August so far

Mutant Kitty!

First week of August has ended already. Eldest’s birthday is this Friday. I can’t believe it. Mine is the week after. And then school starts. I have mixed feelings about that last one.

I am still sick. It’s been over a week. I was diagnosed Friday with a sinus infection and have been taking antibiotics since. Honestly? I’m not sure they’re doing any good. I felt as bad on Saturday as I felt on Tuesday when I stayed home. In other words, I couldn’t move and spent pretty much the entire day snuggled on the couch or the bed with the Friend and Mutant Kitty.

Yes, there’s a new addition to this Mutant family. Kitty is just one month old and is a rescued kitty. My friend found her brothers and sisters and I’ve decided to take one on and see how everyone fares with allergies. I think it might be ok but we’ll see. I’m not allergic to animals, but Eldest had a very severe reaction once although it wasn’t the only time he was exposed to cats. The kids haven’t met Kitty yet. They were with their dad this weekend which was much needed since I am sick.

I haven’t worked out since Friday, July 29. Saturday I woke up sick as heck and forget it, this sinus infection has me really messed up. So, I feel kind of lame about it but whatever. My body’s not cooperating.

I’m over budget on back to school stuff but doing well with Eldest’s party so far. Honestly, the $50 back to school budget wasn’t realistic. I hadn’t realized Baby and Eldest need school shoes, Baby and Daughter need lunch boxes, and Daughter and Eldest need thermoses since I’m switching from juice boxes and the water bottles they used are pretty wrecked and leaky.

I’ve had two No-Spend days so far– August 1 and August 6.

Our family meeting took place on Monday, August 1 and went pretty well. Eldest really got it and participated. Daughter started getting into it towards the end. Baby was extremely disruptive and clueless. However, I did present the possibility of a kitten and they all voted YES on that one. It was during that meeting we talked about school supplies and what we could use from last year for this year. We also went through the supplies I’d stocked up on last year that were in good condition.

We also talked about cleaning out and I showed them the big yellow bag I’m using to hold stuff I’m giving away this month. They’re actually pretty good about that kind of thing so I’m going to try and push them to go through their stuff every night and eliminate. We went over their chores and things they’re responsible for doing as well as the concept of prepping the night before which I’m going to push this week as well.

I asked them if they had anything they wanted to talk about and Daughter expressed her fear of Kindergarten again. Eldest tried to make her feel better and tell her that it’s a lot of fun. She’s scared of one of the teachers but I keep trying to remind her one of her favorite teachers in the school is the assistant. I think her fears are pretty unfounded and expect them to disappear within a couple of weeks but who knows. Apparently the teacher reprimanded her once last year in the beginning of the school year and that’s all it took.

I followed up with the garnishment company for Ex’s employer. They confirmed everything was set up and that it looks like they’re waiting for the next paycheck. So while I’m a tiny bit more optimistic, I really won’t feel relief until the check arrives. Besides, they did say that even though it SHOULD go into effect with this Friday’s paycheck, they can’t guarantee it won’t take place until the second paycheck– August 26. Since I tend to count on worst case scenarios, I’m holding off any real celebrations.

The bottom line is all of my August bills are paid except for one and its money is in the account waiting. I have the funds reserved for Eldest’s reptile show. I have a couple hundred bucks to get through the rest of the month. Most of the back to school shopping is complete. There is food in the freezer, fridge, and pantry. With or without his money this month, we’ll be fine.


16 thoughts on “August so far

  1. Couple hundred bucks to get through the rest of the month? How do you do it?? I was worried this morning because I only have $400 left until pay day which is the 22nd and as you know I have no kids. How will you make $200 last until next month with 3 kids, gas and groceries? not to mention back to school stuff, something always comes up… I don’t budget so I’m thinking you must have a good system where you already have money set aside for gas and groceries?


    • I don’t really have a choice. What I have is what I have. I won’t be able to eat out at restaurants the rest of the month and I’ll have to make lunch for the kids and me every single day. Our dinners aren’t very fancy and I have lots of stuff to cook from. It helps my kids aren’t big eaters I guess LOL The back to school stuff will probably not be too bad. I am only missing the shoes for Baby and the thermoses. I also need some small items that are great for couponing like tissues, paper towels, etc. Couponing helps me a lot. Last night I spent $90 at Publix but saved $54. Gas will hurt but I don’t have to fill up too often because I take the train into work and don’t drive very long distances. I last put gas in on the 29th of July and have a quarter left so we’ll see how much I can stretch that for. My health care FSA card helps me with co-pays and prescriptions. Basically, when I get into a tight spot like this it’s very simple– no wants allowed. If it’s not necessary, I’m not spending the money. Of course, I’m hoping this doesn’t end up being the case because it’s way stressful. So I’m hoping the garnishment does go into effect and that I receive a check at some point in the next week or week and a half. But, I’m not counting on it and am doing what I can with what I have.

  2. I keep meaning to ask you about this garnishment company. I’ve been assuming that you’re living in Miami, which is where I’m from and which is where my son’s father still resides. Is this company you refer to local? Reason I’m asking is that my HEx is behind over $2,500 in child support and now more than ever the monies are needed…our settlement agreement is in Georgia which is a whole other ball game in terms of receiving back-pay, but, if there is a company that can handle this I figure I may have a chance! …depending on the circumstances of the company and all of that. Also, CUTE KITTY!

    • It’s a company that his employer uses– ADP. His employer is a very big corporation and I called them and started piecing together information. They gave me the number for ADP which handles their garnishments, and that’s how I got it. You have to have an Income Deduction Order from the court though. Our divorce and child support agreement was in Miami Dade County and that’s who we filed the order with. Once I got that, I sent it to the employer. Do you already have one? I believe it goes by state and county of residency so you’d be working with miami dade. Email me msmutantsupermodel at gmail dot com

  3. You’re doing fabulously, even if you feel like crap! My BF had a sinus infection not that long ago that last for about four to six weeks. He saw the doc but didn’t have any antibiotics. The doc told him to get the old formula Sudafed — the stuff that’s at the pharmacy counter and requires ID and signature in IL — and to take only taht since the newer formulations just aren’t as good. He also did nasal lavage with a more modern version of a neti pot at least twice a day.

    • Yeah I’ve been upgraded to an even stronger dose of Sudafed and have been doing steam inhalations (I stand over a pot of boiling water and watch lovely stuff drip out of my face). I still feel like crap. She wants me to wait the whole ten days before referring me to my PCP.

  4. Oh my goodness Mutant Kitteh is so cute! Reminds me of my Rory when she was teensy tiny (and still had the energy to organize mutanies against me). In other news, though, I was really impressed by how you seem to have all your sh** together. I have no kids and I generally feel like I’m hanging on by a thread most days, so more power to you. I love the idea of family meetings, too, and it seems like it is working well for your kids. Subscribing now (if I haven’t already?)!

    • Isn’t she freaking cute? She’s turning out to be quite evil too. Feisty.

      I think the reason I’m trying to keep better track of what I want and what I’m doing is because often I felt like I had no purpose or map or anything. I was just living day by day. I never acknowledged by past successes and found it hard to even really learn from failures. Instead I would just beat myself up that I did fail.

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