The Mutant SuperMaiden Edition


I got my social security card this weekend and went to the DMV today where they issued me a brand new license. All have been updated to reflect my maiden name. So, today’s post is the Mutant SuperMaiden Edition.

Yesterday, I opened a few extra ING savings accounts to help me reach the various short-term savings goals I have now. One is currently called Summer Camp but that’s going to end up being a seasonal sort of thing I suspect. Because once Summer Camp is paid for, I fully intend on converting it over to a Christmas fund. And even though I have designated one of ING accounts as an emergency fund account, I will likely keep my emergency fund split between ING and my local credit union which is easier to deposit into than ING and is also easy to withdraw from in case of an emergency. I also think it will be helpful to have a good relationship with my credit union.

Today, with my new license in hand I got a few other things out of the way. I went to HR and updated my name change with them. Then, I went to the credit union and changed my name with them as well as added a very small automatic deposit of $45 every month into the credit union account. Finally, I called ING and verified they’d made the name change to that account. I wanted them to send me a new card but they require they shut off the card I currently have in order to do that. I’m not sure that’s a good idea just yet. I also went ahead and updated my beneficiary information with my IRA and 403-b and have filled out the form for the name change for that as well (weird fact, apparently I have to mail it in and that’s the only option). So, yeah, I’m getting things done and that feels very nice indeed.

I should mention, I have done a lot of walking today. The DMV was about 3 blocks from here and the HR office was about five blocks from here and the credit union was about three blocks from there. I love having things within walking distance and one of the very favorite things about my job is that I can use public transportation and my feet. It makes it easy to forget I live in a car-obsessed city.

By the way, I can’t remember the last update I made here on my book challenge but I’ve slammed down 23 of 60 so far with the latest being Darkfever. And confession time, I’m totally all into this series especially because of how short they are. So now I have two series I’m obsessed with and I’m pretty sure 60 books are not going to be a problem at all. But at least my library is carrying the Fever Series which is sadly not the case with the Parasol Protectorate. I’m also about to finish Your Money: The Missing Manual. I’m going to add it to my Wishlist because I have to say, it is incredibly handy for reference and much easier to navigate than the Get Rich Slowly website. Seriously, searching that website reminds me of those Bing Search Overload commercials. If you’re totally a book nerd like me, I’ve been faithfully updating my GoodReads info and I just won another book from them. I like how easy it is to use and I love the book giveaways. They make feel like a legitimate book nerd when I receive one from the publisher.

Lucky you, this is a short post today! I’ve been too busy to put together anything very meaningful I guess!!


8 thoughts on “The Mutant SuperMaiden Edition

  1. Oh ack. I’m in-between the maiden/married name thing. I haven’t officially legally changed back, but I’ve been using my maiden name in every way otherwise. It’s usually not a big deal, but people who have met me recently are a bit confused when someone addresses me by my married name after having read it on my credit card or whatever.

    I suppose I ought to bite the bullet and just get it all done and changed over, but it’s such a PAIN. *whine* Yeah.

    • I’d been using it for all kinds of stufff but I just hated that it wasn’t official. I cringed every time I saw that damn name. I think for me it was even worse because it wasn’t just the association with Ex, it was the association with him and his family who treated me like complete garbage. I never fully felt accepted by them and then when we split he spun them some stupid half-truths and let them make assumption on top of assumption to the point they pretty much disowned me. I just didn’t want anything to do with it. And I know my kids still have that name and that’s fine– they’re a new generation. But I wanted nothing to do with the existing one. Eff that!

  2. Well, this is a significant day!

    I never changed my name when I got married. I was too lazy to go through the process and I like my “maiden” name; it’s fairly unique. My ex’s last name is Williams which is fairly common and boring. I did offer him an opportunity to change his last name but he didn’t take it.

    Hey, when you can squeeze in a few minutes you should update your Re: page. It still says you’re married, and I’m sure you didn’t mean to leave it that way!

    • It took me forever to change my name when I got married (should’ve been a sign, no?). I love my maiden name and it’s very unique as well. It’s long as hell (hypenated for a total of six syllables) compared to my married two syllable name. I like to think of my maiden name as a reflection of my complex nature.

      THANK YOU for that catch! It has been updated!

  3. That was a short post? 😛 I can’t believe you have read so many books so fast! I envy fast readers!! I’m very intrigued by your journey from married to “maiden” and see strength in your posts. You are empowering!


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