Dancing in September

Note: As you may have gathered from the title, this post has a soundtrack. So if you want to dance a little, play the video and read to the groove.

I’ve had the notes for this post (hand) written for days now but circumstances at work and in life have been so frenzied, I haven’t had a moment to flesh it all out. And because I don’t have much time these days, I’m doing this as quickly and efficiently as possible. So without further hesitation, here’s a super quick rundown of how I did with August goals.

August- Financial

Eldest’s birthday party < $350= Check!

403b= My contributions are coming in but I haven’t seen anything from the employer post just yet so I am going to have to follow-up next month. Check?!

8 No Spend Days = Try 9! Check + 1!

Income Deduction Order= Check! Direct Deposit form submitted too!

Savings with extra money = $575! AND I paid off one of my credit cards! Check!

August- Personal

30 minute workouts on kid-free days= Fail 😦

Getting ready ahead of time= Mixed Results. Some days yes, some days no. The days I do are SO nice though.

Family Meeting = Check!

Girlfriend outing= Fail 😦

Books= I read five books this month and shelved Loving What Is (not because it’s bad but because I’ll explain later) so Check!

Blog= Well I’m gonna go with aCheck!on this one. There was the whole nomination thing AND I even vanquished She-Ra! August 2011 had 23% more page views than that insane Facebook-fueled She-Ra swarmed December 2010.  

So, I’m pretty happy with how August turned out. No real fails on the Financial side and only two fails on the Personal side that, I think, are far outweighed by the successes.

I am so happy with how this whole goal thing worked out for me last month, I’ve decided I’m doing it again this September. So, here’s what I’m looking at this month!


Retirement: Follow-up on the employer contributions to the 403b. Did I misunderstand the letter and it starts next month? Do the employer contributions take more time than mine to post?

Savings Accounts (Emergencies, Registration Fees, and Christmas): Depending on whether or not the child support’s direct deposit goes into effect this month, I may get either two checks or possibly even three. If it’s two checks, I’d like to put in another $675 into the various savings accounts. If it’s three checks, I’d like to put in a total of $1,250.

Bigger than usual transactions: I have two transactions this month that are bigger than usual for me– $80 for my vehicle registration and $175 for the laptop. I need to budget for these.

Credit Cards: I have three credit cards left and one of them is small enough that I’m tempted to try and pay it off. My Target card is sitting at a balance of $123.77. Doesn’t that scream “Pay me off!” to you? It does to me!

Change Coupon System: I can’t believe I’m doing this but I don’t think the system I had with coupons is working as well as it could be. I keep the inserts intact filed by company, in date order. I make my lists off what’s on sale and that’s it. The problem is, finding coupons for things I want or need that are not on sale is practically impossible. And remembering to use coupons I have that I didn’t necessarily get in the normally tracked systems is pretty impossible. I forgot to redeem a coupon for a free box of Glad trash bags this way! So I’m going to the binder method—clip what I’m interested in, store it by category in baseball card holders with the most recent coupon in front, shop off the sales lists and use coupons for the other things.


Books: The book smashing will continue and I am not going to request anymore library books because the Parasol Protectorate books my cousin gave me for my birthday last month are seducing me.

Crochet: I started my Mom’s blanket last month and am going to keep at it, maybe even finish it this month. Not to mention, I really want to crochet a unicorn that is part of a CAL (crochet-along) for September on Ravelry.

Girl Time/Working Out: Ok since my workout plan AND my girl time plan were epic fails last month, I’ve decided to combine the two. To that end, I bought a Groupon for five classes at a local pole dancing studio and my friend is splitting her Groupon with me for 3 classes each at a Circus school. I won’t use all of them this month but I’m going to try to take advantage of at least one, maybe two.

Box Tops: My kids’ school is collecting box tops. I’ve never done this before so I have to make the switch to this mentality and collect them.

Anti-Hermit: I need to get out of the house more. I think being cooped up is bad for me and I’m the one that keeps talking myself out of it. No more hermit behavior!

