Weekend Summary

Eldest decoding a clue

Eldest loved his treasure hunt. He had eight clues and he had a great time figuring them out and then running to find the next one. It was really cool. We had flan instead of cake because it’s his favorite and my mom makes it deliciously.

Found one!

Friday ended up being a No-Spend Day for me which was nice. Saturday was the party day. I do the parties late in the afternoon because it gives me plenty of time to get things ready. Early in the day parties don’t work for me.

Another one!

Unfortunately for me, I woke up on Saturday feeling like total crap again. I was completely congested and miserable. My mom came over and got to work on cleaning with her super amazing cleaning abilities. I attacked my congestion with every treatment I could. I did the sinus rinse. I did the inhalations with a scoop of Baby Vicks (which had the unintended effect of making my house smell quite lovely actually). I took the Sudafed. I took the Nasonex. I took the steroid. I took the antibiotic. I took the Advil. Party time came and I was as ready as I could’ve hoped to be. I decorated the cake. I’d done the goody bags. I prepped the snacks. Guests arrived.

Gratuitous Kitten Cuddles

The party was chaotic but I guess that’s what happens when you jam a bunch of 7 year old boys together. They mostly played with the Beyblades and anything else they could lay their hands on in the play room. Finally when I was getting tired of all of the screaming and stuff, I checked the time and saw it was almost 5:30. YES! Reptile people should be here any minute.

Daughter's photo of the cat in the bag

Except they never came. We called over and over and over again. Nothing. No shows. I was sad. And I was relieved I hadn’t told Eldest what I’d planned but I was still sad. Really sad. But we did the cake and gave the goodies and collapsed.

Made by my mom, decorated by me

At least that made Saturday another No Spend Day for me. Yay I guess. And it also meant I now have freed up $250 I’d been reserving. But still. Major letdown.

I'm gonna eat you!

Sunday we were useless. Even the kids. We watched movies and played with the cat. Actually, we did have a productive morning and picked 69 avocados from my tree. There are at least another hundred up there. I think I might sell off a bunch of them. At a dollar each, I could make another $50 bucks and have plenty to eat and giveaway. And that’s just from this harvest. There are plenty more that need to keep ripening. We wrapped up the day at my cousin’s house for his going away dinner. He’s heading to college this weekend.

Bonding with the cousin

So Sunday was another No-Spend. Three in a row. Who would’ve thought it possible?

And then yesterday I couldn’t keep food down. And today, I’m fighting to keep down toast and Gatorade. I think I’m going home soon. Someone tell me something lovely is heading my way please.


16 thoughts on “Weekend Summary

  1. Sorry your sick again. The party looks great but I would so be on the phone yelling at the no show reptile people.

    get some rest


  2. It is sad they no showed, but I am glad you hadn’t told the kids, my kids would have been super bummed.

    He looks like he had a wonderful time.

    Uhh I am uber jealous of your avocado tree. Mmm avocados.

    I hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick. All I can think about is what is feel like to be healthy.

    • He really did have a great time and I’m so glad I hadn’t said anything either. I love avocados too. They are delish. But I’m gonna sell some. TOO MANY! I’m just like you. All I think about is how I feel when I’m not all screwed up.

  3. Yes, something good is coming your way…ME, to make guacamole with all your avacados! I’m very jealous. Well I suppose Guac doesn’t sound appealing now, but I’ll eat it, and you’ll come around eventually.

    What kind of reptile company doesn’t show up for a kid’s birthday party? Smart Mama not to tell. Sounds like a great time despite no-show snakes. Pun intended!

    Summer sickness is for the birds. Feel better 🙂

  4. What a great weekend 😀 Treasure hunts are my favorite surprises.

    Hopefully they aren’t holding onto any deposit for the reptile show. Sounds like the kids had a ton of fun despite the no-show. I was hoping for a picture of the flan cake. I love flan!

  5. Hope you feel better soon!

    Do want avocados.

    That sucks about the reptiles, but it sounds like they had fun anyway. And hey, $250. Maybe you could stick it in a 529 for him. When college time comes you can say, “This was supposed to buy a reptile show for your 7th birthday.”

  6. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry about the reptiles, but the important thing is that the kids had fun and, in the end, you have some extra money.
    And selling the avocados is a great idea!

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