WIP Pillow and some randomness

Just a quick post as I’m actually hooking something this week. I’m making my friend a throw pillow for her newly decorated room using a stitch I found in Vogue’s crochet Stitchionary. Pretty funky huh?

Daughter’s last day of Pre-K 4 was today. They had a cute musical show at school. She loves that stuff. She’s going to love her summer camp. Tomorrow, Eldest wraps up First Grade and summer begins. Next week, they start camp and I go on vacation. One whole week. I plan on cleaning up and cleaning out the house. The kids are also with their dad the next two weekends so it’s going to be a pretty awesome nice stretch. I keep thinking it’s Friday already.

Tonight I’m watching X-Men cause I’m majorly geeky like that.

I’ve got a bag of books that need to go to the used bookstore because there’s a growing list of books I want to own.

I can’t stop yawwwwwwwwwwwwwning.


11 thoughts on “WIP Pillow and some randomness

  1. Ooh, that stitch pattern is intriguing! I’ll have to see if I can scare up that Vogue book from a library…

    (Totally jealous of your excursion to see X-Men, too.)

  2. Down Time Rocks. The best part about cleaning your house without the kids is that it’ll stay clean for more than 2 miliseconds. You can bask in the organized glory for hours if not days. I’m thrilled for your upcoming time off.

    I have no idea how you have time for all this stitchery.

  3. Whoa, I love that stitch! How awesome! It sounds like you have some awesome plans coming up! Have a great vacation and YAY for making space for new books!

  4. Sorry I’m randomly posting but for some reason my blog won’t let me post a comment back to yours. Thanks for commenting 🙂 And I’m telling ya…when my boys walk out the door I try to make them look good but sometimes (like today) it was not worth the fight. So for today….middle child looks like a homeless boy haha!

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