Happy Vacation to me

I’ll be heading out of here in a few minutes and beginning my week off from work and two weekends with no children in a row. Holy star alignment. I’d play the lotto but apparently I’m broke.

I don’t even understand it myself and I think it’s mostly because I don’t want to but I’m trying to balance my budget before I go on vacation and it does not add up. Not even a little bit. I don’t know what I’ve done other than make a huge mess that leaves me with something like $270 for the rest of the month for non-bills? Or something like that. I’m supposed to have more according to my gorgeous spreadsheet, but I don’t. I really don’t know what is going on and my brain just doesn’t want to work for me.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I have a crapload of food. And I’d already bought all of Daughter’s birthday presents. The only major expense I have scheduled is my haircut next week and I am in now way shape or form going to cancel or reschedule that. I’m way overdue for a chop. It just means I really have to chill it with spending which really should be fine. I have lots of cleaning, crocheting, reading, and beaching on my mind and those don’t cost much.

Here are some of the things I’d like to do over the next nine days:

  • The Wynwood Art Walk (free!)
  • A beach day (or four)
  • Annual check-ups for Baby and Daughter
  • Get my hair chopped
  • Go up to Jacksonville to pick up Friend’s daughter
  • Fix the play room
  • Make Daughter a Birthday Cake (Monday she’s 5)
  • Read lots of books
  • Finish the pillow
  • Make my dad a Kindle cozy
  • Start my mom’s overdue blanket
  • Clear out my closet
  • Get rid of 9 bags of stuff at the rate of a bag a day
  • Overall pretty and organize my house

And the last thing is, I got a weird phone call today. Chase wants to meet with me to discuss my account. Huh? I asked the guy what he’s talking about and he said “probably” my credit card. That monster’s got a 32% APR on it so of course I’m curious but I don’t know. Something about the call doesn’t sit well with me. He mentioned consolidating that and Dell (30%). I mentioned my foreclosure and he said everyone’s in the same boat and they’d see what they could do. I don’t know. I really don’t know. Should I even go? I hate being sold stuff to but the APR I have right now is so through the roof that even a 10% reduction would be useful.

Oh wait, one more thing I’ll be doing is considering a possible possibility Eldest could skip second grade. I know he can do it but I am not too comfortable with the social ramifications and I do think those are important. I’m pretty sure my final answer is no but it’s something I’m letting simmer.

Anyways, I’ll probably check in at some point. In case I don’t, have a wonderful couple of weekends, Happy Father’s Day to the good guys out there, and I’ll see you on the 20th!



5 thoughts on “Happy Vacation to me

  1. re: skipping– sometimes kids are better off socially once they skip. The social ramifications aren’t the same for all kids, especially smart kids. If your kids are at a school that encourages skips, he might not even be the youngest in his grade. If they don’t generally encourage skips, then they may have good reason this time. Basically consider it from all angles and don’t just buy the line that skips are always harmful socially. They’re not… not even for boys. (And it’s usually pretty easy to drop back a grade if it doesn’t work out.)

    Good luck with the money stuff! Have a great vacation!

    • Enjoy your vacay – sounds like you deserve x10!! Sometimes the money doesn’t matter, especially in circumstances like these. Just go and have a great time.

      Loved your comment on the orange/green color pallete. I agree with you on the turquoise and couldn’t be happier since I’m obsessed with that color right now. Thanks for the tip on pairing it with red – I hadn’t thought of that!

      Michelle 😉

      PS – I have a new giveaway of Germany goodies if you are interested in signing up.

  2. Have a wonderful 9 days off! It sounds like your “staycation” will be very relaxing…

    I don’t have very much left for the rest of June either, so I’ll be laying low…(and we have two incomes coming in!) I know you’ll find a way to work out your budget.

    In the meantime, enjoy yourself and get some much needed “you” time! :)!

  3. VACATION!!! WOW, you deserve it!! I’m truly so excited for you! Relax and enjoy it!
    Oh and thank you for your sweet comments on my last post. BTW, the photos were tweaked in Lightroom 3 in case you have it and would like to achieve the same effect…let me know and I can give you the step by step. It’s simple and not a secret 🙂

  4. I discussed the issue of skipping a grade with my sister – we both skipped grade 1. She didn’t think it was a big deal for her, but for whatever reason, the kids in the grade that I skipped to were very mean about it. There was lots of “you’re too young to hang out with us” teasing and bullying. She was also probably much more emotionally mature than I was at the same age. Her two daughters could have skipped, but she chose to keep them in the grade that they were in and supplement them at home and then pulled them out to homeschool them in high school at their request. But then she has a bio undergrad and then took another 2 years of education to get her B. Ed. and has never had to work outside the home.

    I think a big part of the issues I had with skipping could have been due to the fact that when I moved to the new grade, they segregated us by IQ test scores and I was put in a “group” by myself that year – and in our school, it was not cool to be smart. So my experience probably isn’t normal.

    This is JMHO, but were I to have a child that was very gifted (which I do not and am happy for them that they’re not), I would really work with them and create an environment of challenge for them. When you spend your first 12 (or 11) years not having to expend any effort at all to get straight A’s, it’s common for the adult gifted people that I know to not just give up if something doesn’t come very easily right away. It’s what they’re used to. Maybe I’m wrong on that, but it seems to be a common trait on the gifted adult forum I used to go on.


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