WIP Wednesday: Small and Pink

Well, I figure it being over two months since my last WIP submission in Tami’s WIP Wednesdays, I was long overdue. I feel guilty crocheting other projects with my Mom’s blanket not even having yarn purchased for it, but there are other little things I need to make too so I figured I’d set the guilt aside and just stop procrastinating. Can you guess what it is? Hint: I have to make two. I figured I’d work on this while I decide what to make my goddaughter for her 16th birthday at the end of the month. I’m thinking a hat would be cute, though she’s also young and fashion-forward enough to pull off a cowl. I made her fingerless gloves for Christmas and she liked them so I could make her another set but I’d like to try something else, I think. I saw an adorable bikini pattern in a crochet book that I know she could pull off but I don’t have the right yarn for it and am very wary of making something that needs such precise measurements for another person. I’d love to make it for myself if I had the body but I don’t so I’m going to hunt for a one piece pattern instead. Although, really, I have a feeling I’d have to design this myself.

Starting to feel majorly sleepy again. I picked up some groceries last night while waiting for Eldest’s antibiotics prescription to fill. Loaded up on drumsticks, pork chops, even steak. Also got the much needed milk and eggs, rice, olive oil, and a few other things. Total came to $64.54 although I just realized they didn’t comp the Mac n Cheese the way they were supposed to. I’d caught the peanut butter error at the register but missed this one. My savings on this trip were $57.44. OK, yes, I also got ice cream but only because it was Buy One Get One Free. I’m hoping to make it to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday to stock up on the fruits and veggies. It’s dangerous on the wallet to go there with the kids now that they’ve discovered the bakery carts that sell French macaroons so I’ll definitely take advantage of them being with their dad this weekend to take care of that.

Last night, while organizing stuff at my home office, I found my stack of Woman’s Day magazines from 1962 and 1963. I bought these on E-bay a long time ago intending to use them for collage work but never had the heart to cut them up. Let me tell you, times have changed. All of the cover shots are of projects to make. Nothing is off limits—there are all types of articles on handicrafts from the kitchen, to needlework of all kinds, to even carpentry. Forget Ikea, they strongly encouraged making your own gorgeous furniture and not with an allen wrench and particle board either. There’s another major change I noticed. People used to eat some delicious fatty foods! I saw an ad for Aunt Jemima pancake mix featuring a recipe for bacon strip pancakes! But, there were also recipes for Quaker’s oatmeal with fresh pineapple too. Lots of cakes and pies and gelatins. Lots of rich food, that’s for sure. Left me salivating I tell you. I wish I could cook, or at least, enjoy cooking. The magazines are so decidedly feminine, it’s amazing. And yet, so much of it is also timeless. I found an article called “What are you teaching your children about money?” and goes into how to implement and manage an allowance system that is pretty consistent with current thinking. The ads are hilarious. So many products that are now extinct. So many that aren’t. These magazines are obviously all created around the stay at home. There is most definitely no concept of a working mother here. But the handmade stuff, that’s truly amazing. Most of the projects, you had to send 50 cents to Woman’s Day for a complete step by step guide, but some include the patterns (especially the sewing projects). Maybe I’ll be able to scan some of the pages and share one of these days. I was actually thinking it’d be really cool to try and track down a copy of one from my mom’s birthday, my birthday, and my daughter’s birthday to keep track of how they’ve changed over the years.

That’s all I’ve got today. Nothing profound or deep, really. Just keeping it light and surface-level I guess. There is another post tumbling in my head but I don’t really know how to form it without coming across as bitter or despaired. It’s not tragic, it’s just thoughts bumping around. Still working through The Lonely Polygamist and liking it so far. I can certainly relate to wanting to just run away, that’s for sure.


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Small and Pink

  1. Hmm, is it a bunny and that is one ear? Love the color whatever it is! 😉

    For the gift, I say go with the cowl. Or even a cowl with matching fingerless gloves!?

  2. Old magazines are so interesting, especially ones like Woman’s Day. They give us an idea of what the social thinking was back then. For all that we have changed in terms of technology, there’s still a lot that has stayed the same or was even better back then. I love that there was an emphasis on creating things and not the all or nothing consumerism of today. Plus the recipes! That bacon pancake sounds divine!

    • I am definitely going to try and bring some with me for scanning, but the bacon pancake was basically a pancake with a strip of bacon right in the middle LOL. There is definitely an absence of the modern methods of waste. There is a huge emphasis on things lasting, getting good value, etc. By the way, the magazine itself cost ten cents!!!

  3. I bet your goddaughter would love one of the cute cowl patterns that have come out.
    That’s so interesting about the old magazines. . . We happen to love bacon strips in waffles! I like the idea that the magazine encouraged all those do-it-yourself projects at that time.


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