The Many Reasons Moms Need Google +

This article has come out showing the vast majority of Google +users are young men in some sort of technology-related job. This doesn’t mean Google + isn’t a good site for women. As a matter of fact, I argue that women (especially moms) are the ones really suited to use Google + to its maximum abilities. By the way, before I continue, email me for your invite.

So, why am I making the case for women to join Google + by the truckloads?

Multiple Personalities.

Women are multi-taskers of the highest order, it’s true. And with that ability, comes the tendency to cycle through one persona after another all day long. Google + gives you easy to create Circles and easy ways to manage the content you would like to share.

You can make this as detailed or as simple as you want it, but I have a feeling most of you will love the variety of ways you can mix and match your circles.

Here is a more in-depth way of using Circles that may be of benefit to you.

First of all, no one knows what circle you’ve put them in except you so if you have a twisted sense of humor, feel free to use it when constructing your circles.

Second of all, Google + lets you restrict whether or not the content you post can be re-shared so you can post with confidence.

I have friends of all types. Some of us bonded because we have kids that go/went to school together.  Some of us bonded because of comic books and anime. Some of us bonded because of books. Some of us bonded because of movies. Some of us bonded because we were stuck in an all girls- Catholic high school together for four years. Some of us bonded because we worked together. Some of us bonded because we’re crafty. Some of us bonded because we’re single moms. Some of us bonded because we’re bloggers.

Yes, I can throw everyone into one big Friends circle and call it a day. Or, I can do everyone a favor and streamline my connections, making their Streams much more interesting and relevant.

For example:

I can have the moms from Daughter’s class in one circle, the moms from Eldest’s class in another circle, and the new moms from Baby’s class into another circle. If I have to ask the Moms from Eldest’s class to check if our kids switched PE uniforms, it’s not a problem to type that question up, direct it to that circle, and be done with it. If I need to introduce myself as the Room Mom for Baby’s class, and give them my contact information, I can type that up, restrict it so they can’t re-post it, and dash that off. Meanwhile, the Moms in Daughter’s class might get some pictures I took at a recent school event.

That is a very practical way to use Google + effectively. Add the fact Google + will email those in your circles who have not signed up with Google + yet, and our lives are a bit easier.

You can use Google + to help on a personal level too– reaching out to circles of select individuals who you’re comfortable being open and honest with more than others. You can make sure your family doesn’t get your (ahem) cruder posts. You can geek out with my fellow comic book lovers about Avengers movie teasers.

When you filter your content this way, you won’t be cluttering Streams needlessly. It makes for efficient browsing and gives your items a much better chance of actually being spotted and responded to which is the whole point of Social Networking.

This is why circles are my favorite feature for Google +. I also find the Sparks very interesting and can’t wait to get a smartphone this year so I can take Google + mobile and really have a ball with it. But of course, there’s one more important factor for me that gives Google + the edge over Facebook.

It’s Google. It’s not just that there’s a seamless integration with Google searches, your Reader, YouTube, and so much more; there’s the perception of the company itself. I believe I am more secure and that my interests are more important to a company like Google who has shown they care about ethics even as they manage to be an extremely successful corporation.

Facebook? It was founded by an Ivy League kid with a chip on its shoulder who has betrayed his users’ confidence time and again in favor of a bigger buck. Does it have fun features? Yes. Is it easy to use? Yes. Can it all be replicated? Yes. Can it be improved upon? Yes.

I have always been a bucker of trends. I have always rooted for an underdog. Maybe it’s not a good sign for the future of Google + that I am coming out as such a strong advocate for it.

But, I’m doing so because I really believe there is something here that is not only useful, but fun and helpful as well. I do believe that Google + is taking the best of the social networking worlds and bringing them together in a marvelous way. Note this is article has mostly focused on why Google + may be a better option for grown-ups than Facebook; I haven’t even touched on Twitter.

Feel free to drop in on me on Google +, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some help getting on at all or even just getting invited. I don’t think there’s any reason to be wary of a new social networking site. Technology moves insanely quickly and gets easier to adapt to every day.

Of course, there are bugs and kinks. My account, for instance, risks the chance of being suspended because I write anonymously (something I’ve been debating relinquishing and will possibly write about soon). Google + wants “real” names. I’m hoping I’ll be alright. The way Google is handling this in a very open manner is the kind of thing that makes me happy to be in their hands.

What about you? Are you venturing towards a brave new world today?


8 thoughts on “The Many Reasons Moms Need Google +

  1. I’m on it (as you know)! And I’m using my real name, too. Gasp! I still have many more contacts on Facebook, but I’m hoping more of them will switch to Google+ because then I can manage my posts better. For example, I used to have my blog tied to Facebook so that when I posted on the blog it appeared as a FB note. I stopped that once I started getting more friend requests from colleagues. I occasionally write about my feelings about work and I didn’t want them to see that. But with Google+ I can choose to post a link to my blog that only friends can see, and people in my Work circle won’t see it. 🙂 I also self censor a little bit on FB or Twitter (which are tied) because work colleagues can see it. I don’t completely water down my personality, but it’s nice to know that I can be my salty self in full on Google+.

    • I have a Google + for my non-blog self but hopefully I won’t have to mix the two. Like you, I’m hoping more and more people switch and for that reason you mention. It is so much nicer to organize your content this way. Self-censoring is a problem I have too and I enjoy that freedom as well.

  2. I’m on too but haven’t done anything with it. In fact, I have an inappropriate profile pic up because atm I only have a handful of people I’m connected to. (It’s coming down soon, I promise.) I was discussing the use of yet another Social Network with a fellow mommy blogger and realized that I would inevitably be pimping my blog to the same people that already see it on Twitter and Facebook. Still, I joined because I just had to.

    Can you believe it took a status update on FB that said “I created a Circle on Google+ called Weirdos. Email if you want in and you have to be a weirdo” for people to say okay damn, I’ll do it. Nevermind that the name of the circle means nothing.

    Anyway my point is, look me up if you wanna be in the Circle of Weirdos. That’s really all I was saying.

    PS I love the Resources for the Single Mom page on your blog. I’ve been constructing a page on mine for Single Mom Blogs as soon as I find all of them. (There can’t really be too many, can there?)

    • Ok I’m going to do the Facebook thing because that is HILARIOUS and awesome. Know what’s weird? A lot of the people following me on Google + don’t follow me on Facebook OR Twitter. I’ve met up with a bunch of new connections and I love it. Keep in mind, I also have a paltry following on G+ at the moment but it’s still pretty neat that it’s a lot of new people. I definitely want to be in the Circle of Weirdos so you will be looked up!

      Thank you. You know, there’s a lot more than I originally thought when I first started. What I think is missing is interlinking and connection among them and that’s what I’d like to promote. Google Single Mom Blog and it’s crazy how many results you get.


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