WIP Wednesday: The Mother’s Day that never ends

Of three planned Mother’s Day presents, two were finished and gifted on time– the Hi Five Towel and the Clapochet. I didn’t get one picture of either finished project. By the way, both recipients loved them. My mom wanted to steal my Aunt’s shawl I could tell. And my grandmother was excited about the towel matching her 1960’s bathroom. I might be able to snatch a photo of it in its new home in the case of the towel as I go there all of the time.

Aside from enjoying sharing these with fellow lovers of crafts, I actually really like seeing my projects on Ravelry because I’m encouraged by my progress. Also, it’s pretty easy to forget just how much you crochet in one year. Remember how I declared my intention to crochet eleven projects this year?

Ravelry says I’ve finished ten. That means this will be the eleventh project and my goal will be shattered to smithereens although not in as dramatic a fashion as the initial reading goal is getting.

Don’t look too hard now. The first section of “butterflies” “abstract lace”  towards the bottom is so embarassing. The color of the yarn isn’t exactly right either but it never is on these fancy devices is it?

This is a knitting project and it’s been a headache. I don’t know why but between Clapochet and this one, I’ve had major stitch count issues. I never thought I’d say this but after these projects, I’m seriously looking forward to something brainless and repetitive like the afghan I promised my Mom last Christmas…

I’m getting to the end of the shawl though. I’m about to commence row 73 of 82  and am in the sixth of seven sections plus the picot edging. It’s ok because I’m treating myself to Dreamfever: The Fever Series when it all gets to be too much (omg it’s so good- lots of sexiness in this one, heehee). And then it’s time to figure out when to purchase the yarn for the afghan because it hasn’t gone on sale at a great price in a very long time and that’s frustrating me incredibly much.

So there you have it, my WIP Wednesday project. What are you working on?

P.S. Unrelated to yarn, I saw this today and loved it– the swish of the skirt with the clomp of the boots. Hard to get an inconspicuous picture but I’m sure you get the idea.


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: The Mother’s Day that never ends

  1. Three projects are on the needles right now.

    1) a pair of plain socks that I started in December. I only knit on them when I’m standing in line or something so it’s going really slowly, but I’m nearing the end of #2. Hooray!

    2) Lucy Neatby’s Sea Lettuce scarf. This was my vacation project for Spain. It’s pretty mindless and tedious at this point, but fiddly enough that I can’t just knit without looking at it (like the socks above). I haven’t touched it in a couple weeks now.

    3) Nancy Bush’s Lily of the Valley shawl/stole from Estonian Lace. The exciting nupps are over and I’m not slogging through the middle section. I am knitting on this at least one or two nights a week, but not for very long.

    I really want to start a simple cardigan. Preferably in a linen blend yarn. I made a tunic top in Louet MerLin yarn last year and I love the texture and drape. Too bad I don’t have such yarn on hand. I wish I had an urge to knit with some of the yarn I do have on hand. Ack!

    • Three!? I have such a hard time multi-tasking projects. I tried working both of these shawls alternatively and got frustrated so I put one aside in favor of the other. I have a road trip up to Orlando this Saturday I’ll be on a bus for so I should have a few hours there to finish the shawl. I might even take a second project JUST IN CASE. I’m dying to make myself a cute little shrug. I’m dying to make myself anything actually. I don’t have anything I’ve made for just me! And I feel you on working with yarn you’ve got on hand. I really make a conscious effort to do that but it gets harder as time goes by.

  2. I’m making Summer Flies right now, too. I’m about ready to add two extra sections of the eyelet & butterflies, which I hope to do without actually doing any math, so there may be tears. But I really hate doing the math so I’m just going to wing it & hope for the best.

  3. I think the shawl looks great and will look even better when it’s blocked.

    I hear ya on the never ending mother day gifts. This blanket is KILLING me. I’m so far from being done, yet I’m going to be seeing my mom this weekend. 😦

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