These are a few of my favorite links

I’ve always found it fun when blogs I read collect some of their favorite posts from a week and share them with fellow readers. It’s a nice way to open and build a community and it also shows you a side of the blogger too, I think. So, this week I tried making a conscious effort to bookmark my favorite posts and even though I can say I totally forgot on some days, I did remember and managed to gather eight of my favorite links this week.

Donna Freedman is having way too much fun across the pond. I would love to go to England one day and her stories really stir that urge into a frenzy. Oh not to mention, being a regular train-rider myself, I almost peed myself with the backpack visual.

A yarn bomb is a knit or crocheted piece of work hung in a public space. It’s grafitti of the yarn variety and for the most part is quite pretty and harmless, like this gorgeous tree that was a community effort.

Olivia at Secretly Loves Pink has completely inspired me with this TV console table she made all by herself. Seriously, I’m majorly impressed. I’ve been saying I wish I wasn’t so intimidated by carpentry for a while now. This is the kind of thing I need to see more of.

Lucy at Attic24 is an avid crocheter with a penchant for bright colors that never seems to go wrong. This photo gallery of her crocheted blankets is not only mouth-watering but also of the completely inspirational variety.

I love brownies and I must really try and make these brownies because they are amazing brownies.

For craft bloggers, take note of Futuregirl’s recent post on crochet decreases. No, this isn’t because I’m trying to show you a cool crochet technique, it’s because I’m trying to show you an excellent blogging technique. In her previous post, she showed photos of the top she’s working on lamenting the decreases as they’d been written in the pattern and then showing her version. Many of us, myself included, had NO idea what she was talking about. We couldn’t tell the difference. So she did another post and went through the painstaking process of outlining, marking, and explaining it. This is helpful. This is interacting with your readers and providing a service. This is good great blogging.

This spotlight of an artist’s photos of frying pans that resemble planets (really!) is just wonderful. Sean Kernick offers beautiful collections like this on his blog regularly.

While not a blog post, this article from CNET about how Hollywood is freaked about Netflix– and plans to destroy it, is pretty scary. This is how big bullies work. The worst part is the studios exec make it clear it’s all about the greed baby. Netflix is giving us too affordable an alternative to buying up a studio’s movies. They don’t like that. They like big fat wallets. They don’t like Netflix. Or you and me. So they’re going to destroy it so we only have one viable option– them. And let’s be real, these guys don’t give a damn about you and me and what we want. They’ve bullied around the music industry and now it’s the movie industry’s turn.


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