Complete Random Rambling

Before I begin, let me be blunt: this is going to be random. Now that’s out of the way, let’s begin.

I know it’s Wednesday. I know I could take the time to show you the crochet monster I’ve been working on. I planned to do just that but the new cell phone I got to replace the old one doesn’t send messages to emails (it’s so going back to the store) and my camera’s battery died this morning as I rushed to snap a photo of the monster piled on the couch. So, please know I made a valiant effort to participate but life ruled against me. I guess the best I can do is tell you I have about nine or ten more rows to go to complete the last tentacle. Then, it’s on to the hat. Then, weave. Then, done.

MutantBaby is quite chatty in the afternoons when I pick him up at daycare and it’s just the two of us battling traffic trying to get home. There were two giggle-worthy snippets during Monday night’s battle of the roads. First, at a red light he yelled, “Go, Dude!” The road rage is strong with this one. Then, breaking a nice period of silence, the following conversation ensued:

   MutantBaby: “My Dad can drive.”

   Me, aka Devil’s Advocate: “No he can’t.”

(Note: The guy has at least three different bang-ups on his leased car and the only dent on mine was put there by him. I make a valid point but really I was just picking a fight with him. Yes, the two year-old. We do this often.)

   MutantBaby: “Yes he does.”

   Me: “Not very well.”

   MutantBaby: “Stop it Mom.”

Tuesday was a horrible day from the second it started. MutantEldest had been complaining about an earache and in a valiant effort to be Awesome Mom, I offered to let him sleep with me and gave him Advil. It didn’t work. He tossed and turned, kicked and sniffled, whined and whimpered and I could not sleep. At around two in the morning, I was exhausted, frustrated, and frazzled. He told me it was horrible pain and he couldn’t even hear right so I called the doctor because I suddenly started to imagine some terrible situation where my child’s hearing would be damaged forever because I didn’t take care of it. When they finally called me back they said the muffled hearing was of enough concern to merit a trip to the ER. So it was that at three in the morning, I took the youngest two to my grandmother next door and went across the street to the hospital with MutantEldest. Diagnosis: Extreme ear infection with lots of pus making it hard to hear. Poor dude. They gave him some drops to ease the pain and sent us home. I went to bed at six in the morning, stayed home with him and the baby, got not much more rest than a couple hours, and was miserable and cranky. That night, I was too anxious to do much better in the sleep department so today I’m a bit of a disaster. This wasn’t helped when the hospital called me today to tell me I owed a $150 co-pay. Joy.

I saw Exit through the Gift Shop and it was awesome. I think Netflix is sending me The Jane Austen Book Club. I have to remember to cancel it this month but because it’s already paid for, I might as well take advantage. Any movie suggestions?  I tend to like the funny stuff or the smart stuff. I don’t like the suspense stuff, scary stuff, or sad stuff.

I’m still trying to fine-tune my day to day money management system. I have three accounts: ING, Paypal, and my credit union. Paypal exists because this is how Ex pays part of his child support. My credit union exists for my local deposits like cash and checks. ING gets my direct deposits. Right now, I’m thinking of something like using ING for all of my bills that are paid electronically which is pretty much all of my bills except Rent (paid cash). Then, I was thinking of using Paypal for the other expenses and the credit union for some sort of savings thing but that’s all very messy. I’m not too keen on this whole trio thing and technically, outside of a $1,000 emergency fund I am still trying to put together, I shouldn’t even have a savings. I’d rather not even have the Paypal account but it takes about a week for Paypal to transfer their funds.

I made a sort of Money Goals Vision Board. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but finally sat and did it this weekend. This basically shows the things I want my money to go towards to remind me why I’m working on this. Of course, there’s a gazelle in the middle to echo Dave Ramsey’s gazelle intensity and to remind me to just focus. Other things on the board include the Debt Free Leap of Joy, college funding, three bags of money for the three pillars of my future money spending (spend, invest, give), children’s literacy charities, a good sensible car, one thousand dollars to start and grow the emergency fund, retiring on the water, and my dream car. I liked doing this very much and am considering making one that has to do with my non-financial goals.

I’m quite sure I had more to say including some poignant observation about how it seems when we need attention and affection more than usual, we’re less attractive to the attention and affection givers (think mental/physical illness, stress, PMS, etc.). I’m sure there’s an eloquent way of putting this but I’m totally missing the mental prowess today. I tried, but it’s not happening. Sorry, folks!


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