My most unusual weekend

لاتتوقع ان تعيش كما حكت لك امك صغيرا حكاوي ماقبل النوم  فالاجدر ان ترى مسلسل الحكايات فقط باحلام النوم لتصحى كبيرا بواقع اكبر ..
Photo by Reham on Flickr

Here’s Monday, again! I have to say, this was a very odd weekend for me, full of things out of the usual for me. Like what?

  • I went to a (night)club (disco for the much older folks) for a friend’s birthday. I lasted an hour. Mostly, I sat at the VIP table and watched the music videos. The one time I got up and danced with my friend some very large, drunk man put his arm around my waist. I said, “Hi. No.” I didn’t dance again after that.
  • I sat on a sofa and watched TV for hours and hours on end, and I wasn’t even hung over (because I didn’t have even one single drink the night before). Specifically, I watched hours and hours of a show on TLC (there we go with my favorite channel again) called 48 Hours Hard Evidence. I couldn’t stop watching except for the time when…
  • I made brownies and icing from scratch. I know Maytina (where are you, woman?)would be so proud, but I was so into the show I didn’t take photos—not one. I kept running from the kitchen to the living room and asking my friend important questions like “What’d he say?” “What happened?” “Who did that?” “Why’s he in jail? He totally did it. Look how they’re trying to hide that he’s in jail! Isn’t that a jail?” After my question(s) were more or less answered, I’d dash back to the kitchen. Surprisingly then, the brownies were very yummy and used up most of the few baking ingredients I had on hand. The icing was fun to make too and so super sweet even though it was made with dark chocolate cocoa powder. I don’t know what got into me to do this crazy thing except that I really wanted brownies and didn’t have even one box of brownie mix left.
  • Later that night, I played Rock Band 3 with friends until a ridiculous hour (not ridiculous for a single mom of three like Friday night, but a truly ridiculous hour like 5 in the morning ridiculous). I was so proud of myself. I think it’s because I slept so much that day and then didn’t expend any energy except for the brownie-making thing.
  • Sunday, I stayed in bed until almost two in the afternoon. Oh my God yes, this was the most amazing thing ever. Bliss. I read some of Outlander, dozed off, read some more, dozed off, etc. And get this, later that day, do you know what I did?
  • I watched hours of more TLC! This time, I sat on the sofa and experimented with an idea of a crocheted bracelet I have while watching a Cake Boss marathon. After the Cake Boss marathon ended at 11 at night, and only then, I finally decided it would be ok to go and clean my house. So I did. I went to bed after two in the morning and slept horribly and I don’t even care one tiny little bit. My kitchen is clean, my desk area is gorgeous, my floors are mopped, the kids’ bathroom is glistening, sheets are changed on one bed, and I had three bags for the VVA to pick up this morning.

So, that was the weekend and now it’s back to business I suppose. Oh I wish I could stay in bed until two every day. I just find I am infinitely more productive as the ends than when it’s just getting started. But, I have kids so that’s impossible. Maybe when they’re teenagers, we’ll all sleep in until two together. Oh, divine. And don’t you dare and try to ruin my fantasy by telling me I’ll have long outgrown this silly stay-in-bed-until-two-in-the-afternoon thing by then. There are many things I refuse to outgrow and staying in bed until two in the afternoon is very high up on that list. The only acceptable alternative would be a return to my high school ways of going to bed at one or two in the morning, waking up at six, going to school, coming home, napping until about 7 at night, and then get in a few hours of high-octane productivity before resigning to bed again.

By the way, I’ve decided to go ahead and join in on the wonderful habit of collecting links to one’s favorite posts from any given week and then releasing them onto the blogosphere in one fantastic explosion of amazing links. But, I haven’t made the habit of remembering these things so your first experience of this, and therefore the inner workings of my mutated mind, will have to be this weekend. Don’t be sad! Instead, sharpen your blogging fingertips and put some good stuff out there because I’ll be judging.


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