Mutant Brain Dump

Brain Dump

Wherein one opens the connection from brain to fingers and just starts typing. Green grammar line of doom be damned.

The Red spelling line of death, however, is to be respected.

I’m stressed about birthdays. I’ve got to pay for things like summer camps, and do things like bulk up emergency savings. What I want to do is borrow my dad’s minivan and drive up to Disney World for a day.

Money has actually been an ok thing this month. I’m not stressing it too badly yet. Maybe the end of the month will be a whole other story.

A long time ago, someone posted this on Facebook and I laughed my petunia off: I want to drown all my sorrows but my baby daddy refuses to get into the water.

If that didn’t make you crack a smile, you have no soul.

Sometimes, I think I have no soul.

Is it silly of me to just want a simple old school birthday party at my house where a bunch of kids run around tearing things apart? My friend’s a gorgeous face-painter, she’d do a great job. I guess clean-up would be a potential problem but I’d save a ton of money. My daughter has been invited to two really crazy cool birthday parties at these really girly party places. I looked into one and the cheapest offering is $500 for two hours and 10 girls. That seems… ludicrous.

I like the word ludicrous. I also like the rapper Ludacris because he’s got a fantastic sense of humor and things that make me smile or laugh out loud score millions of points with me. So, if you’re interested in scoring points make me laugh dammit. A lot. Loudly.

I have too many ideas and not enough talent or time to do them. Also no motivation. And perhaps more likely than not, not enough confidence.

You people with your awesome cameras and gorgeous photos make me jealous.

I like my little side job a lot. I’m getting work way more frequently than I thought but I have to say, I think I’m going to drop the mystery shopping side of it. It doesn’t pay as well as the merchandising/auditing types of jobs nor do they come up as frequently. I don’t even get on the site anymore to look for work, the company calls me.

There’s a song by The Bird and The Bee called F*cking Boyfriend and I love it a lot. If you can stand the f-bomb sung in an angelic voice to an uber catchy tune, this is the song for you:

I gave my face-painter friend a billion ideas today. Maybe it’s living vicariously through her. Seriously if you are ever in need of some creative ass kicking, hit me up for a brainstorming session. By the end, I usually have people completely overwhelmed and reeling with ideas.

Do they pay people to do that kind of thing? I’m really good at it I swear.

I just suck at coming up with ideas for me. Or following through on them. Or even remembering them.

Perfect example, I’ve been thinking about a great tagline from the beginning of this blog and I still don’t have it.

Sometimes, I get so fed up with the Green grammar line of doom, I intentionally do things to make it appear more often. But, more often than not my High School journalism and English classes take over and steer me clear.

That reminds me I need to reach out to an old professor of mine. I should do it right now but I’m in the middle of brain dumping.

That also reminds me I have a friend in another state with a birthday this Sunday who I wanted to send a card to but I have run out of stamps and haven’t had the chance to buy any.

I also haven’t had a chance to put gas in my car (again) and have been driving with the light on since last night. I like to live on the edge of the gas line.

I’m dreading a meeting I have in like 45 minutes but I’m trying to not think about it.

I made an awesome form today for work. I love it. I love technology.

When’s the last time you did a brain dump?


8 thoughts on “Mutant Brain Dump

  1. haha

    I always turn off the stupid green grammar line. Sometimes it shows itself anyway and I have to click to make it go away.

    $500 is crazy. Around here it’s less expensive both to have a party out AND plenty of people have parties at home. We’re going to one at daycare this weekend– the daycare director is letting the mom use the facility.

    • I hate the green grammar line. HATE.

      Ok so it’s good to know for comparison purposes that amount is exorbiant. The daughter is definitely more inclined about having friends over and my facepainting friend have a field day. That’s a great idea about the daycare!

  2. The grammar line is variable. I’m a big believer in social grammar vs. formal grammar. Or as a favorite writing teacher of mine used to call it, t-shirt writing vs. tuxedo writing. In my mind, blog writing is t-shirt writing. Yhe red line of spelling still applies though.

    Random responding to your random brain dump:

    – The baby daddy comment made me laugh.

    – Kids birthday parties these days are ludicrous. Also outrageous. I photograph them all the time (my side biz) and although I get paid good money, inside I think it’s a total waste. Don’t get me started on the $$ my sweetie is shelling out for his daughter’s birthday next weekend.

    – F*cking Boyfriend also made me laugh out loud.

    – I also live on the edge of the gas line. I did so this week. I’m not entirely sure but I think as I pulled up to the gas pump, my car sputtered. I turned off the key before it could die and I had to admit I ran out of gas.

    • I love your random responses! And I’m happy to know I made you crack a laugh or too. I ran out of gas ONCE in my life but haven’t learned my lesson. I’ve never been a fan of Seinfeld but did see one episode where they decided to see how far they could go on Empty and I totally related LOL

  3. My random responses.

    Most birthdays around here are still the house kind. My kid got invited to a hula one this weekend. I’m glad I don’t live in a keeping up with joneses place. People don’t have american girl parties or what not here.

    This post reminds me of nicole and maggies RBOC posts.

    Yes, I think your brainstorming skill can be useful in a marketing job.

    I wish I could drive to disney, but it’s a big chunk of change to fly there.

    • More random responses to love! It’s the school the kids are in that has the keeping up with the joneses thing but I don’t really care about bucking the trend on that one. They know we’re not rich and are there only because of my Mom so there’s no need to pretend.

      I’ve always LIKED marketing…

      Driving to Disney, getting tickets for one day, one park, and spending one night in the hotel would be about $500 – $600 and that’d be for me, the three kids, and one extra adult to help. This year, my daughter’s hell bent on a party but next year, I’m going to plan for it. Maybe we’ll alternate it– one year a party, one year Disney.

  4. I try to do a brain dump 2 or 3 times a week. It seems I get so overloaded with things floating through my mind thoroughout the week.
    I still do the traditional simple birthdays for my kids. They love just running around in the backyard with a group of friends having fun. I think too often parents get carried away with wanting fancy parties for kids when in reality most kids just enjoy the simple things. Give my 3 year old a simple cardboard box and it will occupy him until it is utterly destroyed. It is amazing to watch him play with his imagination at work.
    I love the song. Gave me a much needed smile and chuckle today.

    • Yeah it seems both older kids are totally happy with the idea of just having friends over to relax so I’m happy with that. We’ll get movies or something like that. Nothing major. Cake and ice cream. Snacks. Toys. They’ll be fine.

      That song always makes me smile 🙂


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