11/52: Gelato

I apologize in advance. I am beyond exhausted. Last night, Ex brought me the kids instead of taking them to work this morning because he didn’t want to be stressed on his first day at the new job. When he brings them he informs me Baby is teething. His back molars are coming in, he had a small temperature Saturday, he’s complaining his teeth hurt, and you can feel it right below the gum. Baby and I did not sleep last night. I decided to come in late to work a bit so we could get a couple hours of restful sleep but it really is not enough. I’m dead.

I made these cookies last night and used way too much butter apparently. The recipe calls for 2/3 cups butter which I don’t know how to measure out in Tablespoons and I have no internet at home to tell me it’s 11 Tablespoons. I used 13. They’re freaking delicious but yes I do see that I overdid the butter. Oh well. Now I know. I also know that if you let a two year old decide how many chocolate chips to put into a chocolate chip cookie batter, it’s a win-win situation. He loves pouring chocolate chips and you love eating chocolate by the pound.

That’s all I can muster up in my brain right now. So I’ll throw photos at you. These were from not this Saturday, but the Saturday before. We went bike riding with my parents and then went to a Gelato place down the street that I really, really, really like– my Dad’s treat.

P.S. It looks like I’m destined to blow the budget this month. All three kids needed new shoes and I’ve been driving around trying to take care of errands. I have $1.35 left and less than a quarter tank of gas. *sigh* I’m also out of certain things that are going to have to be replenished sooner or later. I have been stocking up on some stuff as there have been some good deals worth taking advantage of but still. I’m frustrated and a bit disappointed in myself. I won’t lie, I’ve indulged more this month in dining out than I wanted to. I am finding the months I go out to eat or buy lunch tend to be months I blow my budgets. Eating food I didn’t make myself is my major budget buster and one I have a hard time resisting when I get started with. God I just wish this income order was in effect already. And that he had never fallen so behind to begin with.


4 thoughts on “11/52: Gelato

  1. You forgot your picture LOL

    1.35 and a quarter tank of gas!? I don’t know how you do it girl, I would be freaking out but somehow you make it work. It’s normal to want to go out and eat, we all want to see people and experience something different, you need to have a balance, bring lunch some days and give yourself some days where you can eat out. You could always do a $5 footlong 🙂 to save a bit..


    • LOL I do fraek out and this month I’m not able to keep my budget which sucks but what’s done is done. Hopefully as things ease up a bit I’ll be able to budget a bit more of things I like in there but right now things are just too hectic to risk it.

      And i didn’t forget my picture I didn’t take it. 😉

  2. Hi Mutant SuperModel. I’m Mrs. Word. Actually, my real name is Terri. I was intrigued by your post last Friday. You have an incredible writing talent, not to mention crocheting talent! I love your panda bear. Just wanted to say I appreciate your transparency and how it’s working for you in your writing. I was a single mom for 19 years. You name it, I think I went through it. Married, 9 years, he left me for my best friend. Years of fighting for child support, sanity and just trying to stay afloat financially, made lots of mistakes, but somehow landed on my feet. Single moms have my heart.
    I will definitely revisit your blog. I just started a Word Press blog, am very new at this. Your site is awesome! Later –Terri

    • Hi Terri,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and welcome to WordPress! I’m always blown away by how many of us there are out there, how different and similar our stories are, and how many of us pull through spectacularly. I’ll come visit you soon and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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