my kids know that I’m fallible and just learning along with them most of the time – so they cut me a lot of slack. I wish they’d stop solving my problems so easily and telling me what to do sometimes though. Typical men. πŸ™‚

    Yay on your credit cards and your home internet connection!


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