The 7 Links Project

{7-365} Seventy times Seven
“Seventy times Seven” by Dee’lite on Flickr

Sandy at First Gen American tagged me in a really interesting meme called The 7 Links Project. Here’s the little blurb about it:

This project got started by Katie from Trip Base.  The purpose of it is to get the blogger to reflect upon some posts (aka dig up posts from the past) so they can see the light of day again.  Then the blogger is to nominate 5 other bloggers to participate. 

I’ve never really done any sort of review or examination of my content and considering I’ve been posting on here for almost two years, there’s a lot of it (219 published posts including this one). It’s been pretty interesting going down Blog Memory Lane. I hope you enjoy this little retrospective and do take the time to visit the ones I nominate.

Most Beautiful Post

I have a hard time assigning these types of adjectives to my own writing but judging from the comments, and the fact I get teary-eyed if I read it on a PMS day, I’d have to say Dear Daughter probably gets the title of Most Beautiful Post. My kids are, undeniably, my most beautiful creations, so it’s not surprising that a post directed at one of them got some of my most heartfelt writing.

Most Controversial Post

I am not at all controversial. And if I write something controversial, my readers are apparently extremely polite and follow the classic advice, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Either that, or the whole world totally agrees our American politicians are a bunch of bullies as I outlined in Politicians as Playground Bullies. Really, that post would be about as close as I get to stirring up the pot. I don’t like picking fights. At all.

Most Helpful Post

I say it time and time and time again, but one of the most fascinating aspects of this blog has been the emergence of this amazing, intelligent, supportive readership. And so although I don’t actually put forward any advice, my post The Struggle of Doubt gave others a place to identify and share. The comments on that post are wonderful, encouraging, and super helpful to anyone going through the trials of co-parenting.

Post Whose Success Surprised You

The post whose success surprised me and encouraged me is Mutant Supermodel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It is one of the few posts that I put a lot of planning and preparation into and it paid off. It was fun to make people smile and gave me a chance to laugh at myself.

Post You Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

It’s the first post I put up here and originally I had shared it on a local mom’s website where it actually was quite popular. They even included a link to it in the local newspaper’s daily email. But, my post Cool Female Characters- Where are you? never really made it out of the local scene. This is actually the post that encouraged me to take blogging to an independent level.

Post You Are Most Proud Of

This one’s pretty easy for me to choose but might be sort of surprising to read about. I’m most proud of Words of Gratitude for two reasons– Obviously, because it highlighted what is one of the most important events of my life but also because I know that it’s hearing from readers that pushes me every time I sit down to write and the right thing is to express gratitude to those who lift you up. So, even though it’s a very simple and almost silly post, I’m most proud of it because I mean every word of it and am glad to even have the opportunity to write something like that.

The Next Five

Here are the five blogs I’d like to see condense and categorize their content in this way:

  1. Big Little Wolf’s Daily Plate of Crazy: She is an amazingly talented and intelligent writer. I’d love to see the posts she’d choose for these as she is endlessly inspiring.
  2. We May be Poor But We Are Happy: I think Judy underestimates how much readers appreciate her sharing with the world. I think she’d benefit from taking another look at her content in this way and I know readers would enjoy the best of her writing because of how helpful and sensible it is.
  3. Raising Peanut: Andrea has been through so much for so long, I think it’d be healing to look through her content and see how far she’s come. And for readers, this would be an amazing reading experience.
  4. Molly On Money: I love Molly. She is entertaining, inspiring, and fun to read. I’d love to see a round-up of her content in case I missed something awesome.
  5. Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured: I know they’re totally famous rock stars in the blogosphere (or so people say) but I’m tagging them anyways, mostly because I’m curious about which of their posts really is the most controversial and I’d like to see how they group the rest of their content. Not to mention, I imagine #1 and #2 duking it out over what to link and what not to link and that amuses me greatly.

22 thoughts on “The 7 Links Project

  1. I think it’s pretty obvious what our most controversial post is since it just posted last week. Sheesh.

    Thanks for the tag… not sure if we’ll have time to do the meme. The school year is starting to gear up again. 😦

  2. Oh you are making me blush again. Ok Ok I will get on it. Funny today I had them list my top 10 posts and it was none of the ones I though it would be.

    I promise I will work on it though. Thank you for making me feel good about my writing


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  4. I love these posts!! Gives me a chance to go back & read what I’ve missed! I’d better get mine done soon I guess… I always slack at these things… 😛

  5. Now I get it! You are very sweet and thanks for the kind words. I love this projects because….I too have been writing for almost two years and my readers change. Over the last several months I’ve been thinking about how to introduce new readers to older posts that might be relavent. I like this- I’ll get on it!

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  7. Whew… Grrrrr… Ack…. Thanks for the nod, Supermodel. I’ve been enjoying reading your archives (as we are new online friends), and I’m enjoying the others you’ve tagged here.

    My 7 – such as they are – went up yesterday. (Whew, grrrrr, ack… harder to do than write a regular post!)

    Great exercise. Many thanks!


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