Knitting & Crochet Blog Week ’11: Where are they now?

Since I learned to knit in 2006, I’ve made a few things here and there. Some rarely get used. Many were gifts. And then there’s the others like the pink fuzzy scarf I made Daughter which the kids have recently taken to using as a leash when they play “puppy”. But that one’s not super exciting to talk about or photograph because it was made with some cheap acrylic stuff and looks exactly like it did five years ago. But there’s one thing I knit that I actually forgot about not because it’s not used very often but because it’s become so ingrained in daily life, that I take it for granted I made it.

Meet Franklin.

Franklin on his birthday- January 25, 2007

Franklin is the first thing I made for Eldest. He’s four years old and has been a resident of Eldest’s bed, more or less, since the day Eldest got his hands on him. Franklin’s held every role with Eldest from being his absolute favorite most comforting object to being completely neglected and hiding out under the bed. Franklin’s been puked and peed on (not at the same time though). He’s been sat on, slept on, stepped on. He’s been washed countless times– at first worrying me greatly and now without even a second thought about it. Franklin has even been a multi-purpose toy and converted into a whip. I’m sure he would’ve been manipulated into some sort of leash too except for the fact he doesn’t tie up too tightly. I’m actually very proud of Franklin. He’s endured. He’s been beat up and he’s faded, but he’s still loved.

Franklin Love


2 thoughts on “Knitting & Crochet Blog Week ’11: Where are they now?

  1. Franklin rocks. I have no knitting/crocheting/sewing talent so I’m always in awe of people who can actually make real, usable objects.


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