4/52: Reasons to Smile

That right there has been the thing I look forward every day this past week. Nyquil…

It’s actually been a bit more than a week since my last weekly photo post although I feel like I should count the closet post as one but I didn’t label it that way so I won’t. Yesterday was a rough day and so today, I’m posting some things that make smile.

I was leaning back to get this and a bit shaky so it’s a bit blurry. When I was done with his picture, he asked me if I was a single lady because I was very good-looking and he was going to give me his number. Nice compliment to start the day 🙂 I adore this bike. The colors, the polka dots. EXCELLENT.

These are the Black Petunias I mentioned yesterday. Funny enough, when I came in this morning a few of them were droopy. I wondered if they caught my gloominess. To make it up to them, I gave them some water and told them they were too gorgeous to be so sad.

I bought these as an after-thought and they’re quickly becoming my favorites (don’t tell the others, they’re moody!). It’s not just the shocking red of their flowers, I love their foliage. I never say that! I usually don’t care about foliage! But these girls have red stems and the leaves are green shocked through with red too. They’re just amazing.

Now, when I mentioned the whole cleaning thing and how I was going to tackle my hall closet/home office situation in February, I mentioned the main reason was the kitchen. I officially finished my kitchen almost two weeks ago. It’s still very lovely and yes, it makes me smile. Funny enough, when my mom came to pick up the older kids to go to school, she went to my kitchen and said, “I love walking in here! It must make you feel so good.” And it does.

I removed the unnecessary and only left what we need. The calendars are down low at kid-level. I mark the days they go with their Dad in pink highlighter because they like knowing. Otherwise, I just have my motivators.  

Miles and miles of counter space. I have a small kitchen but now I have plenty of surfaces to work on. See that? That’s my coffee ready for the next morning.

No smelly dishes. Just some lettuces and onions desperate to be planted, some compost, and a couple of flowers (begonias and a Christmas cactus that is ready to explode in color) on my window sill. One day, I’ll make a cute curtain I think.

All of my cooking tools are in easy reach. The surfaces are empty and spacious. The stove doesn’t have pots and pans sitting on it. There’s no splatter. I keep a magnet on the hood so that when I’m cooking, I can stick the recipe up. I usually print recipes on-line and use those. This has been really useful!

This is my favorite thing about my new kitchen. I made this cabinet the lunch station. That giant gap is because two of the lunch boxes were already packed and in the fridge. This has made lunch boxing the easiest thing in the world. It’s next to the fridge so the rest of the things I need are right there. The counter underneath is long and spacious (the one pictured above with the coffee pot). I love this cabinet. I know exactly what I have and what I’m running low on. Things don’t go to waste. I get creative. I love this thing. LOVE.

So, that’s the eye candy for this week. I feel like these photos give you a glance into my life writing alone just can’t do. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them. I don’t use a fancy camera, just a small Nikon Coolpix that happens to be one of the last gifts from Ex. I’d replace it if I had the money but there are more important priorities in my life.


6 thoughts on “4/52: Reasons to Smile

  1. wow – those flowers are gorgeous! i can’t wait for spring – nothing is happening over here…we have buy our flowers at the supermarket, i know so sad. but you know, i still get out there and walk under the tall trees!
    your kitchen looks great. i have some work to do, it’s the cupboards that get a bit out of hand…time to clear out all the stuff i don’t use! i hope you have a great weekend mutant…i will be visiting if you post!

    • Everyone in my office has plants. I love it. I’m just starting to accumulate them myself and I’m trying to bring more into my home. They make me very happy.

      Yeah, cupboards and drawers get nasty fast. I purged so much, I have empty shelves!

      Have a great weekend yourself!

  2. VEry nice! It’s important to have a kitchen that you feel great in as well as function in! I love the lunch making station! I have been tackling parts of my home lately to organize. Feels so dang great!



    • Yeah it really does get the energy moving to start tackling things. I start the closet this month. I already moved out the desk and need to organize that as well. Good timing too since all of my tax papers are coming in!


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