Not much to say

 Isolated Showers !! 05/52

“Isolated Showers” by K-libre on Flickr

Just… quietly pensive I guess. I can’t seem to muster together complete thoughts so I’ve been Tumbling and crocheting and reading and otherwise just laying low. Not sure why, but it seems a little cloud of funk is following me around. I haven’t even been baking. That might change though, we’ll see how fast I finish this little bunny I’m crocheting. Kids came back yesterday from their paternal grandmother’s house. Tonight, they’re sleeping over at my mom’s. Trying to feel cute and optimistic and fun, but it’s not working very well at the moment. Like yesterday, I wanted to play with them as soon I saw them except they were in the pool and I feel asleep on the couch outside. Then they all got mad at me because they had to come home with me instead of spend the night with my mom. And then just as I was rounding them off into bed, I got slammed with a migraine. MutantWino’s girlfriend’s family is having a big Easter party at the park on Sunday and I’m trying to get excited but I can’t. I can’t even get excited about Easter at my own house. I can’t even get excited about the baseball game we’re going to on Saturday. I just can’t get excited. But yes, I’m here and I’m reading all of you, and I’m posting things on Tumblr because it’s the best mind-numbing device I’ve found in a while.


3 thoughts on “Not much to say

  1. Ooof. I’ve had those days, weeks, months. Sometimes I want to come straight home from work, crawl into bed with a large drink, and sleep straight through until morning – and do it all again the next day. The cloud o’ funk is pervasive but it does go away eventually and things will look better again. Hang in there.

  2. I didn’t post a single thing this week. It’s just been that kind of week for me as well. The stress got to me and then my body just broke down and got sick.

    Things do get better. It’s a cycle and things will be back up again soon.


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