FO Friday: The Complete Cowl

I have another FO Friday!! What I’m going to do is post this FO Friday, get my thoughts and photos together, and post something else either later today or I’ll schedule it for the weekend. But, here is my very first attempt at a cowl. First of all, hats off to the designer because the pattern is easy peasy and worked perfectly. I worked this with two strands of worsted instead of one bulky. It is much taller than I thought it’d be but it works excellent pulled over the head as a hood (hence it being the convertible cowl). It is stiffer than others I’ve seen in the pattern’s project page but that’s most likely thanks to the yarn. My guess is using one strand of something bulky and soft would generate a much flowier fabric than two strands of acrylic. But I wanted it to be washer friendly since it’s going to a teen and we know how that goes. I hope she’ll like it. I also hope she doesn’t read my blog. Or at least, not this month.


22 thoughts on “FO Friday: The Complete Cowl

    • Thank you! Too funny about your winter wish but I know what you mean. I’m hoping she’ll wear it as an accessory and not just a warm-up sort of thing but hey, if it waits till next Winter to be really used and abused, that’s ok too. 🙂

  1. I love the texture created with the two strands of yarn—awesome colour choices on your part, and it looks so amazingly snuggly, too. I’m bookmarking that pattern, I’ve been considering making a cowl recently…

    • Thanks! I was going back and forth on the colors for ages but ended up really pleased. I am relatively new to mixing strands but it’s worked out so well the few times I’ve done it, I’m definitely not put off by it anymore! If you do make it, let me know. I’d love to see it!

  2. It turned out lovely! I’ve always liked how working with two different colors of worsted weight turn out when used together in a project like this, and your two look excelent!

    • I have to admit, I haven’t worked too many projects with mixed strands of yarn but I am really learning to absolutely love it. The textures, the colors, it’s just very unique. Thank you so much!

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    • Thanks! It is definitely a fun little effect mixing different colored yarns. I actually did it again on a much smaller project this weekend that I’ll show this Friday. Definitely going to keep looking for opportunities to use this technique.

    • Thank you! I credit the pattern. I noticed a lot of the other projects on Ravelry mentioned they altered the pattern in millions of different ways, but I just can’t understand why. It’s an excellent pattern that produces a very polished piece.

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