I was going to say something but it was rubbish

I wrote a good long meaty post and about at the end decided I didn’t like it, not really, and deleted the thing. Now I’ve got nothing substantial to say and a migraine. Man I wish I had some tea and a treacle tart.

I finished Soulless last night. I friggin’ loved it, it was so much fun. It was the antithesis of Twilight. This means of course it’s time to start Hornet’s Nest but I purposely left it at home today and I think I may even resist starting it until tomorrow night.

I talked with a friend about my 60 book challenge and she mentioned she’s working through the 1,001 books you must read before you die list (not in one year mind you) and is currently reading The Time Machine. I’ve gone ahead and bookmarked the list to peruse when I’m running low on suggestions and inspiration. The thing that drives me nuts about these lists is I’m quite sure I’ve read some of them but I’m not absolutely sure and I don’t even really remember what they were about or anything like that and I feel like I must be such a bad reader person/book nerd to have such awful memory of what I’ve read and loved. When someone asks me what my all-time favorite book is, I usually reply “The Little Prince” and then wonder if really that is my absolute favorite and if it is, is that a good thing? I’m not sure.

I do admit I get quite excited when I read a particularly intriguing title on these lists and realize, “Why I’ve never even heard of that one and it’s got a killer title!” So maybe I really am quite a nerdy book lover after all and all is well in the world.

Tired. Sleepy. Lethargic.

You people who lay your head on desks and sleep? I envy you.

I’m not going to talk about my spending other than to say I totally screwed my budget this month and I’m as irritated about it as I am unwilling to do anything about it and that’s a bad combination indeed.

I’m starting to get excited about Daughter’s proposed water birthday party. She remembers the party I did for her brother two years ago that involved the use of a shark slip n slide, water balloons, and water guns. Mermaids would work quite well. They make a princess themed slip n slide, a rainbow sprinkler thingy, pirate ship pools, and other fun stuff. My house has two hoses and my grandmother lives next door and I’m sure she’ll lend us hers. The only problem of course would be the biggest problem in South Florida summer parties– rain. It almost killed my son’s party but we got right through it and had a great time.

I need to buy anchors for the swing set.

My head still hurts.

CNN posted this list of 15 places kids should see by age 15. We’ve done Disney and will likely do it again because it’s so the most magical place on Earth. One down, fourteen to go and a little over twelve years until Baby’s fifteenth birthday. I’m definitely in agreement with the Grand Canyon, Redwood National Park, Monticello, Niagara Falls, the National Mall, Williamsburg (I went there when I was a kid and totally remember that, ditto the National Mall), Alcatraz, Ellis Island, Yellowstone, and the San Diego Zoo. That seems like a doable list.

Has this post been a total waste of your time? I hate those.

I like Get Rich Slowly but some times I see comments that make me bristle. Like this one:

“Also, I’m glad I’m not one of these hypothetical people who works the exact same job for 30 years and never gets even the slightest promotion above a standard cost-of-living raise. Who are these people that are satisfied to make no career progress at all in their lives?”

Am I bristling for no reason? I know lots of people like that. Not everyone feels the freedom to take risks or put themselves first. Not everyone can put in the time and energy and training it takes to move up. Lots of people get the confidence beat out of them figuratively and literally. And yeah, that was obviously a guy that wrote that. I’m sure if he had the need for a bra he’d probably know more of those people. I’m also willing to bet it’s a guy with no children OR if there are children the wife is a stay at home (which ironically would probably place her in the category of those people huh?). I actually wrote a snarky response but the computer ate it and it’s just as well. People like that? They just don’t get it.

Like I don’t get the fact I still have this god forsaken headache and I’m going to whimper if it doesn’t STOP.


11 thoughts on “I was going to say something but it was rubbish

  1. *patpatpat*

    I went ballistic today on Money Reasons. He doesn’t see anything wrong with the statement: “…it really doesn’t matter whether a child is raised by a SAHM or a Daycare facility.”

    (Funny, I thought children were raised by parents. Am I wrong?)

    I hope your head feels better soon! I had that yesterday.

  2. Random stream of consciousness response:

    1 – Love the list of books. Have bookmarked it and will start downloading freebies to my kindle.

    2 – Not so sure about the 15 places list. I grew up overseas and didn’t see any of those places until I was an adult. Some of them were truly moving and awe inspiring in a way that I don’t think I would have appreciated as a child.

    3 – Some people pursue their passions outside of their jobs. Their jobs are just ways to pay the bills while they do what they love elsewhere. Mocking or belittling that says a lot more about the person doing the belittling than the person who is happy in his or her chosen life.

    4 – I’m rereading Sense and Sensibility now and I think I might be on the verge of a Jane Austen binge.

    Hope the headache gets better. But whimpering is always good. It makes me feel better anyway … I don’t care what anyone says.

    • 1- That’s a great idea. Ah Kindle, you tempt me so!
      2- I have a feeling they impress in different ways and it’d be really interesting to visit them in both situations. I know my Eldest would FREAK out over soem of the Nature places like the Redwoods, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Niagara, etc. He’s a nature freak. I think my Daughter would love Williamsburg and Monticello because of the costumes. I think the National Mall is chock full of really cool stuff. I think Ellis Island is a hit or miss. I’m willing to bet there are somethings you just wouldn’t care about as a kid but you’d find totally awesome and the reverse is true as an adult. Disney is the example I can think of. I love going to Disney. I really do. I don’t find it to be stressful or chaotic in a bad way at all. I really love going there even without kids. And it totally rocked as a kid.

      3- That’s another good point. Careers aren’t everything to everyone. I mean this country itself has an immense history of people doing the same “job” their entire lives. They’re called trades.

      4- Jane Austen is one of those authors that I honestly can’t remember which books of hers I’ve read or whether or not I even liked them. But, I feel like I have to read them because it’s Jane Austen and I have boobs.

  3. Sometimes people just don’t think before they open their mouths! lol!

    I hope your headache goes away soon… Make sure you’re drinking enough water, dehydration can cause headaches.

    Feel better! Hugs!

  4. I had to respond to the part about not knowing if you’ve read a book already or not. I am exactly like that! I read a lot, and have for most of my life. But I often sort of devour books, and the title/author doesn’t necessarily stick in my head at all. The worst is when I start reading a book and about halfway into it I recall that I’ve already read it and know how it will end!

    But even for all that, I’m still a book nerd. Just ask anyone who knows me. 🙂


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