Books, books, books– What hooks?

I love reading...

“I love reading” by Luke-rative on Flickr

If there’s one thing about blogging is that it brings to light certain aspects of personal behavior. I’ve noticed I’m pretty obsessive about things in a sort of manic-depressive way and balance is difficult for me but something I’m striving to do. Right now, I’m obsessed with two things: getting my life together once and for all (that’s sort of an oxymoron, I know) and books. I was crocheting like a mad woman and haven’t abandoned it yet but I promised my mother a throw and because of my spending restraints and income restrictions, I am putting off buying the yarn and therefore beginning the throw until next month. And then I tried making my best friend some bracelets because she asked me to but I haven’t been happy with either one I’ve tinkered with. So, in between the sorting and the trashing and the donating, I’ve been reading. A lot.

And I’m not stopping. My Active Requests at the library is 11 books long with another 18 in hibernation until I’m ready for them. And that’s just from going through Amazon’s Top 25 books of 2010 and requesting suggestions on Facebook. I should be able to maintain a pretty brisk pace even while working on the throw because I can’t really work on the throw on the train.  And I don’t want to take on another crochet project until the blanket is complete. I figure keeping myself stocked with books will keep me from wanting to start some small project. That should all change in about April though when I need to make a few Mother’s Day projects.

It’s been fun reading like crazy again. I have to admit, I’m having so much fun with the Percy Jackson books. They are ridiculously easy to read– I read The Titan’s Curse in one seating, on the same day I finished Sea of Monsters. They’re wild and silly but fun and there’s no stupid female character I want to throttle– except Aphrodite but that’s totally understandable. I actually dreamed about gods last night but I can’t remember anything. I think my car blew up, but I can’t remember if that happened in the gods dream or another unrelated dream. I was having so much fun with my dreams, waking up was hard. MutantEldest decided to torture me and is returning The Battle of the Labyrinth to his school library to get The Last Olympian before I finish it because he wants to finish the series before I do. So, I requested the last two books from the public library system. We’ll see if I can catch up after all but the way he’s been reading, I seriously doubt it.

It is really fun having a shared interest with your child, especially since it’s books and most of the people I work with or am friends with just don’t read. Yes I have to read younger books but who cares? They’re fun and I have the perfect excuse! And Percy Jackson has been the best bonding experience because I have always been a Greek mythology nerdcase. So, I find it totally amusing to chat with my son, listening to him fantasize about Posedion being his dad and how if I were a half-blood he’d bet I’d be Athena’s kid (swoon). I want to have this shared love with all three of my kids. I’m enough of a book freak that I think I can offer enough variety to them to find something that interests them, I believe everyone can find something they love to read if they just tried, and I’m persistent. It’s the same reason I am determined to become involved in children’s literacy programs as I become Financially Independent and this goal is a primary motivator for me to reach that status (afford to be generous).

I know I always ask, but anyone have book suggestions out there? I’d love to hear them. Really I would. And if they’re YA let me know, just keep in mind my son’s only 7. Yes, he’s reading Percy Jackson but it’s pretty light and fluffy. He also read Diary of a Wimpy Kid which I’ll be starting tomorrow on the train. And I’ve gotten him started on A Series of Unfortunate of Events too. Now I know what it must’ve been like for my Mom to have me as a book-devouring daughter. Keeping up is tough!


5 thoughts on “Books, books, books– What hooks?

  1. They may be too old for your son but my son enjoys a series called Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica (my son is 18 but they are YA books). The first one is Here There Be Dragons.

    My favorites that I have read and re-read since I was a child are The Chronicles of Narnia.

    It’s great that you share reading with your son. My 18 year old and I have shared books since he was about 7 or 8.

  2. Diana Wynne Jones!
    Robin McKinley (except not Deerskin or Sunshine– those are really for adults… the first deals with incest and the second is just a fun vampire book with all the fun vampire fixings)
    Madeline L’Engle– I LOVED the Wrinkle in Time series when I was in first grade.
    Roald Dahl.

    • Oh, also when I was 7 I really loved a sailing book called Carry On, Mr Bowdich. I think it’s a Newbery winner. Most of the older Newbery winners make for good reading for the under 10 set. (The newer ones often have higher interest levels.)

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