The latest reason I love couponing

Went to Publix last night to take advantage of the last day of last week’s sale (here Publix sales run Thursday to Wednesday unlike everywhere else because that’s how we do it down here). I paid $46.17 for $85.84 worth of stuff. Here’s how it broke down across the three categories I made purchases in (pre-tax because otherwise I get befuddled):

Food (Almond milk, sour cream, feta cheese, chuck patties, pita bread)

Cost: $21.34 Coupons & Sales: $4.18 Savings of 20%

Personal Care– Kids (Diapers, Wipes, Diaper Cream, Body Wash)

Cost: $46.46 Coupons & Sales: $20.99 Savings of 45%

Personal Care– Mine (Toothpaste, toothbrushes, facial tissues)

Cost: $9.89 Coupons & Sales: $9.45 Savings of 96%

Overall on my bill (with tax), I saved 46%. My receipt further explains I took advantage of $17.99 in store coupons (21%), $11.15 in vendor coupons (13%), and $10.53 in special prices (12%). I want to emphasize, these savings are in Florida which does not double coupons. If they did, my savings would have been even higher. Regardless, this trip goes to strengthen my assertion that coupon savings’ strength lies outside of Food especially if you’re not into really junky food and is still very much worth the time and effort (which incidentally is not much). This is especially important for those who place high value on high-quality foods (which in all honesty is not me, I’d say I’m in the moderate camp) because it’s the perfect example of the savvy money mentality to save where you can to splurge where you want.

P.S. When you do your shopping, and your bags are loaded, and you’ve paid, take your cart to an out of the way place by the exit (don’t block any passages) and look through your receipt carefully. Two weeks ago at Publix, the eggs were on sale ($2) but rang up at regular price ($2.59). I probably wouldn’t have done anything except I’d bought three dozen eggs for the baking marathon I went on. I went back to have it adusted and the lady gave me back the full value of the three dozen eggs. Why? To my surprise, their policy is if they charge you wrong, they refund the full amount of the item. So what I thought would be a savings of $1.77 (the difference in price) turned into a savings of $7.77. This week, I ignored my own advice and have overpaid in two separate instances and didn’t catch it until days later when I was entering my data in my price book. I lost $4.09. Oh and I forgot to use a coupon because I was on the phone at checkout losing another $1.25. My total loss for negligence this week? $5.34. Lesson learned? It’s important to be vigilant with your money, even in the little things because they add up fast and no one is going to watch out for your money any better than you are. 


9 thoughts on “The latest reason I love couponing

  1. LOVE IT! Go, you! I’ve got next week’s shopping experience halfway mapped out. Venturing into digital coupons with our store value card that I heard wonders about. Can’t wait to see what it turns out to be! 🙂 side note — I wish I was still breastfeeding, everything was cheaper in baby care back then!

  2. I watch the cash register as things scan because stuff does ring up wrong for sure.

    Also, it’s so easy to space out and not pay attention to the cashier. PAY attention. Last weekend, a cashier double rang up my diapers. Ouch, that’s $20, so I asked her to delete the extra charge, and she did, but she didn’t. She rang it through but it didn’t come off. Third time, it finally came off.

    I also can’t count the number of times the cashiers space and total up your purchases without deducting your coupons. I bet at least once/month, I nicely say “you forgot to ring in the coupons”.

    Watch those cash registers like a hawk. I learned my lesson after someone double rung a bulk thing of toilet paper and I didn’t notice it til I got home. How do you prove it once you’re gone.

    Good post.

    • Funny enough she rang up my diapers twice too but she caught it and fixed it right away. Those scanner thingies are tricky and cashiers are just as human as the rest of us LOL

  3. WOW That’s awesome about the eggs! I used to live in Florida a long time ago and I loved Publix.. I miss FL, I might move there one day and leave everything behind here 😉


  4. Those lane blockers drive me crazy!!!

    I am surprised Florida does not double coupons. I wonder if with all the Extreme Couponing publicity if it will change any of the store policies as coupons possibly become more popular.

    Great job on the savings!

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