6/52: Flowers and Berries

I have a very pretty Christmas cactus on the window ledge above my sink. Lately, it erupted into a hot pink explosion. It does this every couple of months and is fun to watch. Then everything dies, and it’s just a pretty green cactus until it decides it’s ready to push forth all of its glorious pinkness.

I love having it right above my sink. It makes mundane tasks like decapitating three pints of strawberries a bit more tolerable. My kids go through three pints of strawberries a week, easy. They could probably go through four if there were no other fruity options available to them. These are the latest batch I’d picked up at the farmers market last Saturday. They’re long gone just in time for tomorrow’s market. Although, I just realized I don’t know if I can go since Eldest has the Kids Coping with Divorce class.

Quick Spending Update on the No-Spend Month hosted by Sharon: Since my last update, I had a grocery outing $48.49, miscellaneous spending $12.10, two field trips $26, Valentine’s Day candy $2.88, and replacement earrings for my daughter $21.39. I also had a TON of medical expenses but those don’t count towards this thank goodness and I have my handy-dandy FSA card that I love so much. I also did not include the fees for Eldest’s and my mandated divorce courses $74.95 but they are definitely one more reason to stay close to the downsized budget of $500. My MTD spending is now up to $303.70 which means I’m down to $196.30 for the rest of the month which is kind of scary but, I think, possibly doable.

Oh, happy news. The divorce was filed this week. The court date will probably fall in the next 30 – 60 days. I’m going to be a free woman this year!


8 thoughts on “6/52: Flowers and Berries

  1. I love your Christmas Cactus! It’s beautiful!! 🙂

    It sounds like you’re doing great overall! Do you have a meal plan for the rest of the month? I find that keeps a budget in check!! 😉

  2. The Christmas cactus is stunning!

    Congrats on your freedom!

    I’m in the same boat as you with the No Spend. Not very much cash left for the rest of the month. I’m going to have to save most of my leftover cash for food and gas!


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