Monday = 10 Days in 2011


“Journal Writing” by GregoryHogan on Flickr

It’s cold in my office. Ridiculously, numbingly, painfully cold. I have a jacket on and it doesn’t matter. My feet are freezing. I’ve tried socks but they’re pretty useless against the frigid air conditioning. I’m supposed to be changing offices to a much warmer one with a big window. I don’t even care about the view anymore, I just want the heat.

I’m having a weird Monday. The weekend went by way too fast and I was completely unproductive as far as home things go and even crochet. I was more productive on the social set of things, I guess you could say—but not in a super exciting way like you may be inclined to imagine. I am incredibly boring, I promise. I prefer living room sofas to night club dance floors.  I was also very good at catching up on sleep and pigging out. But, the kids come back home today and I’m completely unprepared. My kitchen sink is overflowing with dirty stuff. My dishwasher is full of clean stuff. The playroom looks like a riot area. I think I made my bed this morning—and dumped a pile of laundry on top of it. There’s cold, wrinkled, clean laundry in a basket and cold, wrinkled, clean laundry in the dryer. There’s dirty laundry in the hampers. Christmas stuff is still hanging out waiting for my lazy butt to bring in the other bin and boxes from the closet so I can stash what remains and finally get rid of all concrete evidence of the crazy holidays. Both kid rooms are messy as heck with toys on the floor and clothes on various surfaces in various states.

I’ve read two books this month which count towards my goal of reading 11 books this year. I may post a review about one or both. Most likely, I’ll create some page or something to track them. I’m also 98% done crocheting a wine bag which would be my first finished project of 2011. I did half a row on the cape’s last tentacle. Yes, half. Don’t mock me. I wrote a letter today which is something else I would like to do regularly (subtle hint for those of you who know me personally).

One thing I haven’t done is make an entry in my journal. It’s for a completely stupid reason. I started a new journal last year in April I think it was. It was a pretty brocade type journal I’d picked up in New York at the legendary Pearl River Mart. As far as journals go, I like the big ones that are at least the size of a regular sheet of paper and I prefer them without lines in case I feel sort of creative. One of my favorite journals to paw through is one I kept while I lived in Berkeley that I bought in San Francisco. It was spiral bound, with a lavender brocade cover, blank pages, and big. I love taping things in my journal and sometimes I feel silly and color or write in a bizarre fashion. So, the journal I started last year has little to no room left in it and I feel completely wrong starting a new year writing in a journal that has no room left. But, I haven’t bought a new journal yet either because, I haven’t gone looking for one. So, we’re ten days in the new year and there’s no personal documentation going on. This blog has definitely been updated but, there’s a difference. I’m significantly more whiny, doubtful, and emo in my personal writing, trust me.

What about you? Ten days into 2011, how’s it going? For me, it’s just more of the same—good and bad; however, I’m starting to come around to the belief that I might be able to make this as good a year, if not better, as 2010 was.

By the way, I’ve got a Vietnam Veterans of America pick-up scheduled for this Friday morning. So far, there are three bags and one small box ready to go. I’m aiming to get together even more and am completely stuck on what to do with the big double stroller I have. If I do pull it out, it’s just a handful of times in the course of a year. It takes up a lot of room and I can probably get by with one umbrella stroller, maybe two if it’s a big outing and I have an accomplice. I’m sure I can sell it on Craigslist but I hate having people come to my house, or meeting people somewhere else. And I could save it for a garage sale but I really haven’t convinced myself that I want to do that yet. I’m still heavily leaning to the “No way dude” side of that argument. So what say you– add it to the Veterans pick up?


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