WIP It Real Good

I crack myself up I tell you. I mean just look at that title! It’s been a long while since I last participated in Tami’s WIP Wednesdays and not because of a lack of crocheting. I figured my comeback required a witty title.

 Hey, did you know Mother’s Day is not this weekend but next weekend? Did you know I had major Mother’s Day gift-making plans? Did you notice the use of the past tense? After Ex finally paid a little bit more of the child support he owed, I scraped aside a piece of it and ordered some yarn for three Mother’s Day gifts and my best friend’s birthday gift. I don’t know if I’ll have the Mother’s Day gifts done by Mother’s Day but I’m going to try really hard. I’ve been working from the stash profusely, and plan on continuing in the tradition, but some projects just need their own yarn. So while I wait for the yarn to come in, I started the one Mother’s Day gift that is being worked from stash yarn, the Hi-Five Towel.

I love it. I want to make myself several of these especially after reading Donna Freedman’s post, “In praise of the rag bag.” In it she mentions how one paper towel roll has lasted her a couple of years (no typo). Well, I thought that was amazing and after my own paper towel ran out, I left it unrefilled, challenging myself to use more rags and towels. So, I’m working on this towel for a gift to an aunt and really wishing it was mine. Look at the pattern! Look at the colors! My kitchen is so beige and boring a brilliant splash of color like this would be awesome. Not to mention it has that awesome texture any good scrubbing fabric requires.

Do you know what else delights me about this project? First of all, it’s easy-peasy. You can crochet this in your sleep, I think. It’s the kind of pattern where you don’t need to count stitches because it is visually obvious where things go. It’s like building blocks– stack, stack, stack. I love patterns like this. Second of all, the hook matches the yarn. I love it when that happens, it’s serendipity!

As for things that aren’t of the yarn variety, you may have noticed the blog looks a bit different. I’ve been paying extra attention to it and jazzing it up where I can. Bear with me as I play some more and please feel free to give me some feedback. Also,  I can assure you I am very much working on devouring these amazing chocolate cupcakes with butterscotch frosting I was up until past midnight last night making. They are amazing. I mean, really, these are the best cupcakes I’ve ever made and possibly ever eaten. The recipe comes from the book, “At Home with Magnolia” and I searched everywhere to see if it was released online but did not find it which makes me sad because I want you to make them too and fulfill your wildest cupcake fantasies. I borrowed the book from the library but will definitely be adding this recipe to my binder of tried and true classics.


23 thoughts on “WIP It Real Good

  1. You made that cupcake? With the swirly frosting and everything? Wow. I can’t frost to save my life. And I definitely want to make a Hi-Five Towel after seeing yours.

    • I did! I didn’t think I could frost either but it’s just the biggest fattest tip I have and I go around and around and around some more! Oh do make one! And tell me when you do 🙂

  2. The blue’s….wow that’s an awesome variegated yarn. Would love to know what you’re using.

    I have a question, because I really don’t know. When you get $ for child support, I always assumed it had to go to the kids? Is it available to the Moms? I honesty don’t know anyone that gets the child support and so am curious. If it’s too noisy, just ignore the question.

    • Will you believe it’s good old Sugar n Cream? I believe the colorway is called Swimming Pool.

      Child Support is paid to the parent that is entitled to it (usually the parent the child spends the most time with). It is for the parent to manage the cost of children as outlined in their agreement. Since kids don’t make their own payments on things, it goes to the parents who do. Think of it as the same thing as an inheritance to a minor. Because they are under 18, the money is managed by their guardian. It’s the same thing.

      • OK and I just realized what triggered your question. Where I said I’d scraped aside a piece of the child support to purchase yarn. Is that it?

        I have to pay certain things every month that relate to the kids– rent, daycare, school activities, groceries, medical bills regardless of whether or not I’ve received child support. Child Support reimburses me for his portion of the cost of kids. Since all of my money for my things was tied up because of how behind he is in child support payments, the child support is reimbursing me and freeing up my money again. Does that make sense?

  3. BUTTERSCOTCH!!! Oh, I LOVE!!!! Butterscotch! Now I need to find that recipe. Oh, crap.

    You’re making crochet sound attractive again. Maybe once it gets hot I’ll pull out some cotton and give it a try. For now, I’m finding the cool spring forgiving for knitting lace with my mohair-blend yarn. This pattern has nupps in it. Fun!

    • I got the book at the local library 🙂 I love free books!

      I love crochet, I can’t lie. Funny enough I have a few shawls to make and I think I’m going to pick up knitting needles for a couple of them. So we’ll switch for a bit!

      • MSM – check out: http://netgalley.com/
        – they have books for free that you get if you review them. I haven’t done it myself but the process looks easy. I think they just signed up Storey Publishing, who came out with one called “The Knitter’s Life List”. I’m pretty rusty myself, although back in the day I used to be able to knit a buffalo sweater in a day. My fingers would be bleeding if I tried that now. 😉

    • Ok so funny enough, I was thinking that cupcakes are SO overdone and whatnot but these sounded so good I had to make them. And they are seriously amazing. I would love to make this as a full size cake.

  4. The blog looks great! Love the new design. I too am trying to finish a mother’s day gift, the ripple blanket I’m making. I don’t think I’ll have it done in time, but not too far off. ::crosses fingers::

    That cupcake looks SOOO good. I LOOOVVVEEE cupcakes.

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