Six Month Napeversary

Six months ago today, I went to a very reputable piercing shop and got my nape pierced. I worried like hell about the piercing rejecting the first couple of months, but so far, so good. It’s a bit bruised looking on the left side where the piercing comes out (that’s the part that hurts I guess when you get it done) and the right is a little pinkish red at times. Sometimes it leaks a bit of clear fluid but we seem to be getting along fine. They told me this piercing takes six months to a year to heal and any good tug or hit could piss it off royally which is why all of the tags in the collars of my shirts are cut and why I’m dying to get my hair chopped off again. Well, the piercing isn’t the only reason I want to chop my hair off, but it’s definitely a perk. I love my piercing. It’s different and very unexpected. Most people don’t even notice it and the most comments I’ve ever gotten on it were on a trip up north to Jacksonville where a few strangers couldn’t help but remarking on it. Down here, I expect people feel they shouldn’t be fazed on seeing something like it even if it’s the first one they’ve ever seen so they act cool and try and stare without making it obvious. But I like that it’s as easy to hide as it is to show off and so it makes me happy.

MutantEldest was diagnosed with Strep Throat today which is just downright amazing. I swear someone’s got some nasty evil eye on my babies and they’re not going to like it when it comes bouncing back at them, that’s all I’m saying. I don’t know why people are stupid enough to put the evil eye on children, but I know they do it all of the time, mostly out of jealousy.

I finished The Passage last night. Ok, I’m a bit frustrated that I read 700+ pages to be given the kind of ending The Passage gives. I read 700+ pages and you can’t even wrap it up for me? You just give me enough rope to hang myself with? You’re a jerk Justin Cronin! And you were so cruel to these poor human beings you poured hell on. This is why I have a love/hate relationship with novels. With non-fiction, there’s always a concrete ending and it’s either disappointing or not. With endings like this, it’s up to you to piece together the fragments they gave you and sometimes, I’m just not in the mood. Now, I’ve moved on to The Lonely Polygamist and boy is that interesting. I don’t think I’d do well in that sort of arrangement plus I feel bad about whining about the hardships of single motherhood.  But, it’s a fun read so far.

I am insanely tired all of the damned time and it’s driving me nuts.

I put $60 in my tank today and although it went all the way up past the Full line it stopped because it reached $60 not because it reached maximum fill-uppage or whatever you call it. I have to do groceries and am under doctor’s orders to replace toothbrushes in three days time. And so the money starts to go. Ex finally told me an amount which is a couple hundred under the amount I need but he didn’t specify whether it was all he was giving me this month or just from this paycheck. Slippery as an eel, that one. Technically, he is a month and a half behind in child support and let’s not even mention the additional expenses he’s supposed to be helping with like medical stuff and extracurriculars. I haven’t even bothered with field trips, fund-raisers, and other such things. I am doing everything possible to not have to ask my folks for money. I think I’ll make it. One way or another, I think I’ll make it.
The Evil Eye
“The Evil Eye” by azrEYEn on Flickr


6 thoughts on “Six Month Napeversary

  1. My niece had that done after Christmas break and I went with her. OMG I dont know how the two of you did it.

    But she really likes it, and since she is a school teacher she just puts her hair down during the day


    • LOL I swear it isn’t so bad! Or maybe I have a good threshold for pain. The piercer told me I didn’t flinch and he was surprised. I went alone and didn’t want anyone with me. I’m weird that way.

    • Yes, that’s me LOL And thank you. It needs to get shorter, the hair. It was in a very short bob and has grown a lot in the six months since I cut it. Oh good, I’m glad. You know that “definition of madness” thing I told you? I read that somewhere and I swear if I was a tattoo person it might be something I’d tattoo on myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve muttered it to myself when I catch myself falling into an old, bad, habit.

    • You HALLUCINATED?!? Please tell the story. This sounds too awesome. I had the belly years and years ago and two in my ear but that’s it. The other ones I’ve strongly considered are the Monroe and a surface on the chest. As much as I love the Monroe I just don’t like the high visibility factor much. I still haven’t done a tattoo because I just have major issues with the idea of having a tattoo forever and ever. Also because I’m pretty convinced if I did get one, I wouldn’t do something small at all. I’d LOVE a half sleeve but again, permanence and aging arms hold me back.


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