Politicians as Playground Bullies

Rock'em Sock'em Robots
“Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots” by Profound Whatever on Flickr

I’ve been reading a lot lately and I’ve been reading a lot of different things. I think I need to pull the plug on the news though because it’s really getting me down.

I know I’ve blogged about it before, but I can’t stand it when our government acts like a bunch of playground bullies and brats. They’re adults. They were chosen by adults. We expect them to behave like adults.

They don’t.

They have the meanest cliques, the cruelest words, the harshest punishments, the most illogical rationalizations, the stoniest silences, and the coldest stares. I cannot understand it. Nor can I stand it.

Furthermore, I’m absolutely shocked at the swell of support our leaders are getting from “the people” to behave in such idiotic fashion. Have we no shame? What are people thinking cheering, supporting, and encouraging these ridiculous hard-line, bullying stances? Why is this nation so hell-bent on steering our ship in one direction, or the complete opposite, but never down a calm and steady middle path?

It’s bad enough there’s a playground fight erupting between a bunch of meanies cheered and egged on by extremely pushy and loud observers, but to add complete chaos to the process you have a relentless media spotlighting and magnifying every single second of disgusting behavior.

I find it completely nauseating.

To my fellow Americans—leaders, followers, rebels, and everything in between:

We got ourselves into a shit-storm and we did it together. There is not one single exclusive reason we are in this mess. Yes, the government spent too much money—on Republican-sponsored wars and Democratic-sponsored programs and a bit of ridiculousness from both sides of the aisles. Republicans and Democrats and Others all played various roles across all spectrums in the housing debacle. Now, it’s time to buck up and begin that long, arduous path many of us are familiar with—getting out of debt.

Now, I know for a fact that in the case of every single person who has successfully dug themselves out of debt, there was a master plan that relied on two heavy-hitters: Expenses vs. Income.

Oh yes, we need to slash spending. Get over it. All of us with our debt loads know what this is like—that painful stripping and stripping and stripping. But we do it. And our government has to do it. And we need to deal with the ramifications of that because it’s going to hurt like heck. Many of us are feeling the squeeze and it’s going to get tighter.

However, stripping and cutting isn’t the only thing a person determined to achieve the status of debt-free does, is it? Nope. We bring in the money. We have garage sales, e-bay auctions, and craigslist listings. We do little jobs here and there. We ask for raises. We look for better jobs. We look for extra jobs. We hustle to bring in that money.

When it comes to the government bringing in money, it means collecting taxes. Get over it. And I am simply tired, exhausted, irritated with the ridiculous chanting of misinformation. The tax hikes being brought to the table affect families making over $250k a year. Considering the slashes in spending mostly affect programs in place to aid families who make well under that, it’s sensible to balance the scales in this fashion.

Ah, but there’s the problem. Sensible.


1. (of a statement or course of action) Chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit: “a sensible diet”.

Not much happening in, around, or about Washington D.C. is wise or prudent and it is all likely to be of detriment instead.

This cannot continue. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but it appears it must be us, the American people, to show our government representatives true leadership skills.

We must calm down. We must remove inflammatory language. We must soften our stances. We must back away from our painted corners. We must remove the boxing gloves. We must shy away from absolutes. We must erase lines in the sand. We must never say never.

The debt ceiling is a big issue, yes. It has many ramifications. But the bigger issue is the complete lack of decency, professional respect, common sense, and willingness to compromise that is ravaging our nation.

There needs to be a call to action in this country, but it has to be for decorum first, reform second.


10 thoughts on “Politicians as Playground Bullies

  1. Yeah…I got a picture from a friend that shows the House members during a recent budget meeting on their computers…2 were playing Solitare, 1 was on Facebook, 1 was checking the latest sports scores, 1 was checking email…..this is what they do during the budget meetings? Geez. I’m right there with you!

  2. It’s become a joke. No one pays attention or wants to play nice.

    It’s not even big gov’t either. We go to school board meetings for entertainment. No one knows what’s going on or where the money is. Then you have the local bumpkins screaming at the board that we don’t need foreign language classes, they would rather have sports. Not that I don’t want sports, it’s actually a consolidation issue, whether to have four sports teams or one county team. People are afraid their children won’t get to play football, never mind not getting into college because they never took a foreign language. Let’s not forget they are laying off 25% of the teachers. Ugh!!

    Sorry, mini rant over. I can’t wait to move from our tiny town.

      • You are probably right.

        I grew up in Jax, Fl and went to an amazing school that offered AP and Dual Enrollment. There aren’t even enough kids in the classes here to offer that stuff. I will say our graduating class was 12 times bigger than this town’s 2011 graduating class, but next year’s class will be even smaller.

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  4. Well put! It’s petty politics like this that make me want to move out of the US of A. I’m more than happy to pay my fair share in taxes and I’m way under the $250k threshold. I got pissed recently when a family member tried to tell me all the ways to “trick” Uncle Sam so I can pay less taxes. Sigh.

    • I’m still baffled by the animosity towards helping one another. My tax dollars feed people who don’t make enough money? Ok! My tax dollars could provide medical care to everyone regardless of medical history, age, etc.? Ok! My tax dollars can provide education to everyone? Ok! Why people freak out about these issues is beyond my scope of comprehension. There’s too much pessimism and hatred– too much guarding of oneself. And there’s way too much skepticism of the government coupled with way too much acceptance of corporations and mega-wealth. It’s a dichotomy I can’t grasp.

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