Lazy Weekend Ahead

Mmmmmm it’s Friday. A long weekend-eve Friday. The day is so much nicer for that reason alone, isn’t it? Try and get under my skin. Ok wait, don’t try too hard.

Know what else makes this Friday wonderful? A giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and is now ready to grace the shoulders of my Mommy! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have finished The Shawl. Oh, sweet relief!! I actually finished it just this morning so I need to go home and weave in the various loose ends and then block it to its perfect beauty but the hard part is over and done with.This means, yes I do in fact have a FO Friday and it’s an awesome one.

It took me just under a month to finish this tiny thing but it’s oh so cute! Seriously, I just wasn’t thrilled about this project until I started binding off (the second time because I screwed up the first). I saw the girly little ruffle slowly emerging and I got seriously geeked. It’s just so cute and dainty and perfect for our insanely hot and humid weather.

Ok I know there’s dangly bits and it’s not blocked but you can see the cuteness right? I’m thinking of buying a beautiful pin for it too. I was thinking a wooden one would be gorgeous.

My older kids spent the night at my mom’s house last night as they have a four day weekend (lucky duckies). This morning was just me and Baby. What a difference. It keeps blowing my mind whenever I find myself with just one kid how freaking easy it is. Hell, this morning was so easy I even had time for a photo shoot.


17 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend Ahead

  1. The shawl is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! I think a wood pin would be perfect for it! Also, how cute is your son! Holy smokes. I love his loose curly hair.

    • Thank you Tami! Yes I’m super pleased with it and I’m totally eyeballing a couple options on Etsy.

      Aw yeah I think he’s a cutie too. He makes me all warm and mushy inside. When he’s behaving good like that. Otherwise…

  2. That shawl is stunning, I would have been a-squeal about that fantabulous ruffle emerging, too! It’s so sweet, and even unblocked it’s draping and wearing so well. 😀 I think a wooden pin would be great with it.

    The photos of your son are beautiful, too, the absolute epitome of adorable-morning.

    • Oh thank you!! She really liked it too which made me happy. The ruffle was so fun. When I blocked it, I was worry it’d disappear but it didn’t and the edging was more noticeable.

  3. Your shawl looks fantastic, definitely worth the effort. It’s very tempting, but I really don’t need a new project at the moment!

    • Aw thank you! I actually do sleep- a lot. I love sleep. I do most of the yarn and book stuff on the train and when the kids are with their dad. I’m a REALLY fast reader which helps 😉

      Yes the bedhead is awesome. His dad cut his hair this weekend but managed to keep the curls in the back at least. He looks so much bigger now.


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