It’s been one of those weeks where it’s been hard to put together many thoughts and most of my good ones have been going towards work-related things. So I’m going to throw links at you. Some of them are old. Some of them are new. But all of them are things I’ve been reading.

Most of you know how I feel about princesses. So it’s likely not a surprise how much I love Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses series.

This Washington Post article about how the rich are pulling away from the rest of America in ridiculous gaps is the type of thing that drives me wild given the current debacle in Washington and a certain party clinging desperately to tax breaks for these greedy bastards.

On a happier and geekier note, Slate has discovered how wonderful Ravelry is and what makes it the wonder child of social networking sites. If you knit or crochet, it’s the place to be!

The New York Times talks about how being divorced is just so uncool with all of the rich folks. A lot of people blogged about this. I wanted to but couldn’t put the pieces together. Something about this piece just drives me nuts. Mostly that someone is so concerned with how her former rich friends think of her as a failure because she ditched her loser husband. Maybe.

I have a love hate relationship with fashion. Simply put, I love fashion but I hate the images fashion puts forward as “ideal”. And I hate that we eat it up. I also hate when they do ridiculous half-hearted attempts to embrace different physiques. So, when Vogue Italia came out with this absolutely mind-blowing, breathtakingly stunning photo spread celebrating curvy women I freaked out in a great way. This spread proves that curvy women are not just nice, they’re damn right desirable. Not one matchstick waif could look half as delicious as these women. The fashion world needs to move more in this direction. It works. The Italians proved it.

The blog at How Stuff Works did a tiny little post on the history of delivery rooms and dads. Personally? I hate them in there. I’m a believer in boundaries to certain degrees. This is one I’m all for.

Just when I gave up on gardens, I saw this TED talk by Jonathan Drori on the beautiful tricks of flowers. I love how evil and scheming they are and am totally committed to surrounding myself with the tricky boogers. By the way, if you’re looking to captivate a lover, these flowers might school you.

Ben Venom creates amazing Heavy Metal themed quilts. You think maybe things like Slayer and cotton batting can’t co-exist but they do. In a seriously amazing awe-inducing way.

I dream about this chicken recipe. Why I don’t actually do something about it and make it is beyond me.

Science vs. Homophobia. Genius.

In the latest wave of evidence women are superior to men (hee, hee) a study has found that articles written by women get shared online more than men.

You know the Debt Ceiling debacle (the most recent example of our moronic government representatives)? This Op piece at CNN points out one of the main issues I have with everything going on.

It being birthday season, summer, at my house I very much appreciated Donna Freedman’s recent MSN Money article on all of the freebies you can get for being born!

LZ Granderson is currently my favorite columnist. The post on why he’s raising his son as a nerd is the one that won me over. But since then, he’s been putting out lots of great stuff.

As a matter of fact, after reading this column of his on bratty kids and the parents who permit them, I wonder what he’d have to say about this (stupid) article on things you should never say to your child. Because I found the nine forbidden things to be completely unrealistic. And the reasons given for not saying them just smacked of overly protective and sensitive parents. Toughen the hell up.

I just realized I don’t have any blog posts linked to. Which sucks because there’s lots of good blog stuff out there. I’m just not in the habit of bookmarking it yet. Will try harder!



7 thoughts on “Linksplosion

  1. The spread in Vogue is amazing. However, it’s interesting that it doesn’t correspond with the message send to women in other ways. I recently had a post in my blog about Buenos Aires clothing stores. Buenos Aires is my hometown, which I adore, and I am currently visiting, but one thing I hate is the clothing stores, where the biggest size you’ll find is a size 8 if you are very lucky. I added that one of the things that moving to the US did for me was improving my self-esteem, because I could find cool, sexy clothes in regular stores. One of my readers left a comment saying that she understood completely, because the same happened to her in Southern Europe (ITaly), and how it completely changed when she moved to Northern Europe, where they have sizes for “regular” women. I often wonder where does Monica Bellucci buy her clothes.

    • I went to Buenos Aires for my honeymoon! Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful city. I actually didn’t do much clothes shopping. I’ve heard the European sizes are different than US but still that limit is baffling. My guess is Monica has her clothes tailored 🙂 I think the magazine is trying to make a push for change but this isn’t something happens overnight. Even her in the USA, I’m seeing sizes shrink. Now you can find size 00 and XXS! Vogue Italia apparently has a part of the website devoted entirely to curvy women. I hope it gains traction, really.

  2. In the U.S, I read somewhere that when Marilyn Monroe was alive, she was a size 14, but in today’s sizes, she would be a size 8. I also hope it gains traction in Italy. It’s one of the fashion capitals of the world, so it would be imitated elsewhere. IT’s interesting that Italian most beautiful and iconic women (Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci) are anything but stick thin.

    Glad you liked Buenos Aires! I always go back once a year, can’t really live in it but also without it!

  3. Love the links. Thanks. Will probably be raising a lazy nerd myself. I can already tell, smart but always thinking of ways to get helped along. Sigh.

    I hate to say this but my husband told me this a long time ago about divorce, the more educated you are the less likely you are to get divorced. Not only wealth, but consider that people take longer to get educated, find the right person, so they get married later and have kids later. People who marry younger rush into marriage typically, college educated and later take more time to date and don’t usually marry the first person they are with.

    Going to use the executive pay thing on my blog.

    • Eh I have issues with the education thing. I know it’s got the research backing it up but it kind of applies and kind of doesn’t to me personally. Technically, I’m educated. I got my bachelor’s when I was prego with kiddo 2. I have a feeling wealth is probably a better indicator of divorce probabilities but they mask it with “education” because it’s less likely to stir the pot. Can’t anger the peasants, you know!

  4. I thought I had posted on here but it appears my brain failed me. Such a simple post but so wonderful, thanks for the linkage! My son’s 8th birthday is this Saturday and the MSN Money link you shared will help us greatly. I also shared the Vogue article on my Facebook because I was just drooling over it. I felt proud(er) of my Italian roots from that spread, even if it sounds silly to say!


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