FO Friday: Flower Headband

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got a small FO Friday for you today and then I’ll be working on some posts I think I’m going to go ahead and schedule to go up this weekend so that I don’t bomb you with stuff on one day. MutantEldest is very happy today, and I’m very proud, because yesterday he passed his karate test and got his yellow belt. He was super nervous about this for a week now. Ex says he’ll have some money for me today and again on the 15th. Once again, it’s not a full month’s amount and he’s still behind big time. And of course, even though he emailed me a specific amount, there’s nothing to say that’s what I’ll actually be receiving so, I won’t be making any plans for that money until it’s in my hands. Anyone have some plans for the weekend? Kids and I will be spending time with friends and family relaxing and playing.

Here’s my little finished object for today—a really simple little headband for a friend’s birthday last week. I was pretty intrigued by this pattern as it calls for two strands held together and I’m finding I really love that. I went with gray and pink for a classically sweet color combo.


16 thoughts on “FO Friday: Flower Headband

  1. Girlfriend, our postings of our “ex” issues seem to be one in the same! I hope he pulls through with the amount he stated. I know how stressful that can be. xo

  2. I ❤ grey and pink, too, and this came out beautifully. I keep bookmarking the patterns you use, you have such a good eye! I really like the way the flower on this headband is designed, I think I'll be making one tonight, possibl for use in some yarnbombing.

    • Isn’t it? it’s got a sweet pinup thing going on. If it’s any motivation to you, I taught myself to knit and crochet. I taught myself to knit when I was 25 and I taught myself to crochet at 30. 🙂


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