3/52: Weekend Frivolities

Well, I’m back! This whole no-internet-at-home thing is interesting. Yes, it definitely shows me how convenient it can be but it also shows me how my memory fails me when I can pull something up instantly instead of waiting a few days. I was hoping ot provide a well-formed post today but once again, I seem to be in a fragmented mental sort of way. Not that I’m losing my mind or that it’s breaking into pieces, mind you, I’m just having a hard time focusing. Let me give you, if you’d be so tolerable, a recap of my past several days.

Last week, I started working on my kitchen. Not any sort of remodeling project really, just a big clean-out and organize thing. I worked on this project since last Wednesday and finished it officially Saturday night and I’ve somehow managed to keep it spotless. I wanted to take a photo to show it off except it occurred to me that it really wasn’t a spectacular kitchen in general, it’s just spectacular to me. Especially as it has survived the preparation of three dinners, two breakfasts, two lunches, and some snacks. This little endeavor, by the way, has triggered a lot of thoughts on my part and because I’ve had such a heck of a time focusing my brain’s chatter, I haven’t been able to form a complete solid grasp of what I’m toying with here. But, it goes something like this. I am in my late twenties/early thirties and yet I have the exact same difficulty I had in my younger days– mainly a lack of follow-through. The past several months have shown me hints of this in just about every aspect of my life and it’s at the same time frustrating and encouraging. It’s frustrating because, frankly, I feel like I’m too old for this s-bomb. And yet, it’s encouraging because I’m starting to “get” it and I’m starting to see how dramatically this one little behavioral glitch affects everything. And then it’s back to frustrating because oh my god do you really understand how much this lack of follow-through complicates my life? And then it’s back to encouraging because if I’ve identified the problem, surely I can work at fixing it! And then back to frustrating because where in the heck to start? And back and forth it goes and mostly it’s all at once and very distracting.

This little piece of enlightenment came to me from this little book I’ve been picking through called One Year to an Organized Life which I picked up at the library. I have a love/hate relationship with this book. I feel like you have to pick through a lot of muckiness to get some gems. The thing is, there are gems. Take for example, the quote that started poking my brain into submission: “Every action has a reaction. if you never complete your actions, it’s like having a thousand golden threads scattered about. Something beautiful could be made from these threads if we could only figure out where the ends were… If you don’t complete the mundane taks in life, you probably aren’t completing the big ones either… It wasn’t really about closing a cupboard door. It was about follow-through and completion. The open cupboard, the food on the counter, and the dirty dishes stacked to the ceiling all represented a lack of caring.” That was the kind of thought that just sat and turned and burrowed and boiled and hummed in my brain. And every moment of every day reinforces it. We are creatures of habit even if on the outside it looks like there are no habits. Everything in our lives is a representation of a decision we have made, even if the decision made was to not make a decision. This is everywhere– in our mundane every day life and our big breakthrough, do it or die moments. I have to force myself to wash the griddle I used to make french toast in when we’re alld one with breakfast. I have to force myself to unload the dishwasher as soon as it’s ready so I don’t pile a thing in the sink. I have to take out the trash. I have to wipe the counter. I have to close the cabinet all of the way and the drawer too. I have to put back what I took out every single time. Ok really? I hear the “DUH” from here people. I get it. I’m a bit late to the Basics of Grow-Upness class. I’m trying though. No, scratch that. I’m not trying. I’m doing it. And that’s not all I’m doing. I actually had a pleasurable and fun weekend and I’m not just talking about Endeavor: Kitchen Organization.

I went to the circus with MutantBaby and his daycare on Friday. We rode on the school bus which was quite the adventure for these toddlers and preschoolers.

And then we got to the arena and watched the big show. I’d never gone to the circus as a child. I only went for the first time a few years ago. I have to say, I’m always impressed. This year, they did my favorite trick which involves a round cage with lots of motorcycles spinning in it. The kids love the animals mostly. I think the clowns are hilarious. Mostly, MutantBaby just sat and stared.

On Saturday, my local Farmers Market opened for the season. My mom met up with us and we went. We munched on yummy snacks, I bought a beautiful climbing rose, and a bunch of delicious food including my favorite thing to purchase at the farmers market: farm eggs. After that, I went and got my tires changed, stuffed my face with awesome Cuban food while I waited, and flew home on my new delicious tires.

But, we weren’t done with the beautiful weekend and on Sunday I piled the car with the kids and their bikes and we met with my family at Oleta River Park. I did a mountain biking trail! A tiny one, but I did one! Actually, I did two. And the kids had a great time. My whole family did, honestly.

After the fun in the park, I realized we were in Krispy Kreme country and sure enough, the red light of sinfully deliciousness was flashing.

There is nothing on this earth quite as amazing as a freshly glazed picked right off the conveyor belt Krispy Kreme doughnut. NOTHING.

On Monday, the heavens decided I’d completely abused the gorgeous weekend weather and punished us with a good soaking all day long which left me with some insanely rambunctions nutcases kids. But, I didn’t really mind because my kitchen was glorious, my Dad was in handyman mode changing lights and things, and I was happily reading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

So, there you have it. My long weekend wrap-up. How did yours treat you?


5 thoughts on “3/52: Weekend Frivolities

  1. Ugh, I have that same lack of follow-through! It’s a nightmare. I can’t even follow-through with things that I WANT to do or ENJOY doing. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just a perminent personality trait… You seem to be making progress though so maybe there’s hope yet!

    • I think what I’m learning to accept is it’s a matter of mental and even emotional organization. Last night in the shower I came up with my own formula that I’m toying with right now: Commit. Follow-Through. Complete. It’s such a weird phenomenom and it’s something I’ll definitely be writing more about. Maybe this year is the year of Focus for me. I think we all know the basics: Prioritize, Organize, Commit, Follow-Through, Focus, Complete, etc. It’s just that we decide to not do at least half the steps and then wonder why everything went wrong. Trust me my brain’s been mashing this one up for several days now. There’ll be more to come.

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