Staying on top of August

Happy Birthday Eldest!

It’s Friday! I can’t believe it. Just going to follow up on some stuff I’m focusing on this month.

Today is Eldest’s birthday. He is awesome. Seriously, he’s everyone’s dream first-born. He’s smart. He’s loving. He’s sweet. He’s obedient. He’s strong. He’s handsome. He’s amazing.

Tomorrow is his much deserved birthday party. My plan was to keep it all under $400 including the food, the entertainment, and his gifts. Mission accomplished. I thought I could do it for under $350 but I ended up at about $376. Considering the HUGE bulk of this is a reptile show at the party that’s costing me $250, I think I did pretty darn well.

I spent less than $75 on gifts and the vast majority are books– Books 5, 6, and 7 from Harry Potter, a Gods and Heroes Pop-Up book, Book 1 of The 39 Clues, and Ultimate Fallout #4 that reveals the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In addition to all of that reading material, I got him a new Beyblade, a new pair of flip flops because his little toys were wriggling out over the tops of the old ones, and a couple of Tech Decks because he specifically requested that. One of the Tech Decks was a totally awesome Target clearance score and only cost me $1.74! The gorgeous pop up book was only $8 at Marshall’s.

I’ve planned a very elaborate Treasure Hunt for him when he comes home today. Friend is at my house now helping me set it all up. I wrote all of the clues in classic alphabet/number code and sometimes hid the clue in the gift to make it JUST a little harder. I hid one of the clues between the claws of a monster in the pop-up book for instance.   I started the treasure hunt for him last year and he really liked it. I think it’ll be a fun tradition and something the little ones can look forward to doing when they learn how to read. I actually had a lot of fun planning it last night.

My plan for August is 8 No-Spend Days. During my first week, I had two no-spend days and was super excited. This week I’ve had zero so far. UGH. This stupid sinus infection has been the sole cause of expenses on a couple of days this week and that’s irritating. Especially because the stupid thing is still hanging on for dear life and I’m taking like 5 different medicines to treat it and its symptoms. I am seriously hoping for a no-spend tomorrow and Sunday.

I’ve been working with the separate accounts for spending and bills. I have to say, I really like this system so far. It makes things a little less gray and a lot more black and white: Spend This, Do Not Spend This (Moron).

According to a super brief email reply from Ex this morning, money was deducted from his check today for child support. He didn’t specify what the amount was or anything like that. I’m not sure when I’ll receive it but at least I’m breathing a wee bit easier. My priorities in handling that money remain the same: 1) padding my super slim budget for back to school and 2) rebuilding the savings accounts.

So about working out… yeah. Not happening really. I just can’t get into it. I’m sure the sinus infection does nothing for my motivation but it’s just that I can’t care about it either. I know this will come but it’s not happening right now.

Getting stuff done the night before is kinda mixed. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I haven’t really had a chance to get the kids involved either because of the insane summer schedule. But it hasn’t slipped my mind and it does make things easier. I’ll probably really start working on this one come August 22.

No girlfriend outing. No money. No time. And I’ve been sick and whiny.

Books! I love books! I’m now up to 42 out of 60 books this year and that means I’m ahead of schedule. I finished Remains of the Day and then read Alex Flinn’s A Kiss in Time and Cloaked to round out the fairy tale trilogy. Beastly is my favorite and Cloaked is my least. But now, well I’m stuck. I still have Loving What Is going but I need something else while I work through that. My cousin bought me the next two books in the Parasol Protectorate Series for my birthday which I’m SUPER excited about. But, I’ve got library books with due dates. So, help me pick my next book(s). Here’s what I’ve got in order of due date:

The flowers of evil (this is Patti Smith’s fault)

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times (Shambhala Library) (another suggestion from blog readers)

Fool: A Novel

My Own Two Feet: A Memoir Apparently this is part two. I didn’t know there was a part one. Should I read it anyways?

The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel

POPism: The Warhol Sixties (I’d meant to read this ages ago after seeing Factory Girl. Patti Smith reminded me)


You can vote via this poll!

On the blog front, I’m pretty happy with where it is and where it’s going. I got the past couple of weeks on various blogs including First Gen American, In Mint Condition, 101 Books, Molly on Money, Daily Plate of Crazy, and We May Be Poor, But We Are Happy. There might be others but I have issues tracking links AND the sinus infection is really messing with my thoughts. I’m having a great time meeting new bloggers and readers. It’s seriously the most amazing part of the Internet for me personally– community-building.

And last but not least, Mutant Kitty is doing very well. To think one week ago when I got her all she wanted to do was cuddle! She is non-stop these days and eats like crazy. The kids adore her. It’s so nice coming home.

See that? That's love, folks.


19 thoughts on “Staying on top of August

  1. The treasure hunt sounds like so much fun.

    I love MutantKitty. So cute. MutantEldest is pretty cute too

    BTW, thank you for your wonderful comment and the great advice yesterday.

  2. Happy birthday to Eldest Mutant!! He does sound like a sweetheart.

    So glad to see the kids taking good care of the kitty. Take LOTS of pictures so you guys can look back on how small the kitten AND the kids were back then, hehe.

  3. I used your poll, but I still wanted to make a couple comments about the books. From your list, I’ve read Lamb, Things Fall Apart, and Poisonwood Bible. I’ve listened to the audio book version of Bossypants and I *highly* recommend you do the same over reading the book. Tina Fey reading Tina Fey is awesome and lends so much more to material! So if you have Bossypants in paper form, return it and get it in audio format instead.

    As for the others, it sort of depends on your mood. Since you’re already reading an advice type book, I’d leave Things Fall Apart to the side for now. Do you want to balance out with silliness? Then read either of the Christopher Moore books. Do you want to read something that is a story, but still grounded in reality? Then read Poisonwood Bible.

    Congrats to Mutant Eldest!

    • Oooh thanks for the in-depth suggestions! Tina got LOTS of votes but I hadn’t thought of the audio book. That might be a great idea. I wonder if my library has it already. Yeah Things Fall Apart right now would be too much thinking stuff LOL

  4. Oh my gosh, mutant kitty is adorable! And of course, Eldest is absolutely adorable too…great pics!!

    I’m just now catching up on your life..I’m so sorry you are not feeling well. It really cramps your style when you are not yourself…I’ve felt like that for a while…Hopefully you’ll be on the mends soon!!

    The birthday party and presents sound awesome…and it sounds like you got some great deals!

    I’m jealous that you are able to read so much…I NEED to start reading more…or at least finish a book! I can’t wait to see what book you pick next! :)!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday to Eldest!!

    • Yes I’ve got a bunch of cuties in my house it seems 🙂
      I’m finally feeling better thank god! I thought I was going into remission Saturday but I attacked the congestion with every weapon I had and it’s been clearing up big time now. It totally messes me up when I’m “off.” I hope you’re back to recovery too!
      I tend to read in spurts I’m noticing. Like I’ll do three books in a row then do none, then do more. I have to say the reading challenge, I think, has helped me in a HUGE way. Tracking it on Goodreads has been really easy and it’s helped me to track suggestions people make on other stuff to read! I’ve even thought of setting Eldest up with an account to track his progress. But without internet, it’d be hard!

  5. What a cute kitty. We are thinking of maybe getting one next year but we shall see. As for book I think you should walk on the wild side and pick the one you want to read the most


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