WIP Wednesday: Doll Parts

Here’s what I’m working on right now crochet-wise. If you like this sort of thing, Tami’s got more.

Ok I have to admit, every time I take out the head I think of Fraggle Rock.

I’m taking my time with these toys, not because they’re fidgety or fussy but just because I’m sort of enjoying being leisurely about the whole thing and sort of meticulous too. I don’t know if you can tell, but I ran out of the skin tone yarn I used for the head and neck and the arms are in a different tone. I don’t think it’s a huge deal and I doubt my daughter will care much. I actually plan on doing something fun with the legs so we’ll see how that all plays out soon. I also realized the other day I still have pieces to do on the other panda but all in due time. Like I said, no rush and it’s fun to just sort of pick them up and do a little bit and yet it looks like a lot. That’s one of the huge perks to amigurumi– just a few short rows and you’ve got a huge portion of your project done!

The other thing is I’m reading like mad. I finished The Red Pyramid and started on Soulless. Soulless and Hornet’s Nest were tied at my last comment count so I decided to go with who got the votes first and it was Soulless. Besides it lets me postpone Hornet’s Nest just a little bit longer. I’m having loads of fun with Soulless. Just eighty pages in and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to recommend this to lots of friends. My biggest problem with it is I find myself constantly craving tea and biscuits and I don’t even partake of that usually! I’m also fiending for a bustle and parasol.

Oh, another thing I’ve been working on is the house of course. I’ve mentioned it so many times before but over the weekend I did the linen closet and I now I have two big bags the Veterans are coming to pick up tomorrow. I sort of want to declare my Home Office done as well but… it’s not entirely there yet. It also keeps getting messy too easy so I have to troubleshoot that and get it smoother. Almost though, I can feel it! The Playroom/Laundry Room is also ALMOST there though I’m still scratching my head over a few things.

I got good news today and I guess it’s worth mentioning because my finances are definitely a Work in Progress. It looks like I’m getting a tax refund after all and it’s a very good amount that I was not counting on at all. I don’t know when it’ll come in or anything like that just yet but I did get the paperwork and I’m really extremely overwhelmed with shock and relief. I’m definitely fighting tooth and nail the extreme desire to round up my kids and scream “We’re going to Disney World!” but that money has more important uses right now and besides I want a trip to Disney funded the right way. I paid a CPA to do it and in my case it’s well worth it. BTW, I’ve sent almost $3,000 in payments towards my debt so far this year. I have a little sidebar tracking my goal of $11,000 in debt payments this year. I might raise it in a couple of months when everything smooths out and I have a better idea of what to expect money-wise.

No break for me today, Ex isn’t taking the kids as scheduled. He’s claiming work is way too demanding and keeping him too late. Eldest actually looked a bit disappointed when I let them know which, honestly, surprised me half a second. Children are such interesting creatures.

Ok yes, I actually had a mini cry when I saw I was getting a refund. There, I admitted it.


12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Doll Parts

  1. YAY for tax rebates! I’m so happy to hear you’re getting one. That totally deserves a few happy tears. I can’t even tell the arms are a different color! It’s looking great so far.

    I loved the Fraggles growing up.

    How did you like The Red Pyramid? I have it sitting on my shelf but have yet to dive into it.

    • Oh good because to me looks like she has a nice tan LOL Fraggles and Muppets are the awesome.
      I really liked Red Pyramid!! I’ve always loved mythology and Egyptian was really fascinating becuse it doesn’t get a lot of press. The format is a little cheesy and forced (he’s transcribing a tape recording) BUT it doesn’t interfere in the story part. My son loved it too.

  2. Yay Soulless! It won’t be long until you’re onto the next book. Yay refund! Yay tracking debt elimination! Yay decluttering! Yay you! Boo Ex! Poor kids. I hope they realize it is him (or at least believe it when he says it is his work) and definitely not them.

  3. We must be living in parallel universes because 1)I’m currently reading Soulless and yes, craving tea and biscuits. Love the settings and characters so far. 2)Am astonished and grateful to be receiving a refund, also. Very smart of you to plan on spending it wisely. 3)am making (in my case, ambitious) plans to reorganize my upstairs living space. I’ve decided that I can’t live with the clutter any longer. Any tips on keeping the little messes of daily living under control?

    • Wow that IS parallel universe caliber material my dear! The best tip I have on the daily living is to control it on a daily basis 🙂 It’s really best if you clean as you go. I’ve found that is the easiest and most efficient way to keep things nice. But it’s not perfect and I slip up. My kitchen, for instance, is not very glorious at the moment but it won’t take more than five minutes to restore it. Same goes with the dining table. I really try and clean it every day. All of those little “hot spots” that seem like a flame to the clutter moths you should try and attack on a daily basis if not more often.

  4. I’ll have a mini-cry at not getting a refund so we can be just a tiny bit more like each other. 🙂 I knew you’d love Soulless! Yay!

    PS. I have a confession, I’ve been watching The Real Housewives of Miami. I think you should try and get into the footage next season somehow.

    PSS. Um, are you hanging out with Leigh Bee? *so jealous*

    • I finished Soulless last night. It’s excellent. You chose well Mormon 😉
      I know one of them!!! Our kids were in school together! It’s SO weird and I refuse to watch it LOL
      And yes Leigh is coming down and I am going to force her to see me


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