10/52: A storm hits

Yesterday, a furious storm swept through here. It came on so fast, it felt from one minute to the next, it suddenly darkened in my office. I took the following pictures just a few minutes apart mostly, and then a bit of a longer lapse to show the difference.

It was 12:13 when I noticed it was suddenly dark out and got the idea to document the storm’s progress.

12:16 PM. Just three minutes later and to say conditions deteriorated rapidly would be an understatement.

12:20 PM amd it’s absolutely disgusting outside.

12:30 PM. A close-up of the raindrops that make the previous look picture look spectacularly smudgy. Then, I got back to work and let it keep dumping yuck everywhere.

1:19 PM and it’s not so dark in my office anymore.


4 thoughts on “10/52: A storm hits

  1. Wow! That’s pretty dramatic weather isn’t it? After the Japan news I’m tending to be wary of what the future holds. I read an article saying that this year the moon is closer to the Earth than ever and this will create big dramatic weather changes, seems to be happening already!


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