12/52: Treats of Rice Krispies

The end of the week usually brings a finished project for me to brag about but I’ve been lazy with the hook and yarn and so there isn’t one to show you. Really the one thing I did finish this week was reading Soulless. I wrote a quick little review on Goodreads I’ll just plop onto here for you book nerds.

I absolutely loved this. I can think of so many awesome women who would absolutely love this book. If you’re the type that actually read Twilight but found yourself wanting to absolutely THROTTLE Bella, this is the antidote. The writing style is CRISP and brisk and biting and sarcastic and just really fun. It’s a smart little book with sass. Lots of fun adventure and craziness. Excellent heroine, wish there were more of her stripe in younger fiction.

It’s another day where I’m feeling mentally rambly. I’m feeling a bit out of focus today wondering if I’m missing something. You know, I do love things and it’s quite difficult to try and figure out some sort of balance with spending while you’re hacking away at debt because really it just doesn’t feel appropriate to spend on any want while debt exists. It just bothers me on some weird level, but I also would like some things. In particular, my brain is set on outdoors. I want planters and I want a hammock. I want more rose bushes and fruit trees. I want wind chimes and hummingbird and butterfly plants. I want a dining table and chairs with an umbrella. Oh, wants. You bastards.

And that’s not even the half of it. I have to say Soulless got me thinking about pretty things like jewelry. I miss having jewelry.

Oh and going through all those photos reminds me how much artwork and blown up photos I have without frames.

I don’t like a lot of things but I guess I want more of the things I do like if that makes any sense. Just one more year of throwing everything at debt. Then another year of throwing almost everything at the emergency savings fund. My rational brain tells me that’s not that far away at all, but the rest of me is whining.

Ok so I made Rice Krispies Treats last night with the littlest ones. It went very well and we got crazy and mixed in Cocoa Krispies too for some black and white action. They came out SO yummy. I honestly don’t know how people can eat those pre-packaged ones. The real deal is so much yummier. They were also very easy to make and gave my arm a serious stirring workout. I’m definitely going to be serving up a batch at my Freedom is Sweet Dessert Party next weekend. Any other suggestions on what to make? I so wish I had heart-shaped molds because it’d be fun to make break-apart heart rice krispies. I’m also making brownies of course (with or without icing?). And chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I should make those pillow cookies again but this time from scratch. I’d love to make some molten lava cakes. Oh and French Toast Sticks. What’s your favorite dessert? No white chocolate suggestions please.


10 thoughts on “12/52: Treats of Rice Krispies

  1. Nom nom nom. Rice krispies look great! Your dessert party sounds great!

    Luckily Soulless has sequels!

    When I want stuff from Soulless, I look at steampunk jewelry and try to decide which I would want. Then I totally get overwhelmed with the paradox of choice and can’t decide.

  2. “Souless” looks like the answer to my prayers. I love, love, love Twilight, but Bella drives me bananas. Thanks for the great recommendation!

    PS Thanks for finding me again over at The Little Hen House! I had no idea I was going to lose all my subscribers. It was such a shock!

    • Oh yes she’s the antidote. I think you’ll like it lots. And no problem, I was so confused for like twenty minutes and kicking my wordpress subscriptions and then saw your I’ve Moved post and felt dumb but it’s ok now!

  3. I’ll have to try that book, too! So many good things to read and not enough time these days. *sigh*

    I need to do some baking, too. Rummaging in the freezer over the past few days I realized I have a lot of frozen ripe bananas that would be good in muffins and also lots of frozen rhubarb from last year. It’s almost rhubarb season again, so time to use up the old so I can put away the new crop. Rhubarb crisp, rhubarb cake, rhubarb muffins(?)…lots of yummy fruit desserts could be made from the stuff in my freezer.

    • Oh I’ve never had rhubarb anything!! I made some blackberry vanilla ice cream yesterday with some frozen berries I found. And I forced myself to not make a coffee cake but I might not hold out on that one too much longer.


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