Joyous News and Mindless Chatter

Divorce Cake
“Divorce Cake” by SamLevin on Flickr

Before I say absolutely anything else at all, let me announce I got the date for my final hearing for dissolution of marriage. I’ll be divorced on St. Patrick’s Day!

I am absolutely exuberant about this, I can’t even tell you. I just feel this unstoppable flood of relief that is impossible to describe. The best I can do is like there’s a bottle of MollyDooker Violinist wine flowing through my veins. Exuberance. Just pure, unadulterated exuberance. He had mentioned he’d have a good amount for me in child support but is now backpedaling. He will have absolutely nothing until the middle of the month…

It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over It’s almost over…

The letter states he doesn’t even have to show up at the hearing. I’m hoping it coincides with his first week at the new job so he really won’t feel motivated to go. But, enough of all of that stuff, let’s move on to something fun like budgets and crochet!

Yesterday was my trip to Publix to pick up some other groceries I was missing and to take advantage of some excellent, excellent savings and stocking opportunities. Canned tomatoes (4), soups (4), juice (4 bottles), shaving gel (2), bread (2), tortillas (1), tea (1), sugar (1), bagels (2), and I can’t find the receipt to tell you if that was it but either way, I paid $31.51 and saved $37.42. I absolutely LOVE saving more than I pay. By the way, I know that compared to those Extreme Couponing blogs and shows, this sounds meager but it is really difficult to do extremely extreme couponing in Florida and the main reason I can find is the stores here do not double coupons like they do in many other states. So, while in another state my 50 cent coupon is actually worth a dollar, here it’s just 50 cents. Florida stores are also pretty anti-coupon in general and you’ll find very few who accept competitor coupons for instance. Florida clerks generally cringe when they see big piles of coupons, almost always summon managers for printed coupons, etc. So, shaving 50% on my grocery bill or more is a huge win for me personally. And even though I say it again and again, if you want to really be even remotely successful with couponing, check out SouthernSavers. If you’re in a different region, do some searches because there are other websites like them. SouthernSavers is 100% free to use, easy, and is the major reason I am able to save so much money on groceries. They don’t endorse me or anything so there’s no bias in this wallet but they really do just provide a great service that I believe is extremely helpful.

There was another purchase yesterday and that was at Michael’s for a couple of crochet hooks at $4.26 total. This leaves me with $485.77 on the expanded budget but only $335.77 on the reduced one. These were for the project I’ve decided to make my goddaughter for her birthday and I was unsure which size would work better, so I went with two, used a 40% off coupon for one, and that was that. It is really hard to go into Michael’s and keep your eyes on the prize by the way. At least, for me. I don’t know what it is about that store but wow. It doesn’t help the yarn stuff is all the way at the back which forces you to walk past aisle after aisle of things. Anyways, I got home and began this cowl after Tami said so. I have never witnessed a person wearing a cowl that is not part of their shirt. At least, I haven’t noticed. This is Florida after all so things that are meant to warm you up aren’t exactly in abundance but I think the cowl is much more than a warming device—it’s an accessory! And I am loving it. It’s a bit stiffer than I’d envisioned and I mostly blame the yarn—two strands of Impeccable by Loops & Threads, a 100% acrylic yarn that has some great colors and solid texture. The rest of the blame falls on the hook. The pattern called for a 10.00mm (N) hook so imagine my bafflement when I got to the hooks at Michael’s and found the N hooks were 9.00mm and the P hooks were 10.00mm. That’s why I bought both and because I tend to crochet loosely (ha I’m a loose hooker omg I crack myself up) I went with the smaller hook. May have been a mistake going for the smaller hook for once.  I’d imagined something slightly drapier but this is really pleasing me either way. I’m pretty sure at the rate I’m going I’ll be ready for another FO Friday tomorrow.

By the way, mark your calendars for Knit & Crochet Blog Week March 28 – April 3. I will be participating so if you’re allergic to yarny goodness, you may want to steer clear. Although, I seriously doubt I will only be sticking to all things yarny because we all know, this Mutant has commitment issues. I’m disloyal (Fantastic Mr. Fox reference in my brain, what about yours?). And if you’re totally into all things yarn, strongly consider joining in the fun. I missed out last year but they racked up over 200 participants!   

Hmm I completely lost my train of thought…

Oh well, here’s a song that totally my vibe today to make up for the sudden and abrupt blank stare you’re getting.

Oh, I remember now! Remind me to tell you about the nice yarn lover that sat next to me on the train today and about Hoarders.


7 thoughts on “Joyous News and Mindless Chatter

  1. You may be right about Florida and coupons, but I do miss a nice grocery store like Publix. I used to live in Jacksonville and Publix is the nicest non gourmet grocery store I have ever seen. Clean and organized, well lit and friendly. I have lived a lot of places too, California, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I miss Publix.
    Any who, it still sounds like you saved a lot. Sorry about my Publix rant.

    • Oh you’re absolutely right about Publix being so nice. I really love shopping there and you’re right, I’ve yet to find one like it outside of Whole Foods which I count as gourmet and way out of my price range.

  2. Congrats on your divorce date, so glad it will all be over for you.

    I have a yarnn problem, meaning every time I see beautiful yarn I must buy it..LOL. I made my girls cowls for Christmas and they really do use it more as an accesorie, but its cold in Philly so that may change as it gets warmer.


    • That’s exactly why I avoid looking at yarn in the first place LOL I used to absolutely love KnitPicks and I use the excuse the local yarn shop is too cliquey to avoid it. It’s really not cliquey at all but their yarn is just too tempting!!

      Thanks so much, I’m so very happy to be so close!

    • Isn’t it the best cake ever? I wish I had some cake skills. Honestly controlling the grocery bill has turned out to be a million times easier than I ever thought because of that website. I know there are lots of people who do it themselves pouring over the circulars and whatnot but I’m not that capable. It takes a couple hours max to get organized but the savings are really worth it.


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