WIP Wednesday: What’s black and white and cute all over?

Just a quick WIP for you before I get my day going. It looks like I’ll be busy later in the afternoon so whether another post will be forthcoming remains to be seen. Here’s my newest WIP for you to take a glance at. And while you glance at it and ooh and aah I’m going to tell you a bit about the pattern and its designer. This is a Milky Robot pattern. Milky Robot is the brain child of the very talented Jess Rollar who does a great job not just crocheting super cute wee things, but designs some really unique patterns, dyes some yarn in the most lovely ways, and even makes time to maintain a really interesting and inspiring artsy blog. And, it’s actually because of this really luscious blog that I came to own the pattern for not just this little guy you see forming up above, but also a really cute little girl that I will also be making. I figured my kids are long overdue some crocheted toys from their ultra fabulous mom so the boys will be getting the bears and the daughter will be getting the girl. So, a big thank you to Jess for her generous giveaway, a big thank you to Tami for faithfully hosting WIP Wednesdays, and a big thank you to YOU for stopping on by.


24 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: What’s black and white and cute all over?

    • It’s quite fun. The only suggestion I would make is for your first one, pick something with as few extremeties as possible LOL My first one had a body and a head and legs and arms and giant ears and I was in a major rush. I was very surprised with the work it took me to assemble it all because I’m not really familiar with sewing yet.

  1. Cute! One day I’ll learn how to crochet so I can make things like this… except my dog would probably eat them thinking they’re toys for him 😦

    • Bad amigurumi-eating puppy! You know, things like these little creatures is what really attracted me to crochet and I thought that was all I’d be interested in crocheting– until I started doing it. Now, I crochet anything and everything. But there is something really rewarding about these little creatures. I think it’s piecing them together and giving them faces that makes it fun

  2. Thank you SO much for the post about my designs and patterns! It made me a tad teary eyed reading this, I’m so incredibly happy to hear this! ❤ ❤

    • I hope so. I’ve been toying with some ideas to personalize them to each kid so I’m really excited. I’m going to have to see how the eyes work. She makes hers with fingering weight yarn so they’re really small and the sequins work well. My kids tend to not like small toys too much and lose them very easily so I’m making mine with worsted yarn. I don’t know if the sequins will work as well but I’m all for experimenting!


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