Holy Monday Haze

I’ve been sort of pondering whether or not I’d blog today not because I’m in a yucky mood but just because I’m so freaking out of it.

I had a fantastic weekend. So much so that when I came into work today I felt like I’d been away from the office for ages. The Divorce Dessert Party was a success. Seriously. There was so much junk food! And there was this ridiculous amount of alcohol that I am just not used to seeing. After I was done with the kitchen for the night, we had a lovely champagne cocktail toast to freedom. I had a couple little drinkies after that and had a big fat smile on my face. I don’t drink much at all so when I do it’s very nice. I don’t overdo it, but I just mellow out and forget anything yucky could even exist in this world.

I pretty much spent the next day sleeping. I was just overcome with exhaustion from the past couple of weeks and the sleep deprivation and all of that. I was just done. And of course, the alcohol helped keeping me sedated for many more hours than I’d usually sleep. Later that night, I got to cleaning and some friends came over. I played poker! It was two girls and two boys and the girls won! We didn’t even keep playing after that because we were tired and just happy we took out the boys. Silly boys!

Unfortunately because of the massive sleeping I did that day, I had a horrid time getting some real sleep last night and so despite the fact I was totally awake and refreshed this morning, I’ve completely crashed and turned into a drooling incoherent loon. It’s ok though because I just inhaled a bag of Peanut M&M’s.

Oh, for you people out there who like saving money, here’s my Friday night CVS adventure trip for you laid out as best as I can ok?

Right so Friday I got my quarterly ExtraCare Bucks (ECB) in the email, $8 worth. And they came with a coupon that takes $5 off a $25 purchase. Now, I’d been planning an awesome CVS trip with SouthernSavers but this arrival made it ridiculous. Ready?

I bought:

1 Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

2 Dove Deodorants

1 Dove Shampoo

2 bags of Halls

2 Colgate toothbrushes

I used my $5 off coupon, $3 in ECB from my last trip, my $8 quarterly ECB, and $6 in manufacturer’s coupons. One coupon actually stayed stuck in my organizer and I missed it. 😦 I paid $5.02 and collected a bunch more ExtraCare Bucks. Savings on this trip? $31.40 according to my receipt. So then, I went back to the store and bought:

1 Pledge Lemon Spray

1 Skintimate shaving cream

4 Clean & Clear Body Washes

2 Softsoap Body Washes

I used $12.28 in coupons (includes two Buy One Get One Free coupons on the Clean & Clear) and $11 in ECB. I paid 50 cents and I have leftover Extra Care Bucks. Savings on this trip? $43.76. So all of that stuff up there? Cost me $5.52 out of pocket for a grand total savings of $75.16 or 93%. I’m most excited about the Body Washes because it is actually not an easy item to get great prices on (women’s at least, the men’s is TOO easy) and I’m stocked for months.

It’s because of sales and rewards like this that I really adore CVS. They understand developing Customer Loyalty. The checkout process has only been painful for me twice and I’ve never returned to either CVS again. I just wish I could buy absolutely everything there. Publix is my other favorite but they’re just not as good with Rewards as CVS. If Publix develops a serious Loyalty program, it’d be heaven for me.

I finished The Help which was as good a book as everyone swore it was. I think I’ll switch gears and read Kiss & Tell next. I also need to just finish up that other panda  so I can give my kids their snugglies before they have fits.


16 thoughts on “Holy Monday Haze

  1. LOVE THOSE SAVINGS! I need to get on the CVS ball; everyone else is doing it and I haven’t begun yet. Maybe I can include this in my April challenge 🙂 Cheers to you to your freedom!

    • I think CVS is the easiest place to start and has the largest rewards at the fastest rate of return. The ONLY annoyance is multiple transactions. I personally never do more than two really.

  2. Congrats on your freedom. It may have been a long haul, but well worth it. I was there myself just a few short years ago.

    And now, in a surprise twist, I’m getting married again. Never ever thought that would happen!

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    • Yeah it’s usually not easy in Florida but there ARE opportunities. You just have to be a little savvier than others and know you may have to settle for the less than spectacular deals.

  4. I definitely need a tutorial on the extra bucks thing. I used to subscribe to their online coupons/deal, but honestly I never used them because a lot of times, they wanted me to buy something that I didn’t need…and don’t you need to spend money to get my extra bucks back in return? So I have to spend $100 to get $2 back? (Isn’t that their policy 2% back). I’m dense I know, but I still don’t get it.

    There are only a handful of products that I buy on a regular basis that CVS has:

    Diapers, Tissues, Paper Towels, Deoderant, Soap, Toilet Paper, Shampoo, Dish + Laundry Detergent, Conditioner.

    I rarely buy makeup and once in a while drugs. I don’t need most of the junk food. I always have coupons on these items (except maybe the hair products), but the best I’ve done with Dove is $4.99 +$1 off coupon.

    One thing that I realize tough is that when a big ticket item something is on sale like Tide, I’m better off getting it at CVS vs Walmart all things being equal because at least I’ll accumulate extra bucks. That I haven’t been doing and on that note, I’m off to CVS.

    • Okay, totally venting but I went to buy some tide (on sale) and they don’t stock the allergy/dye free kind at my store (the one in the white bottle). GRRR….so frustrating.

      You have given me a challenge though. Hey what do you do about diapers. I buy the walmart kind as they’re still usually cheaper than huggies+coupon.

      • Here’s a link to the tutorial I learned from:


        She even has a video if you need to hear it to learn it.

        I usually buy diapers at CVS because I use ECB’s towards them on top of sales and coupons and they also usually generate more ECB’s. So I come out of pocket less and earn more ECB’s. I use CVS mainly for all of the things you listed. I need to start buying makeup because I’m all out and the sales are good.

        That sucks about Tide! I have a million CVS stores around me so if one doesn’t have it, I can try another. I’m very lucky that way!

  5. What do you need to do to earn the bucks? Also, can you use it on prescriptions?

    I found out that some states won’t let you use your discount card at walgreens/cvs at all (namely, Massachusetts.)

    • The discount cards states like Mass. don’t allow are not the store loyalty cards. They are pharmaceutical discount cards that are illegal. These cards are essentially co-pay coupons. When you go pick up a prescription, you have different co-pays depending on how expensive the medicine you are buying is. The higher the cost of the medication, the higher the co-pay. It’s the insurance company’s way of saying “Hey this med is REALLY expensive. You SURE you want it? There are cheaper options.” Well it’s a very effective system. And Pharma doesn’t like it because we buy more generics and low-cost options instead of their ridiculously over-priced newer options. So they figured out if they gave us coupons on our co-pays, we’d totally buy the more expensive medicine because we wouldn’t know better and all we care about is our immediate bottom line (the co-pay). Sometimes the coupons are so drastic, they can drop the co-pay to less than the generic. The insurance company doesn’t get a coupon– they still have to foot the huge bill. This has totally thrown things off big time in health care which is why states like Mass which has everyone on insurance make them illegal. You can’t use ECB to pay for prescriptions for similar reasons. The way you earn them is buy shopping. You buy a particular item and you get them. Every quarter they take a percentage of how much you spend and give you that back in ECB’s too. I strongly recommend the site: http://www.southernsavers.com/getting-started-guides/how-to-cvs/ to get a good understanding of how best to earn and spend ECB’s.


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