Money in the Bank

The Piggy Bank

“The Piggy Bank” by Africa the Gift of God on Flickr

Hi everyone! Welcome back from your weekends. I hope they were overall quite pleasant. Personally, I’m not going to complain. The kids were with their father and I pretty much did little as far as personally productive things go with the following exceptions:

  • I sold two items on Craigslist Friday and took my jar to Coinstar.
  • I went and did some simple groceries at the Farmers Market on Saturday. When I came home, I half-heartedly attacked the hall closet and decided to tackle the box o’ yarn. I’m sort of confused and frustrated with my yarn stash. I have some wonderful gorgeously banded not a mess balls of yarn. But mostly, I have unbanded and messy balls of yarn. Some of these were barely used, some half used, and some mostly used. These had coagulated in a thick knotted mess of yarn that in the end led me to slice off some with scissors. I have no idea how to store these random yarn balls. I want to use them because they are great for small projects which I love to make. But, I’m having difficulties getting an idea on just what to do with them so they’re not a mess. Later, I watched Persepolis (which was freaking awesome).
  • On Sunday, I went to my friend’s house so she could try a new art concept she had for a face painting job (she does really elaborate work and so I was there from 10 AM to after 5 PM). This is the girlfriend of the friend I was doing the Monster Cape for. So, while I was there I finished the cape between breaks and gave it to them for their baby. Photos? Yeah didn’t take any of the cape. They’re going to take some the way they had intended the cape and everything so when they take them, I’m stealing them to share with you. As for the face painting, I’d love to show you but I don’t like the idea of sticking my face on here.

Otherwise, I did very little more than sitting and/or laying on soft surfaces.

So, how have I survived the weekend as far as my spending restrictions? Remember, it looks like I have to adjust down to $500 this month because of the shortages in income from Ex I’m trying to make up for.

Well, Saturday I spent the most money, but the weekend broke down like this:


No Spend!


$55 Gas

$27 Farmer’s Market (Includes the $.50 in the parking meter and the $6 bag of Sorrell I bought my Mom)

$11.15 Fritas (Cuban burgers- lunch for me and the Friend that is a Boy. He didn’t feel well, I didn’t feel well, and it’s Fritas. No guilt.)


$1.01 Wal-Mart (ribbon to finish cape)

$11.77 Walgreens (I found a gigantic bin of Goody hair accessories on clearance for $1 each. These are usually $4 – $6, I’ve been looking for inexpensive accessories for ages, and they included some for my little girl. Win!)

Weekend’s Total Spend: $105.93.

MTD Spending Total: $192.83

MTD Remaining: $307.17

I made some money on Friday for the stuff I put on Craigslist for a total of $65. And there was the jar of coins.

Here was the final breakdown the Coinstar machine flashed up on the screen for me:

Dollars: 3

Half-Dollars: 0

Quarters: 194

Dimes: 189

Nickels: 95

Pennies: 773

Total: $82.88

If that doesn’t make you a Piggy Bank for Spare Change convert, I don’t know what will! The tragedy? There was no option for a CVS card even though the website lured me with one. All they had that was kind of alluring was Amazon but really, how many NEEDS would I fulfill with Amazon? So, I ate the fee and took cash– $74.76. I paid Coinstar $8.12 to count my coins. This has me immensely irritated (I know, it’s only $8 but, it’s EIGHT DOLLARS). Next time, I think I will take the Amazon because I can use it for gifts for Christmas and birthdays. But, right now, cash is king and needs are number one so there was that adventure. Congratulations to our closest guess which was (happily) way off! Sharon thought maybe I had $54 in there. Sharon, I’ll contact you for details so I can send you a little gifty.

I did not do any meal-planning this weekend. Which is fine. I’ll be making something fast and easy tonight like Shrimp Tacos and prep tomorrow’s slow cooker meal. I’ve also finally caved in and made an appointment with the doctor. I’m pretty sure my sinuses are completely messed up. They just don’t stop causing me pain and discomfort even though it’s been three weeks I’ve had this “cold”. Off to finish my Monday. Have a good one!

****I just edited my amounts. I added a section to track my Challenge this month on my spreadsheet and apparently, I did the math wrong initially or did something. Good news is I have more money left than I thought. WHEW!*****


2 thoughts on “Money in the Bank

  1. I’m so glad there was more money in the jar. Our credit union has a coin machine and it’s free to use. It comes in really handy!

    No need for a gift, sweetie, it was fun to guess! I’m glad you are going to see a doctor. Why does it take us so long to do so??? Hope you feel better!!!!


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