Culture: I’m going to see a play this month. So sue me. I love plays and musicals and dances and anything that is done on a giant stage with lots of lights and many many many people watching (out of the gutter people!) so a play will be attended by me because I believe doing things you love contribute to your overall sense of well-being and I’m running way too low on that lately.

Work: I need to take a stronger leadership role and pull together a more team-concentrated environment. We’re pulling each other apart, getting in each other’s ways, and dropping things between cracks. Our bosses were pretty emphatic with me about not taking over everything because of how attached my co-workers are to certain aspects of my job but this has really bitten me in the behind and my co-workers are displaying way more desire to relinquish responsibilities than hold onto them as dearly as our bosses may have imagined. And of course, since I’m the new one I’m the one most at risk for losing my job over any failures. I refuse to let that happen. I love my job and I really like the people I work with, I just don’t like the way we’re (not) working together or the way I look like an incapable idiot. No más!

So there’s my September laid out for you. What about your September? Are you going to take it easy this month, plan everything down to the nitty-gritty, or a little bit of both? Is there ONE thing you absolutely MUST accomplish this month? I’ll be your cheerleader!

Kid Cheerleader

This was a rare gem in the sordid world of cheerleader pictures

Photo by Opus Pro on Flickr


19 thoughts on “Dancing in September

  1. This is going to sound crazy and random coming from a new reader/lurker, but I no longer have anyone in my family or office that collects the boxtops and I’ve trained myself over the years to keep all of them. Can I send them to you?

  2. WOW you rocked this month!!! How did the family meeting go? I use the binder system to and love it, it really helps me keep track of my coupons and if I look like a geek so what I am a geek saving money


  3. That target card definitely screams pay me off. Fantastic progress last month wow. I wonder what I can say about myself. I’m sure it’s not nearly as productive. I did buy a bedroom set finally and purged my old manky clothes when I moved the bedrooms around.

    • Right? I’m so excited to get rid of it. You know, it’s funny because that’s why I started making and tracking goals in the first place– a month would go by and I’d wonder, “What the heck did I even do for thirty days?” That’s why I like the system and would like to keep it up. It takes a little work to think and plan and stay on top of it but it’s also very rewarding! I need to buy clothes so badly!

  4. We do Box Tops here also. I remember starting it in 2008 thinking it would be difficult to cut them and such but it was a breezy transition. Everything has a box top on them, even my brand of feminine products! Congratulations on all of your achievements last month. Looking forward to seeing September’s round-up.

  5. I’m ending a full time job today (it was temp work) and am going to spend September:

    1) getting my house in enough order that anyone can come by at any time (including judgmental European in-laws) and I won’t be embarassed
    2) Planning meals
    3) Using my fancy new stand mixer
    4) Fixing up the house/organizing/decluttering
    5) looking for a part time job
    6) Actually posting things to my recipe site and book review site


    I also am going to experiment with pizza dough. If I can work out a recipe we all like (thank you, stand mixer that does the kneading for me!) we’ll stop ordering out pizza.

  6. I see so much of myself in you, it’s almost scary :). Maybe I do need to set some personal goals. It helps put things in perspective. I also fail in the girlfriend-get-together and workout-on-kid-free-days department.

    I hope you achieve your goals for September. Excellent song choice, by the way. I have to admit, I’m a huge Earth, Wind and Fire fan. Back in the day, I used to love dancing to September 🙂

    • I know what you mean. I see a lot of your posts and I’m thinking, “Me too!”.

      Setting the goals and then revisiting them through the month was very helpful. It gave me something to focus on and it gave me something to be proud of.

      Yeah I’ve always loved this song. It’s a great one to boogie to and puts a smile on my face.

  7. have you ever checked out this site http://www.sundaysaver.com/ you can do it by state for grocery mailers and also coupons – I think it is awesome although I have to confess I just found it the other day and have not used it yet but I’m planning on it LOL BTW love your blog and your savings tips/plans – the NSD are an awesome idea!!!

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