A Tale of Two Yarns- Post 1 of Knit & Crochet Blog Week

Well, first post of the Knit & Crochet Blog week and I’m off to a miserable start because truthfully I had such an AMAZING weekend that I forgot the thing started today which means I’m going to do this post with no new photos of my own and that makes me very sad.

Let me get the unpleasant stuff out of the way a quick moment if you will. As for a yarn I can’t stand it’s anything eyelash. I just can’t with that yarn and all of its fluffy bits that get stuck everywhere and holy heck good luck unraveling some huge mistake you made because it just rips into itself and creates a vortex of hell on hooks (or needles). For those of you non-yarn people, here is a fantastic shot of eyelash yarn that makes it look alluring but don’t believe the hype.

Photo by CMTigger on Flickr

Now, as for more pleasant ruminations on yarn, I’d like to switch gears and think about the many lovely yarn experiences I’ve had. The thing is, I’m quite sure many of the posts today are going to feature some fantasy yarns– luxurious, drapy, soft, sheeny, and expensive. And although oh my heavens I absolutely loved working with Manos, I am going to talk about some cheap stuff.

I love Vanna’s Choice yarn. I hate admitting I love it but really I just do. I’m pretty much making the switch to only using Vanna’s Choice except it’s not as cheap as say Super Saver. Vanna’s has my heart for two major reasons– color and smoosh factor. The line has lots of really great colors and I mean not only in that it has a wide selection but the colors are actually fashionable. And the smoosh factor? I fell in love with this yarn when I made a blanket for my grandmother. I could not stop hugging it as I crocheted it. I just couldn’t get over the softness of it, the drape of it, the smooshyness of it. I’m just aching for the day it goes on sale for an unbeatable price so I can stock up.

Abuela's Throw in Vanna's Choice Yarn

By the way, the organizer of the Knitting & Crochet Blog Week has devised a clever tagging system so if you are curious about the tales of two yarns from around the world, check out this Google search. For you non-yarn people, I’ll likely be back later with a non-yarn post.


6 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Yarns- Post 1 of Knit & Crochet Blog Week

  1. Thankyou for calling the tagging system clever :o) I am quite proud of it :oD I love the eyelash yarn picture, even if it is not your own it bought a smile to my face. I have never knit with an eyelash yarn before but I can imagine the frustrations without needing to test my theory.

  2. My, let’s say, “disguntling yarn” was also eyelash yarn. Can’t stand the stuff! I think I actually used it successfully once in the mid-90’s!


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