I sit here blogging

Monday through Friday, with the exceptions of sick days, vacation days, and holidays, I sit here. I eat breakfast. I do job-related work. I drift through Facebook. I eat lunch. I check news outlets. I read blogs. And I write my blog.

It’s as an ideal situation as it isn’t. As much as I look forward to my breaks from job work, it’s sometimes hard to make the transition. Also, I work at another office twice a week with a much less private setting. Sometimes I’ve blogged from there but it’s not enjoyable.

My stress levels, I’ve noticed, have been coming down recently. I know a huge chunk of it has to do with an increase in income from Ex. It’s sad that connection still exists. I’ve tried legal measures to have it resolved but apparently his employer is ignoring the Income Deduction Order.

I think another thing is the summer. The longer days mean later bed times. I’m just not as rushed and pressed to cook and get everyone to bed. They’re not waking up much later than during the school time, but for some reason I’m not as crazy about it.

The decrease in stress levels is freeing up certain parts of my brain which is also causing a jam of different sorts.

I’m overwhelmed with ideas.

So, many times my experience has been that I sit right there, and don’t know where to begin. I idle. I make things up. I think of new things. I do something half-heartedly and have another flash of inspiration.

Something’s brewing in me and I need to get it out. I’m destined for something bigger than what I’m living. I feel it moving in the current but can’t exactly pinpoint it.

This post has been inspired by Calliope‘s Blog Summer Camp. I’m not sure if I’ll be participating all summer but today’s prompt resonated with me. If you’re here from Summer Camp, welcome to the blog. Here are a few of the more recent posts readers have been enjoying:


9 thoughts on “I sit here blogging

  1. Isn’t it strange how you don’t notice a change until it has already happened to you? Like you wake up and say “hey, life is different, how and when did that happen?”

    I’m glad you’re getting financial help raising your 3 kids. That’s a lot of mouths to feed.

    You are destined for greatness. Capture those ideas before your brain goes into a mushy mush phase. For me I find that periods of intense creativity or brainwork are followed by days or weeks of brain mush, can’t talk in complete sentences kind of mush.

  2. Hey! So I really need to get my blog fixed so I can freakin respond to comments on my own blog. But I’m not smart enough. So I’m responding here 🙂 You are welcome to do the Wedding blog thing and please do invite others to as well! I think it would be awesome to see what ideas people have! 🙂

  3. Money and stress. That sense that there’s something more – besides money and stress and stress over raising kids when money is short.


    The something more? Try to find it, if you can, before you find that the stress does permanent damage.

    Coffee. Wine. Hanging on (stubbornly) to the belief that you will keep going. Writing. More coffee, more wine, and hopefully – a bit of luck.

    And more yes. Because sometimes one yes leads to unexpected others.


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