Quick, Happy, Spending Challenge Update


“Jackpot” by @Alex on Flickr

I got my Amazon disbursement today for a few things I sold– $65!! Instead of allowing this to supplement my budget, I’m only allowing myself to remove the shipping costs from my money spent this month since this more than covers it and I’ll add the rest of it to my rollover amount to help cushion any income issues with Ex. I added the $5.62 I spent yesterday at CVS stocking up on my beloved Purex 3-in-1 (6 boxes, 120 COMPLETE loads no additional fabric softener or dryer sheets needed) and I have $24 left for the month! This means now I can buy milk, eggs, and pancake syrup all of which we’re out of and all of which we consume heavily during weekends 🙂 I’m so happy!!

I have to go to my other office now so I don’t know if I’ll be able to update again but I’m just so excited about this tiny development I had to share!


3 thoughts on “Quick, Happy, Spending Challenge Update

  1. I reallly want to try the purex 3-1 but havent yet. They are not allowed to use them at my daughters college because they said they disingrate in the washers…don’t know if thats true.

    Have you had any case of them falling apart?


    • I have never had one fall apart ever. It might be the type of washing machine. Mine’s a regular top-loading type. Hers might be industrial and maybe that’s why they tear up? I adore them. I really do. They take up less space and when you stock up on a huge discount I’m pretty sure it beats most other laundry combinations price-wise.


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